"Help me!"

I frowned and gritted my teeth and flew to a pull. She slipped and flew away from the snake pit. I took back Zijin Feiyi light way
"Lady, you’d better get out of here and never dream of taking this Rapier again."
Monroe smiles to say
"Thank you for saving me, but it’s a pity that I’m going to take this Rapier anyway. This is what my sister Madonna confessed."
At this time, the temple of death became more and more strange and mysterious in the shadow of the resurrection flame. I pondered for a moment and asked
"who are those players who are about to become sacrifices?"
Monroe light way
"It is our competitor of Xianggen Yingwei League."
I stay confused way
"Your competitors?"
Monroe smiles to say
"Why? Do you also like to ask about these grievances in our western world? "
I just laughed
"since they are here, naturally, with the same purpose as the lady, can you tell me how on earth you found this secret road to the vortex of death?"
She stand hand way
"can tell"
Suddenly, there was a violent shaking on the ground, and the beast screamed and screamed. In the shadow of the resurrection flame, two huge bodies intertwined. They made this area the highest position, and the winner became the guardian of the gods, while the loser became the winner.
Monroe smiles to say
"How interesting the Snake King Championship is like a human boxing ring. The winner has everything and the loser will have everything. Are you interested in making a bet with me?"
I sneer at a few light way
"Lady, what do you bet?"
She smiles to say
"This snake king has ruled this world for thousands of years, and its body is aging. It seems that it is difficult to win."
I looked carefully and saw that the snake king was winding in the temple, and the light in his eyes kept flashing when the challenger slammed it, I murmured
"The Mayan magic snake totem, the dragon totem, the dragon totem, has brought two brilliant earth and human culture, one of which has disappeared in the long river of history, while the other is endless. What are their differences?" ……
Carefully observe the snake king fighting skills for a moment later I smiles to say
"Lady, I’ll make this bet with you. I bet the snake king will win."
Monroe looked at has slowly pour the snake king body doubt way
"Mr. Lang, don’t you think you are betting on a hopeless game?"
I sink a way
"What’s the bet?"
Monroe carefree smile brought a strange bewitch light way
"Whatever, but if you lose, that flying suit you just had will be mine."
I’m Zheng, follow me? What do you mean? I looked at the past in doubt, but I saw her looking at the distance with a mysterious smile. We were waiting for the final answer. I suddenly thought of something. I suddenly laughed and jumped in the direction of the temple of death. I heard Monroe’s surprised and angry way
"How did you find out?"
I sneer at the silent tunnel. When this western bitch wants to play tricks with me and drag me into the temple, it’s no wonder that she didn’t see that David. He can’t be buried in Shekou. I can’t help flying hundreds of feet to get a panoramic view of the scenery near the temple of death. Looking from this height, the temple and the surrounding scenery are actually arranged into rules. Some patterns seem to be a mystery. Some runes seem to tell the world what patterns depict a faint black line. It is the black body of those death snakes that constitutes a regular lost Mayan language …
I don’t want to jump sideways at the temple of death with open arms. At this moment, it’s all because the magic snake king once again defended its honor and dignity. It’s swallowing up the profits. I have to hurry and make it a stomach dish in its mouth. It’s definitely not a pleasant thing. And that western woman seems to have lost to me in a bet. What do I need?
Chapter DiErSiYi Lost article
In the center of the highest edge of the temple, there is a giant statue of a snake head engraved with mysterious runes. One hand holds a bundle of sticks, while the other hand holds an odd object high and flat, which seems to be an interstellar spacecraft. The top of PaoShu is surrounded by granite boulders, and the flat ceiling has various carved patterns and mysterious runes. I can’t help but be stunned. I saw a five-dimensional equation that is familiar with mathematics, but it is the most famous five-dimensional standard mathematical formula.

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