Seeing that an angry fire bell was about to cover this ice-bone dragon head, I saw that the dragon head swallowed this fire bell with a big mouth.

They saw that the dragon was so hot that the giant with a broken mouth shook around, but the dragon’s brave abnormality did not let go and swallowed a magic bell.
This flaming bell is condensed from Kay’s heart fire, which can be said to be hot and fierce. The faucet swallowed the bell and roared there, which seemed painful.
"Enjoy eternal life in hell!"
God barking a ghost claw repeatedly to the ice bone faucet crazy hit in the past.
Princess Sofia was angry and held the golden rune sword, which struck the dark earth with a heavy blow, and the divine light broke out in the dark.
Nami Xiaoxin saw that the fluctuating force had wrapped her in Nami Xiaoxin’s eyes and burst out "sacred golden eyes". Nami himself was wrapped in a pair of intertwined "golden eyes" and thousands of attacks from unknown darkness hit the pair of "golden eyes" just like the rain at night meets the glass, but it could not break the "golden eyes".
When Kay saw Nami Xiaoxin Anshikai burning his own fire and flying to the middle of the country, a "thunder strike" was taken on the head of the ice-bone dragon.
"Thunder strike" Rise of the Legend color thunder in the ice white ice bone dragon head burst to blow the faucet shaking and screaming.
Kay slapped his hand on the tap. At this moment, a "little red flower blow" from Nami’s small core was just added to Kay’s "flame of destruction" with this magic hand, which penetrated into frost wyrm’s brain through this frost wyrm skull.
Frost wyrm’s brain is full of fire like a remnant snow crystal, which makes this ice-bone dragon open its mouth and scream bitterly.
In recent months, God has been tearing and stabbing at this dragon’s jaw, even killing tricks …
At this time, the ice bone faucet digested the fire bell.
"No …!"
The ice bone faucet spat out an ice clock with a loud roar.
Kay was caught off guard by this violently rotating ice clock, and Kay was shot out, and that ice clock was also broken in the middle.
"Ho …!"
The ice bone faucet is "prehistoric ice wind" roared out again.
It seems that this ice-bone faucet not only has the characteristics of preventing high altitude and high blood level, but also has the characteristics of attacking high-range attacks.
Princess Sofia was angry, holding the golden rune sword and slamming it in the darkness, and the divine light broke out again in the darkness.
These golden runes were quickly printed into the bodies of God, Kay, Nami and Sophia herself. Everyone felt that the golden runes were unusually warm, and a sacred force of gold came to their hearts.
God’s heavy claws to his heart caught a blazing pale fire.
"Woo ha ha ha …!"
God struck out with a "thousand magic cups".
In the unknown darkness, I was imprisoned for a while, and the demons rushed to the ghosts and hissed.
God’s hands like Zhang Rufei stepped on the ground and rushed over.
This ice-bone dragon head was hit in the middle by this potential "Thousand Magic Emperor’s Glass". Everyone saw that the ice-bone dragon head was solidified at the end by pale purple fire. Qian Qian absolutely roared and the magic emperor’s strange shadows rushed from pale inflammation. These magic emperor’s strange shadows screamed and bit and rushed away, grinning and disappeared in front of everyone.
God rushed to the faucet’s mouth, but his hands were stretched against the faucet and he waited for the opportunity.
Kay also flew in the hands of this dragon’s head and contained the strongest hellfire. I want to give it a strong blow when this dragon’s head is about to rush this "Thousand Magic Emperor’s Glass" and pale inflammation is banned.
Nami Xiaoxin and Sophia Yama give the two men more attack, attack and attack.
They felt that Xiao Long’s magic bite was killing and killing in the "Thousand Magic Emperor’s Glass" ban. Soon they saw that the ice-bone dragon’s head was pale and inflamed, and the fire was peeling off layer by layer, thinking that the dragon head had always won.
As soon as God despises the king of God, he laughs wildly with his hands, and attacks the head of the ice-bone dragon. Kay also laughs wildly and falls from the sky, and Hellfire is shooting at the center of the dragon head.
"Ho …!" The dragon head roared, and everyone saw the huge surge of black rolling in front of them, and it was terrible that hundreds of thousands of dimensions stirred each other here.
Kay recorded another "dark thunder strike", but even in this faucet, she saw that Nami Xiaoxin and Sophia were swallowed up by unknown darkness.
Kay took a step forward in the chaos, only to find that she stepped out of the foot and was hit by the turbulent force in the unknown darkness. Even Kay Yunxi Haier felt that her foot was about to be broken.
Kay took a small step back to understand that the whole unknown darkness is the body of this faucet, which can control everything here, but no matter how it surges, it will not be affected near it, just as it is impossible for a person to bite his nose by shaking his mouth.
The strangulation in the unknown darkness stopped in an instant. Kay saw that both Nami and Sofia were safe, but both of them were pale with fear and their charming bodies trembled.
"This dragon can’t bite his mouth!" Kay said to Nami Xiaoxin and Princess Sofia
The two female horses got the message and flew to the dragon head. As soon as the two women stepped on the dragon head, they saw the unknown darkness and transpiration rolled up. Soon, the strangulation broke out again.
Nami small core core this little girl scared white through a little face, "fortunately, this big earthworm head is a weakness, otherwise my’ sacred golden eyes’ can’t get a second time so soon."
Sophia also said, "My’ Holy Shield’ can’t reply so soon!"
That big dragon head knew that everyone was very angry at its head. The dragon head roared with the dragon sound "magic dragon’s crazy song". It is said that "magic dragon’s crazy song" was created by the ancient dragon wizard. The descendants of the dragon don’t know how the owner of the Ice and Fire God Palace knew this song. How to make this creature know this song?
Magic dragon’s crazy songs penetrated into everyone’s soul and shook everyone’s mind to pieces.
Kay slapped her hand on the head of the ice-bone dragon and stopped Nami’s small core waist, which made the little girl shake.
God flew to protect Princess Sofia.
Sophia held the waist with one hand and stabbed the golden rune sword into the ice bone dragon head with one hand. Ten million golden runes kept flashing in this huge dragon head. Kay’s "Dark Dragon Wind Thunder Hell" blew up, and the roaring tornado and angry thunder quickly tore up and destroyed this dragon head.
"Woo … ah …!"
This ice bone faucet is broken.
Eyes lit up and another appeared in front of everyone …
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