People around you are listening to the heart quiver.

Section 49
Tang Shiyan told the truth. Who dares to tell lies?
"Cousin, don’t be fooled by her. She sold it long ago."
Modify a bug. There was a doctor Shen in the front, and this person was cut down. Because there was a character going out of the place behind, I won’t write so many people o(n_n)o~
Well, how many people are reading the article? Ask a question. Is the jewelry real or not? Where is it?
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Chapter 37 When the five million (change)
A cousin let everyone automatically let Lu Xiao Han sway from behind the crowd.
Tang Shiyan looked down at the girl and touched her head to hold people up.
I found myself being looked down upon by Xiao Han, and took something out of my pocket with a smile. "Cousin, would you like to have a look?"
Xiao Han didn’t seem to hear clearly. Look up at the past.
The man put his coat over the girl’s body, and his unfathomable eyes were staring at him.
The thin lips moved lightly but did not "roll"
Xiao Han murmured incredulously.
The handsome face of a man has already recovered his indifference, lifting his feet and holding the girl away.
Xiao Han stiff stopped there and looked at the back with complicated eyes.
His cousin will be a gentle and humble person since childhood, but in fact he is aloof and inaccessible, especially in front of his elders. One second he puts his arm around your shoulder and laughs, and the next he turns to spit out the word "get out", which is so cold and affectionate.
However, it has been many years since he saw that expression on this man’s face, which belongs to Tang Shiyan’s arrogance and arrogance, and I don’t know that it was buried deep by years …
"Xiao Shaoxiaowen, she is hurt" interrupted Xiao Han’s thoughts with a weak and wronged sound.
The woman awkwardly took his hand and nervously pointed behind him and said, "What should Xiao do? Look at Xiaowen’s forehead. They didn’t let him out or call the doctor …"
The woman named Xiaowen was the one who asked Shen Xinyu to apologize, and the last girl was stopped by the bottle. However, although she was stopped, half of her strength hit the other person’s forehead, which was swollen as high as an egg.
Xiao Han hangs his eyes and tears things in his hand. He is a little agitated and throws a woman’s hand. "Wait, someone will deal with it."
Say that finish with your hands in your pockets.
All the way back to Jinxiu Star, the girl didn’t speak and hung her head all the time, not knowing what she was thinking.
Tang Shiyan observed it for a while, and she obediently cooperated with the doctor in dressing and took a message to go out.
The dinner ended before such an episode, and there are still many follow-up work to deal with.
When I was busy, I forgot that it was too long before the housekeeper suddenly hurried in. "Mr. Tang and Miss Shen are gone!"
Tang Shiyan looked up across the screen.
The housekeeper was in a hurry. "Aunt Wu didn’t find Miss Shen when she just sent ginger syrup. She searched all the rooms after ten minutes."
"get the car ready"
Almost before the housekeeper finished, the man closed the file at hand and grabbed his coat.
At night, the wind is a little cool, blowing on the bare skin and causing chills.
Shen Xinyu rubbed her arm to speed up the pace. She just came out in a hurry. She didn’t wear a coat, or she didn’t realize that going out depends on the weather and needs to add clothes.
Passing a crossroads, Shen Xinyu stopped there and looked at the Shenyang family for a while. She had been there once, but not in this direction, but according to the original owner’s memory, she should go to the right.
Look left and right across the wide road, a white light suddenly lights up, and the girl squints and slams in her direction.
Shen Xinyu was surprised to hide for two steps. The man picked her up with a big step and couldn’t see his expression clearly in the backlight, but the sound was harder than the cold. "Where do you want to go so late?"
"I …" The sudden touch made the girl’s body uncontrollable and stiff.
Tang Shiyan narrowed his eyes and stared at the girl. He couldn’t tell the difference between joy and anger. "I’ll send you where to go."
"I want to go to Shenyang" Shen Xinyu lowered her eyes. She knew where the jewelry was and she was going to find that person.
"Come on, I’ll take you there." The man turned and walked back in the direction of the car.
Shen Xinyu didn’t move, looking at the tall figure that was getting farther and farther away, frowning his eyebrows and wrists, and the warmth of that moment gradually dissipated.
Section 5
Somehow she was a little uncomfortable.
There seems to be something wrong.
"Not going to Shenyang?"
Tang Shiyan is not in a good mood at this moment, although he is facing waves. He has to deal with a lot of business to find this little girl. As a result …
"I didn’t do it."
Before the man lit his cigarette, the girl opposite suddenly shouted against the wind.
"Why don’t you ask me?"
"You tell me everything is false. Can’t you tell?"
"I wore fake ornaments and hurt people tonight. They are all guessing about you and me. It’s a shame that I lost people to you."
"I was really sold. They all said that I was greedy for vanity and that I was impure around you."

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