It is beyond his expectation that things have developed to this day, and he has been here for more than ten hours just to find a mildest solution. After all, Liao Jingjing is here now.

Thinking of that girl, he didn’t go to see Tang Shiyan at first sight, and he felt a little anxious and didn’t want to say anything more.
See him as expected to go Liao Jingjing unwilling to pinch pinched front face some distortion "Tang Shiyan! You just want to leave? !”
Tang Shiyan put his hand on the door and threw it from behind. Instead of hiding, he held the bottle neatly in his hand when it was about to hit the door panel. He said in an approximate sigh tone, "I will cure you."
"I will apologize to you on behalf of Xiaoyu if you need it."
But that’s all.
The patient’s mood is unstable. Tang Shiyan, as a man, will not stimulate her too much at this time. If he apologizes, it will make Liao Jingjing temporarily give up investigating Shen Xinyu, which is actually the best.
Liao Jia took the lead and mastered the evidence. If he is determined to pursue Shen Xinyu, it is really a very difficult matter. Although he can try his best to keep Shen Xinyu, public opinion will fall. Now it is the key period of that girl’s career, and any sign of trouble may affect her generation.
When Tang Shiyan thought about it, he developed the cause and effect of the incident, which may have been in his mind again.
And he kept Liao Jingjing. There is one more important thing.
"Let me not sue her, but I also want you to stay with me during my illness and never see her again."
Shen Xinyu moved out step by step by leaning against the corridor wall. I don’t know if it was because of sudden abdominal pain or because she had just heard that conversation. At this time, a middle-aged doctor with eyes happened to see her swaying and seemed to faint. After holding her face, she was slightly surprised and said, "What are you doing lying in bed!"
The girl is like a fish on the verge of suffocation, with some dry lips and a closed throat. Finally, she raised her hand and covered her belly, and her pupils gradually gathered. "Who are you?"
The doctor is a stranger, whom she doesn’t know.
The doctor frowned as if he had met something that made him very angry. He held the girl in his arm and recorded the patient’s information. "Your name is Shen Xinyu, right?"
"Yes" girl nodded.
Seeing her admit that the doctor slammed his face and said, "Don’t you know you are pregnant? But there are signs of miscarriage, so I asked the nurse to tell your family to let you have a good bed rest. "
Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba. Shen Xinyu didn’t hear the words clearly. After the doctor said the words pregnant, his head sank and he fainted again.
It’s one o’clock in the morning in Beijing North.
Gu Zhenglin rushed back from China overnight because of the housekeeper’s remark that something had happened to the young lady, and ordered people to rush to the hospital without rest.
Lu Guanjia recounted what happened in the past 12 hours. "The present situation of Sir Zhong is that the young lady pushed Liao Jingjing, the eldest daughter of Liao Jia Big House, from the fifth floor window. Just as the building stopped, a garbage truck was rescued by passers-by and sent to the hospital. Now the examination results show that the body and soft tissue are injured, and it may be walking upright."
"Why?" Gu Zhenglin’s face was hidden in the shadow and his voice was sharp as usual.
"It is said that the young lady was dissatisfied with the interference of the old lady Tang and bought a banned drug for the old lady Tang. Miss Liao went to find her to argue with her."
Section 329
The original gloomy atmosphere was suddenly disturbed by an explosion. The driver almost drifted in the middle of the road with a shake of his hand. The housekeeper also apologized in cold sweat and said a bunch of flattering words.
"Continue Tang Shiyan?"
Gu Zhenglin now learned the news that Shen Xinyu was once again in a coma and was pushed into the intensive care room, and it was Lujia who kept by her side instead of Tang Shiyan.
This time, the housekeeper thought it over before speaking. "Face-to-face reports that Tang Shiyan’s family members have been negotiating at that end since Liao Jingjing’s accident, but when the police wanted to take the young lady away, Tang Shiyan stopped the young lady and arranged the ward and guardian."
Speaking of this, Gu Zhenglin remembered that he had neglected the matter and asked coldly, "Did you suffer?"
The housekeeper shook her head again and again. "The little lady was not injured, and she was in a coma, but she died of a cat."
"Little miss keeps cats"
After the housekeeper added, he suddenly stopped talking. I don’t know what he was thinking, but when he saw that he showed no signs of anger, he was secretly relieved, and he was a little glad that there was no accident in this little lady. Otherwise, he really couldn’t figure out what it would be like to have a daughter, Sir Zhong.
