"Yourself" DuGuCai face a slight red light said.

"Oh oh" float in the sky was relieved to look elsewhere again will DuGuCai picked up and walked towards the side disinfection.
This disinfection is more like a shower than disinfection. A big bathtub is placed in the room and filled with an unknown light green liquid.
"The color elder sister this water" float in the sky don’t know this liquid some hesitation to DuGuCai asked.
"This is nutrient solution. Please put me in it." Du Gucai said lightly.
"Oh" Feiyang carefully put DuGuCai into the bathtub and then turned around and said, "Sister Cai, please soak me here and go out and wait for you to call me when you are ready."
"Well" DuGuCai nodded and then put his head on the edge of the bathtub narrowed his eyes.
Flying out of the disinfection, my heart was a little messy and slapped myself hard and said softly, "Flying, flying, how can you not control it?"
Flying consciousness looked at the layout of the operating room and suddenly found lichen fragments. It seemed that all the clothes were torn to pieces. Flying in the sky, some people believed that they had bullied others and felt very ashamed of their previous suspicion that Du Gucai deliberately wanted to have sex with themselves.
Feiyang thought carefully about it, but he couldn’t remember what happened before he was stunned by Du Gucai and after he woke up. He suspected that he was in a coma, and another personality appeared and occupied his body. Then he forced Du Gucai to feel very guilty and sighed. He walked to the operating table and sat down. Suddenly he saw a robot with no head in the corner, and then he scanned the room. He saw a robot head falling in the far corner. He went over and looked at it and found that the robot head seemed to be attacked by something, and the whole half of his face was sunken. Then he judged from the surface marks that the robot seemed to turn around soon.
This discovery made Feiyang feel confused. This robot was destroyed by himself, but what did he want to destroy a robot for? Oh, by the way, it may be that Du Gucai resisted what he ordered the robot to attack himself, but he didn’t expect to be destroyed by himself. Du Gucai didn’t escape the fate of being qj by himself.
Qj, Feiyang Nai smiled bitterly. I didn’t expect myself to do this kind of shameful crime.
Feiyang sat back on the operating table again. Nai smiled and looked towards the operating table with a little red plum consciousness. Suddenly, he had some doubts about what Du Gucai said. Is this really his own blood?
Feiyang gently touched the blood on the operating table with your fingertips and frowned. It would be nice if there was a doctor around you. Maybe you can take it to test it.
The fox thought about flying for a while, but it was found that it had passed for a while, but it was still missing Du Gucai. He called for his help and quickly got up to check the situation of Du Gucai, but he hesitated to walk to the door.
"Sister Cai, have you finished washing? Can I help you?" Feiyang lingered at the door for a while and then asked through the door toward the inside.
The door was silent, and there was no response.
"Sister Choi" flies in the sky with a tight heart. What happened to Du Gucai in it? He hurriedly hit the door and shouted eagerly, but he saw Du Gucai lying on his back in the bathtub and sleeping quietly. The blue marks have completely disappeared.
"Color elder sister" float in the sky looking at soaking in the bathtub DuGuCai attractive charming body mercilessly swallowed a mouthful of saliva and then hard turned to squat down beside the bathtub gently pushing DuGuCai shoulder gently shouted in her ear.
"Well, what’s the matter with the little villain?" DuGuCai melody nowadays opened his eyes, and it seems that he hasn’t returned to absolute being and looked at Feiyang in a daze, and his voice was slightly hoarse.
"Sister Cai, why did you fall asleep in the bathtub? It’s not good for your health to soak like this. Let me help you sleep somewhere else, okay?" Feiyang asked.
"Well" DuGuCai eyes flashed a warm color gently nodded and then stretched out his hands toward the float in the sky JiaoChen said "hug me".
Feiyang smiled and nodded, took off his coat, rolled up his sleeves, picked Du Gucai up from the bathtub, and then gently put her aside on a couch.
"Brush my body" DuGuCai gave me a satisfied smile and squinted at the float in the sky and said lightly.
"Sister Cai, I can’t do this job" Feiyang replied with a wry smile.
"Why can’t I do it? It’s all you who make me so tired." Du Gucai pursed her mouth and said with anger. Her expression and tone are very much like a girl who is coquetry to her lover.
"Sister Cai, you are so beautiful, I’m afraid I can’t help it." Flying face is slightly feverish, and I dare not go to see Du Gucai’s almost perfect charming body with my head down.
"Ha-ha, okay, forgive you. Help me with the towel." Dugu Cai smiled and pointed to the towel hanging in the bathtub and said softly to Feiyang.
"This is no problem." Feiyang quickly went to get the towel and then don’t go away and pass the towel to DuGuCai.
Looking at flying shy appearance DuGuCai charming smile stretched out his right hand and took the flying hand towel gently dry the body, and then hang the towel on the chair armrest and closed his eyes to sleep:
Chapter 69 Warm and ambiguous
"Sister Cai, why are you asleep again? Get up and be careful of catching a cold." Flying suddenly felt that Du Gucai was still behind him. Turning around and seeing Du Gucai fell asleep again, I had to go forward again and gently shake her up.
"I’m so sleepy, little villain. Let me sleep," Du Gucai muttered, yawning greatly and his face was full of fatigue.
"Sister Cai sleeps like this and it’s easy to catch a cold. Let’s go home first." Feiyang said with a frown.
"Don’t fly in the sky, there is another room where there is a bed. You can hug me in the past." Du Gucai pointed to the wall inside and said softly, squinting.
"Well, there is room." Flying in the sky looked at the wall and couldn’t see it was a door. The metal wall tentatively took the dugu color magnetic card and posted it. Sure enough, the wall hit a door and there was a small bedroom inside.
"It’s true," Feiyang whispered to himself. He turned and walked beside Du Gucai and gently picked her up and walked into the bedroom. He put Du Gucai in the bedroom bed, covered the quilt for her, and then got up and left.
"Little villain, don’t go to sleep with your sister." Seeing Feiyang is preparing to get up and leave, Du Gucai suddenly stretched out his right hand and took Feiyang’s arm and looked at him and whispered.

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