Because of many questions, Kabi was in a very confused mood. He didn’t deal with Marmot, but he was very uncomfortable when he saw Marmot’s stupid smile out of the corner of his eye. Finally, he replied, "Will you talk about me or not because it is obvious that I am the most handsome player on the team!"

After that, Kabi stuck to himself again. In that mood, he still had the mind to play jokes on his teammates.
"Ha ~ ha ~ ha ~!" Many teammates were amused, and even a few teammates who were still in the shower rushed out. If it happened, they would poke their heads around naked and say what was so funny?
The coolest guy in this group is Bam. He didn’t even move his eyes to wash off his smelly sweat, and then he just tidied up his clothes on the other side. Kabi glanced at him deliberately and said, "What a strange guy!"
As soon as the joke was finished, the hemp rat approached the front of Kabi and made a wink. The two of them tacitly understood, but there was something that had not been absolutely decided. So Kabi perfunctory a few words and put on a smiling face. Hee hee, the hemp rat walked into the bathroom in the dressing room alone.
A so-called good bath is enough for Kabi to calm down and think about every detail of the matter carefully. He doesn’t know if coach Coboni is hiding anything, but his mind can be at a loss before he delves into the basics.
He wiped his body dry in the bathroom, and Kabi wrapped a big towel around his bust and went out. It’s funny that his teammates lost count just like they just met at the training ground. He said to himself that those guys were really fast when they came home from practice.
When Kabi walked out of the locker room, he found that most of his teammates had already left the training base, and that guy Bam was even more so. Imagine the living habits of a lone animal, so it is not difficult to understand that there is a rodent in the locker area, and I don’t know what to wait for.
"How did it go with coach Coboni? Can you tell us some details? " Hemp rat asked, leaning half his shoulder against his locker and approaching Kabi.
The captain, Tusk, was also very curious and sacrificed. When he went home to his family one minute earlier, he waited for Kabi to walk out of the dressing room with hemp rats just to know that the other teammates had left. He interjected, "Why don’t we disclose some details here?"
Kabi combed his hair, which was not dry enough, and approached his locker. After that, he said, "The smell may not be true, but it is obvious that coach Coboni is also nervous because the board of directors is difficult to deal with. That’s all!"
"Pa" a hemp rat mental derangement like took a loud palm without taboo said "mom! The winter transfer window is not closed yet. Will Kabi? "
Hemp rat didn’t say to three people also know.
Kabi doesn’t pay much attention to his leisure time. At this moment, he wants to go home as soon as possible or get in touch with Mr. Haas as soon as possible so as to get some reliable information from his agent, so that the heavy stone in his heart can fall completely.
"Pussy ~ Pussy ~!" After ignoring the situation of Marquis, Kabi calmed down the antiperspirant and sprayed a lot of dry fog spray on his armpit, which would not only eliminate the body odor after training, but also make him more energetic.
"hey! Give me your antiperspirant. Anyway, you will leave the team soon. You should not care about a bottle of antiperspirant with such a high annual salary. There is also your employee’s card. Sometimes, take a commemorative photo of your work card before you can recall your day in Granada from the photo! "
The hemp rat’s words are obviously teasing Kabi. There is no malice, and Kabi is also very white.
Kabi still didn’t respond, and the face was so complicated that it was difficult to explain. He deliberately pretended not to hear a word, and continued to tidy up his locker after putting away the antiperspirant.
Tusk practiced echo each other with Marmot, so the captain of the team also said, "It’s better to take a picture of the whole locker as a souvenir, and then we’ll take a picture of it for you next to your locker."
After listening to it, Kabi’s mood didn’t fluctuate and there was no angry movement. Because Marmot and Tusk are both good friends, he can swallow this ridicule silently.
What’s even more amazing is that Kabi suppressed all kinds of complications in his heart and finally deliberately squeezed out a smile and said to the hemp rat, "Hey! Idiot! Lend me your Bluetooth headset. I need to type a word when I’m in the car. "To be continued."
Chapter three hundred and forty-five Smoke
The blue off-road vehicle was brightly illuminated by the golden light of the sun. It was parked in the parking lot of the training base, and its owner, Kabi, boarded his beloved car at this time. After fastening his seat belt, he did not see two guys, Marquis and Tusk, coming out with him.
Kabi didn’t pay too much attention to it, and instead of starting the car engine immediately, he put on the Bluetooth headset borrowed from the hemp mouse to contact his agent, Mr. Haas. Just as he was looking through the number in his mobile phone book, a phenomenon in the parking lot made him suspicious.
Most teammates left the training base a long time ago and went it alone, so did Bam. It can be seen that there are three marmots and one tusk in the parking lot, and the number is just right.
Other employees’ cars don’t belong to this range, and even the coach team can’t make this parking lot except coach Coboni. This is the attraction of Kabibi because he didn’t see coach Coboni’s car parked in the parking lot.
"Hey ~? Is Coach Coboni out again? This is even more unlike his style. Where did the old man leave him after dusk every time he attended the training class? " Kabi secretly read aloud a way
Because of the progress of things today, Kabi is a little nervous and allergic. It is normal to say that even if Coach Coboni leaves the training base, it is normal, but it can make Kabi continue to think about his doubts. The support point is that it is so unusual for Coach Coboni to attend today’s training class.
"Coach Coboni will go to the team headquarters again? Is there a new development in this matter? " It is natural for Kabi to look on the bright side and say that he may not leave the team, so he put on a smile.
But another question arises, that is, if Kabi insists on getting in touch with Mr. Haas, in which direction should he contact him? As far as Kabi knows, Mr. Haas has not returned to Eindhoven, so naturally he can’t dial the mobile phone number in the Netherlands. Besides, this old smoker doesn’t know where he is now.
"Mobile roaming number! Oh, my god How could I forget? I am such an idiot! " Kabi almost cried out in the carriage like a psychopath, thanking Xun for his advanced technology
So the roaming number was dialed. If Mr. Haas is still in the literary world, Kabi will definitely connect to the other party, but the sound inside the Bluetooth headset is extremely unusual. It took a few seconds for the voice to change before it showed that Mr. Haas’s number was temporarily connected.
"damn it! This old guy doesn’t notice where to go in advance! " In a confused mood, Kabi complained for a moment, but there is a problem that he hasn’t imagined yet, and that is, even if Mr. Haas tells us where to go, the number connection can’t be linked.
Repeatedly dialing the number several times in a row has the same result. Kabi’s intuition is so annoying that he will feel queasy after listening for a long time. It is not difficult to imagine that he wants to get more and more news from Mr. Haas in a hurry.
I tried it three times, but the result didn’t get better. Several times, I didn’t even hear the tone, which made Kabi almost smash the new smart phone. Then he sat in the driver’s seat for a few minutes and his anxiety had already surfaced. Finally, I left a two-minute message for Mr. Haas.
"damn it! In a few days, the winter transfer window closes, and there seems to be no answer here. What should I do? " Kabi secretly read the sermon again and hit a steering wheel with his hands, which made the steering wheel shake slightly. If he died on the side of the road later because of the steering wheel problem, then he can be said to have died unjustly.
Although I sent a message to Mr. Haas, Kabi didn’t insist on waiting for a reply in the parking lot. Besides, I was going to Candace’s bakery and Candace gave me such a delicate cake twice to thank him. He took a long breath and restrained the blue veins on his forehead before starting the car engine.

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