Chu Yifeng’s heart started to stir again, not because he was trapped, but because of the people’s heart. These people let their weakest companions be bait, and they set a trap here. When someone was lured to the future, they threw themselves into the eyes of these people and directly obliterated the greedy and evil eyes at this time. Where are there people who claim to despise interacting with mortals, but their actions are not even as good as those of mortals? If they are still said to be human beings, then these people will have ambitions after they grasp greater power, but their ambitions are based on his death. There are also people who are weaker than them in the field of repairing truth.

Chu Yifeng, who has received modern education, is completely different from these practitioners in terms of ideological roots. At this time, Chu Yifeng once again felt a deep sense of loneliness, cold and bone-chilling loneliness. Because of confusion and loneliness, he left the earth and entered the realm of cultivation, but now he is even more lonely and even somewhat incompatible with the whole realm of cultivation.
Chu Yifeng suddenly felt that there was no need for these practitioners to exist at all. They only existed to plunder other practitioners to plunder other humans to plunder nature. In this case, what is the difference between them and robbers? Death of robbers should be their best destination.
A rage rose from the bottom of Chu Yifeng’s heart, and suddenly a dense and strong lightning flashed all over his body, spreading the turquoise light in a space. He said coldly, "Since you don’t treat yourself as adults, I’ll let you stay away from the world!"
Chu Yifeng’s eyes flashed a flash of lightning, and the violent momentum began to rise on him, pinching one by one. The lightning flashing at the fingertips clearly depicted one by one and the fingerprints poured into one of them. A dark blue screen composed of lightning and fingerprints appeared in Chu Yifeng’s body.
Reflecting this, a large dark cloud began to surge above the sky, in which Lei Guang shone but concealed and lit up a space in the dark cloud from time to time. At the same time, the energy between heaven and earth began to pour into the dark clouds, and the energy of the dark clouds is rapidly increasing and releasing layers of breathtaking coercion.
In the face of such a threatening dark cloud, those who fix the truth have a fright on their faces and always feel uneasy. Moreover, under the oppression of the dark clouds, they have a feeling of standing unsteadily, and their bodies keep shaking. The fix the truth in the early days of Yuan Ying has already fallen from mid-air, and he has no way to stand in front of such a power of heaven and earth.
At this time, Chu Yifeng felt the space under the shadow of dark clouds and entered his own control. Here he is the sky! But Chu Yifeng hasn’t. Now it seems that in this space, his vitality is particularly strong, and his head, which was originally burned out by fire, grows out quickly at this time.
The fixer who surrounded Chu Yifeng saw the flashing lightning on Chu Yifeng and decided that the change in the sky must be related to him, so I don’t know who shouted, "Deal with him first!" "
Then these people began to try their best to run the flying sword and kill Chu Yifeng faster.
"Hum!" Chu Yifeng snorted coldly. "Purple clouds thunder tactic! Thunder and sky! "
Flying sword is not yet in the body. As Chu Yifeng drinks the energy in the sky, he gets Chu Yifeng’s order and begins to explode a series of dense and bulky electric dragons!
Chu Yifeng casually pointed to a mid-OBE fix true person who was hit by thick lightning before he could dodge. He burst into a fire and a miserable cry came out and soon fell straight.
One of the five people who surrounded Chu Yifeng died, and their wooden source was trapped in an empty array. The turquoise light that surrounded Chu Yifeng exploded and dispersed in all directions. At the same time, the large trees reflected by this turquoise light began to grow like a platform in the forest.
The wooden source was trapped in the empty array and was broken. When the other fix true practitioners were one leng, Chu Yifeng waved his finger to another fix true practitioner. In the dark clouds, a flash of lightning broke out and directly nullified the fix true practitioner who just wanted to escape!

