As the soul-fighting platform makes everyone feel dignified and unblinkingly looks at Zhao.

At this moment, Zhao attracted much attention.
All the audience watched Zhao closely, and they wanted to see how Zhao was going to win the soul-fighting contest.
Before they watch.
Zhao slowly released the soul of Wu, two yellow, one purple and three soul rings in his body.
At this moment, both Zhao’s opponents and the audience saw that Zhao is indeed a soul statue with three soul rings, which means that the soul statue is doubtful, but although they are all soul statues, Zhao is too powerful.
Powerful enough to get rid of all enemies without even releasing soul skills.
All the audience are staring at Zhao’s diamond promotion, and they can see the future, which is enough for them to brag about a generation, because they have witnessed a pair of people combining diamonds, which is also an honor for them
After they watched Zhao move.
It’s still the same ghostly figure, and it’s still the same scary momentum. Even though it’s already the best soul division team in the big soul fight field, it still doesn’t pose any threat to him.
Thanks to Zhao’s release of Wu Soul, they lost even faster. In less than a minute, everyone was on the ground.
"The enemy combination is too awesome."
"The enemy god of war is really powerful."
"So handsome, I also want to be scored. Can I get a diamond badge? The main thing is that I want a sweet love."
Looking at Zhao’s enemy posture, all the audience exclaimed.
Those women all looked at Zhao affectionately.
After all, Douro Mainland is a strong man who respects the world. Zhao is a peerless genius. A strong man with a diamond soul badge can naturally attract them.
It can be said that he is going to hook his fingers now, and 99% of girls in Soto will voluntarily climb into his bed, but Zhao has no idea about these girls. His woman must be a one-in-a-million girl to be worthy of his pursuit and love.
Chapter 176 Complete
"After winning for so many years, someone finally won this honor again, and it is even more rare to get it in such a strange way." The manager of Taiwan Ao looked at this scene with some shock
A month ago, he was hesitant to agree to Zhao’s request because he didn’t recognize Zhao’s success, but now it seems that Zhao’s strength is not to mention the soul, even if he went to the soul group, I’m afraid he can get mixed up.
He is a genie.
But also a beautiful Uber.
Such a genius would be great if someone in their ao family could become a Zhao woman.
I’m afraid I’ll never worry about the future again with such a beautiful Uber in their ao family.
"Congratulations, Miss Zhao Gongning." Zhao Hening Rongrong just came from the soul-fighting platform and was greeted by the manager ao.
"Tongxi" Zhao Yixiao knew that this ao manager had benefited a lot from them, and the appearance of a diamond team brought him great benefits.
"These days, because of Zhao Gong and Miss Ning, I have received a higher degree of attention in the Big Fight Soul Field. Maybe I will be transferred to Tiandou City soon. When the time comes, Zhao Gong and Miss Ning can come to see me at any time. I will certainly welcome them," said Manager Ao with a smile, taking them to the VIP room of the Big Fight Soul Field.
"Two, this is our diamond badge." Manager Ao was a little excited and took out two crystal boxes and handed them to Zhao Hening Rongrong respectively.
Zhao opened the box and suddenly a bright light dazzled Zhao.
This badge is small, but it is carved with extremely precious diamonds, and it has a delicate domineering dragon pattern on its face.
"Ding Congratulations on the successful completion of the host"
"Ding, congratulations to the host for winning a lucky draw for extreme equipment."
Looking at this gorgeous badge, Zhao Yixiao, he finally finished this.
"This badge is good." Zhao casually threw the diamond badge into his soul guide. This badge is of little value to him. The only valuable convenience is the name. After all, there are few diamond badges in the mainland, and he and Ning Rongrong have them.
At this time, Ning Rongrong looked at Zhao Qingcheng with big eyes and smiled.
She smiles beautifully and sweetly.
She finally has the diamond badge, the highest honor in the Big Soul Fighting Field, which she has learned that no other female soul teacher has won so far, which means she is the first female soul teacher to win this honor.
Although she didn’t get this badge with real strength, what about it?
Zhao is so excellent that you can never find a man like Zhao in this world.
But such an excellent man is her boyfriend and will be her man in the future.
Ning Rongrong looked at Zhao eyes except Zhao again.
"Miss Zhao Gongning has regulations in the Big Fight Soul Field. Anyone who holds a diamond badge will be protected by the Big Fight Soul Field. If you have any problems, you can get the most distinguished treatment in the local Big Fight Soul Field." Manager Ao smiled and looked at Zhao with respect.
Although Zhao’s status may not be as high as his now
But in the future, he will be so talented that he will look far away.
"Well," Zhao nodded his head at will, which was a surprise to the so-called help of the big soul fight field. Now he is surrounded by Brigitte and Zijibi, who are not good at fighting and are equivalent to an ordinary title.
Sharla Cheung, hell, magic dragon, that’s except for a fierce fighting beast, Douro, and mainland China, except for killing these celestial forces in Poseidon Island and some strong people in the three gates of Soul Hall. She is not afraid of people. Zhao guessed that her strength should be almost the same as that of Qibao Glass Zongjian Douro, even if it is almost not far away.

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