However, he can be sure that Sir Zhong’s plan to get his daughter back may have to be changed.
Gu Zhenglin was on a business trip a few days ago. Before leaving, he specially ran to Jiaocheng to meet Shen Xinyu. He repeatedly rubbed his reasons and gave his daughter a box of chocolates, and then he was happy to jump the plane. He thought that when he came back from this business trip, he would be able to make an appointment in Beijing North Exhibition. As a result, such a thing happened.
"Sir Zhong, there’s one more thing I forgot to report," the local housekeeper suddenly said.
Gu Zhenglin is not happy to jump out of his teeth with a word.
"This Liao Jingjing is Tang Shiyan’s ex-girlfriend, but they broke up a few years ago, but they usually go back and forth."
The housekeeper shook her head and wanted to think, "But I’ve investigated some things recently and I always feel that there is something strange about Tang Shiyan’s attitude towards this Liao Jingjing. Although he let people protect the little lady for the first time, it’s too cold and quiet."
Although calm is not a problem, there is nothing wrong with his handling of things, but after all, it makes people feel that some men should have emotional impulses, and from their standpoint, they just feel that Tang Shiyan did not care about the little lady
The car stopped at the gate of the hospital, and Gu Zhenglin walked to the door of the cart, and her eyes and eyebrows were stained with some coldness.
Shen Xinyu’s condition is actually worse than the surface. Although she has no trauma, she has been hit hard at many acupoints and taken some ranolazine, which is similar to a big drug that excites nerves. As a result, the placenta in early pregnancy is unstable and she is comatose again. She was taken to the emergency room by the doctor and given some anti-abortion medicine nutrient solution. Then she opened her eyes and there were two more people at the bedside.
Shen Xinyu looked back at the housekeeper guarding the door without moving, and she slowly moved her eyes back to the body of this travel-stained Dai Yue man.
"Mr. Gu, why are you here?"
Listening to the original pleasant sound, Gu Zhenglin suddenly became dry and dumb. He held the girl’s wrist by the bed and slowly bent over. Finally, he squatted on the girl’s bedside with one knee and a half kneeling posture and took a long breath. "Baby, it was my fault that I was late. I should have made it clear in front of everyone."
Before Gu Zhenglin’s words were finished, Shen Xinyu’s eyes were widened by that baby’s surprise. She immediately wanted to withdraw her hand, but the more she pulled the man, the tighter she pulled. "Mr. Gu, what are you talking about?"
This sudden change made her hair stand on end, and the man immediately got up again, putting his hands in front of her and saying, "Baby, I’m not Mr. Gu, I’m your father."
These two words are no less surprising than Gu Zhenglin’s gentle expression, and it is much weaker to call her baby a thriller. At this moment, Shen Xinyu feels that her throat is blocked, and she can’t make a sound in her eyes.
What’s the situation?
Seeing that the young lady was going to be frightened by someone again, the housekeeper immediately went to the path, "Miss Shen, you are indeed the daughter of Mr. Zhong and our little family lady."
Shen Xinyu’s eyes slowly shifted from Gu Zhenglin’s face to the housekeeper’s face. The housekeeper immediately squeezed out an untimely smile and said seriously, "But Mr. Zhong didn’t know about it before, and it was only recently that he realized that it was no coincidence that your daily encounter with Mr. Zhong these days was just that he was afraid of scaring you and you didn’t accept it, so he wanted to make you like him a little bit."
What you have said explains why Tang Shiyan doesn’t agree with her, and Gu Zhenglin will appear in front of her again and again, and her attitude is still so inconsistent.
However, Shen Xinyu broke free from Gu Zhenglin’s hand and sat up slowly and asked, "Is there any evidence?"
"Yes, but Sir Zhong said it was an insult to you to do the pro-identification, and we didn’t dare to do it. If you don’t believe me, just take a blood."
Shen Xinyu heard that she raised her eyes and took a look at Gu Zhenglin. It was originally a look, but she was too pale at the moment and fell into someone’s eyes, which was particularly delicate and touching.
This is his daughter actually in such a mess. Gu Zhenglin squeezed the rage at the bottom of her eyes to squeeze out an amiable smile. "Baby, I am really your father."
"Don’t call me baby" Shen Xinyu immediately lowered his eyes and became stiff.
"Good daughter, I am really your father." The commanding Sir Zhong immediately changed his name.
Shen Xinyu still sat there with his eyes down and said nothing, and he smelled extremely distressing and uneasy.

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