083 man in the way
Seeing that the situation was not good, the remaining three practitioners immediately turned and fled in three directions, so it can be seen that they should have had an ambush and failed to escape, so they were also decisive at this time.
If they face other people, they may be able to escape one or two people, but now they are in the energy field led by the purple clouds and thunder. This energy field forms an almost complete and independent space in which everything is controlled by Chu Yifeng!
"Want to run? Hey! " ChuYifeng sneer at 1 mind move three fleeing straighteners immediately feel the body heavier and heavier, standing in the air, the pressure from the dark clouds is like Taishan coping, which makes them want to vomit blood.
Chu Yifeng’s hands waved three times, and almost the same lightning fell from the sky at the same time, hitting three people instantly. They didn’t scream and braved the black smoke and fell.
The thunder and lightning in the sky did not decrease. After the thunder and lightning hit those turquoise lights, they ignited fires out of thin air. These fires ignited the trees below, and the big trees that had just grown wildly were immediately submerged in a sea of fire, because they were too much higher than other trees. It looked like a volcano growing in the Mihe forest. Such a scene naturally attracted other practitioners, but they all felt the pressure from the energy of that dark cloud in the sky, so no one dared to approach it.
Although Chu Yifeng stood above the "volcano", he was not affected at all, and the heat was much worse than that of magma.
At this time, Chu Yifeng’s face was calm and he couldn’t see any fluctuation. Although he killed five people, his eyes were still as cold as ice, and lightning flashed across his eyes like the majesty of the sky, stirring the surrounding air for a while. Then put away a muffled thunder from the dark clouds all over the sky, and then quickly dispersed.
Five flying swords had already quieted down because their owners were killed. Chu Yifeng, who was floating at the moment, waved his hand in front of him and all the flying swords went into his storage ring. Then he collected all the five storage rings.
But now Chu Yifeng didn’t check his booty. Just when he collected these things, suddenly a man flew up not far away and then left in a hurry. It turned out to be the early fix-up person of Yuan Ying just now!
Chu Yifeng’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and immediately chased him up. The fix-up person in Yuan’s infancy turned around and saw that Chu Yifeng chased him up. At this time, his face was really full of fear. Just now, the lightning triggered by Chu Yifeng killed his five brothers in the blink of an eye. The pressure brought by the lightning was something he had never experienced before. If he faced such coercion again, he could not give birth to a rebellious idea at all. So at this time, he only had to hurry away.
However, the degree of Chu Yifeng is rapidly shortening the distance between two people, and at the same time, Chu Yifeng’s hands have begun to condense the energy, which can be shot at any time.
But just as Chu Yifeng was about to catch up with that man, suddenly a man rushed out of the oblique thorn and stood in front of Chu Yifeng. Chu Yifeng didn’t even think about it. Since he came to save the man, it was also his companion’s long-awaited lightning finger that immediately sent a sharp lightning to the man who stood in front of him.
The man’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. I didn’t expect Chu Yifeng to directly see the lightning shot by Chu Yifeng without saying a word. I just don’t panic. I just set up a silvery white light on my hand, and immediately hit two strands of energy, which led to a huge noise. The fluctuation of energy swung around like water lines.
Chu Yifeng’s forward figure was immediately raised by the shock wave, and the man who stopped him calmly retreated dozens of meters away.
The two men looked at each other at Chu Yifeng and ignored the escaped fix true person because the man in front of him gave him a feeling that he could not see through.
Chu Yifeng stared at the man who stood in the way. This man was ordinary and dressed in a blue-gray cassock, and a pair of long dark eyebrows sipped straight at the back, like two belts. There were several knife-like wrinkles on his face, as if to show that this man’s weather-beaten face was old, but his eyes flashed with wisdom. Chu Yifeng seemed to know everything like the back of his hand. When he saw it, he suddenly felt a sense of being seen through, and the momentum he brought to Chu Yifeng was somewhat similar to that of Sun Yi.
"Who are you?" Asked Chu Yifeng warily. At the same time, his hands are on alert to guard against each other’s attacks at any time.
But the man didn’t answer him, but smiled rather profoundly and didn’t speak.
"If you have nothing to say, I will leave." Chu Yifeng doesn’t want to spend so much time with a master in the fitting period.
But at this time, the man’s momentum suddenly changed, and the original inscrutable breath suddenly became sharp, like a gust of wind blowing in front of Chu Yifeng, and he suddenly felt a delay in breathing.
"I want your jade card." The man said calmly.
Although Chu Yifeng faced strong oppression, he was not afraid of an unyielding fighting spirit in his heart: "It’s another murderous thing."
"Hum!" ChuYifeng cold hum a stubborn god eyes tightly staring at each other’s eyes flashing with electric spark. "What if I don’t give it?"

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