Now they are facing a virtual beast. Although it is a crisis in the whole world, if their alchemist can contribute to it, he will certainly get a lot of benefits.

Not to mention the virtual animal body still has some good places.
All the alchemists were very excited and answered "Yes!"
"All right, then you can come with me to collect medicinal materials. First, refine a batch of basic healing and recovery elixirs."
Master Gudan didn’t say any more nonsense, so he took people directly to collect medicinal materials.
It’s not sloppy at all
Let Han Xiumo have some surprises.
But on second thought, it is now on the battlefield, because the virtual beast has not rushed out to win it for them because of the short-term support of array law
It is also very important for alchemists to refine a batch of Dan medicine when they grasp it.
Although they are present, the alchemist can’t be without any goods, but those are all their own things. It is completely different for the virtual beast opponents to form an alliance.
Who they want to give their own pills to is their own business.
But alliance pills need to be distributed.
Han Xiumo didn’t come up with any limelight, and honestly followed the ancient Dan master to receive Dan medicine refining.
In addition to the alchemist and the array mage, the Fuofu division and the refining division also performed their respective duties. Soon, it was arranged that Fuofu division chose a site to draw Fuofu and get materials from the warehouse, while the refining division also set up a repair instrument place in the refining unit to repair the instruments for other participating monks.
This logistics is completely arranged. One monk volunteered to enter the array to release the virtual beast and give it to the people to test the water first.
Being able to form such conditions is a very good starting point in all virtual beasts invading the world.
Many worlds are suddenly invaded by virtual beasts, and no one will prepare for them. Now they can intercept the virtual beasts in the array, and they can also find ways to send them out from the array to practice for iqaren, and by the way, they can better find the weakness of the virtual beasts.
This opportunity is not available in other worlds invaded by virtual beasts.
Looking at this scene, Yue Ruochun suddenly had an idea.
If in this way, the virtual beast can occupy and devour the world in the sky, then it can be said that it deserves it.
No one knows what Yue Ruochun thinks.
Few people found that Yue Ruochun disappeared directly after everything was arranged.
-In the end, Ling Tianjian practiced a sword and chose to let out the virtual beast trapped in the array outside the array.
They should be more eager to fight the enemy, but no one is delaying this position more and more, and they have to face more and more virtual beasts and unknowns
Ling Tian Jian zong’s elder Xu Jian Zun volunteered in this position.
But as we all know, Jian Xiu has always had no discretion.
The more Jian Xiu likes to challenge difficulties.
Ling Tianjian Zong, the elder, was also killed in those years, and his illustrious reputation was that he had been stuck in the Yuan infant period, and there was no way to break through. Only this time would he choose to give it a try and enter the world of the moon to find a breakthrough opportunity.
The weakest virtual beast in his eyes is not the same as the weakness in others’ eyes …
Besides, since he is already in this position, the virtual beast released naturally cannot be a virtual beast without any strength.
The level of virtual beast is definitely divided in the theory of taking the moon to the world. Among them, the monk’s strength in the out-of-body experience period is quite good. The virtual beast can still be regarded as a cub’s adult period, and its strength is comparable to that in the distracted period, while the virtual beast in the prime of life is comparable to that in the Du Jie period, so that it can eat a middle world. Such virtual beasts generally do not appear in the world with insufficient aura.
The lowest strength of the virtual beast released by them is also comparable to that of the virtual beast in the OBE period.
The virtual sword fairy is not an ordinary person. The first time he released it, it was comparable to an adult virtual beast that didn’t look very strong or the weakest in his eyes.
Coincidentally, this virtual beast just bit off the silver bell and an arm virtual beast.
When the bell saw the virtual beast released, her eyes flashed slightly.
Now his arm has just grown out, and it still doesn’t adapt, and … He has no influence on the root of the virtual beast, but he has built an arm himself.
His eyes were fixed on the virtual beast.
I hope someone can kill this virtual beast so that he can win people’s hearts.
No one around the bell naturally noticed the idea of the bell
The first thing I rushed to deal with this virtual beast was a sword repair.
Chapter 351 Anatomy of virtual beast
Both the alchemist and the refiner rushed to the array for the first time, and the mage was too busy to deal with these bodies.
Strangely, when the virtual beast was alive, its fur was invulnerable to fire and water, but once it died, it was necessary to cover its spiritual strength, so it was easy to dissect it.
These are all recorded in the things given by the world of the moon. The alchemist occupied a virtual beast, and he was fascinated by the virtual beast, so he cut it directly.
His mind moved and his consciousness released his spiritual strength, and he wanted to see if the virtual beast could do the same when he was alive.
Han Xiu ink was released strength has not come into contact with the other two have been released virtual beast that two virtual beast has been found weakness fell to the ground.
Han Xiumo was silent for a "…"
Probably bad luck.
Try again later.
However, the virtual sword fairy will not release more virtual beasts until they have disposed of the bodies of the virtual beasts.
Han Xiumo didn’t continue to try to concentrate on dissecting the virtual beast.
If these parts of the virtual animal body can benefit, they may be able to achieve the goal of fighting and raising wars.
Others are as serious as Han Xiumo in dissecting the bodies of virtual animals.
Because there are two more bodies, there is no need to continue to compete. Someone moved the bodies outside the battlefield and left them to the alchemist and refiner.
Yun Mingyuan is naturally curious about the corpse of the virtual beast, but now he is helping the array mage to complete the outermost part, and he can seal off the whole soaring valley. There is no time to study the virtual beast.
Other array mages also looked enviously at those alchemists and refiners inside.
There should be a lot of good things that can be produced by the virtual animal body. The alchemist and the refiner will certainly get a lot of benefits from it.
They don’t have the luck.
But the enemy’s current mage didn’t care about the interests in this point.
Besides, it was said when the alliance against virtual beasts was established that their contribution points to the war would eventually be converted into contribution values, and they could contribute values after the war in exchange for the treasures they wanted.
Although I don’t know how long the war will last, the contribution will obviously be great.
Their array mage was the first to go to the battlefield, and it was just a contribution.
If you really want to say that you have any sense of national justice, it’s really not true.
Every monk who has cultivated to this level may have a small country. When they have cultivated to a certain extent, the country of birth is no longer important to them.
They came out because there is no way to leave the world in the sky now, but if someone can leave the world in the sky without going through the ascending channel, they can’t stay in this muddy water.
Anyway, it’s no good for them to come out first, but they can get a lot of contribution points. I believe everyone knows exactly how to choose at this time
Yun Mingyuan was discovered, and the more important part of the local mage identity array also fell to him.

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