Vaccinium smiled. "No, I made a bet with Huayue to see how long you can last."

After that, no matter how depressed the big leaves are, the blueberry turned to the evil king Huayue in Fengyuan area, which also made the evil elf a gambler and a delinquent teenager. The blueberry and Huayue were even closer than the other four kings in the same area.
"I bet Daye won’t last two minutes. Dare to gamble?"
"Bet" Huayue readily said, "If Longye attacks hard, Daye won’t last that long, but I know Longye won’t attack hard, and you will lose this time."
If the media were here, it would be surprising to find that there were so many heavyweight guests, champions and kings from all over the world gathered at such a wedding scene.
Fengyuan champion Dawu and four kings Zhong Huayue and Genji Shenao champion Herona and four kings Daye Hezhong four kings Vaccinium and Caitlin hurried to supervise the reconstruction of Miarey, and Carlos champion Kalunai also took time out to come here.
"I don’t know what this wedding will be like," Caitlin said longingly. "I told Nazi I wanted to be her maid of honor, but she turned me down." Caitlin hugged Hilona sadly.
"It’s supposed to be a very special wedding. At least it’s not a unified wedding process, as if their parents are already sitting in the VIP table," Herona wrote in the novel.
In the expectation of everyone, melodious romantic music sounded, and photos of Longye and Nazi appeared on the big screens on both sides of the venue.
Metropolitan area Rinrin Tower, Bai Xueshan, Odomare Fengyuan Sea Temple Aku promontory, Shita Hezhong Xiaobo Town Beach, Dadijian Castle Carlos Fantasy Crystal Tower, Mirror Cave …
Each photo represents a part of Ryuno and Nazi’s trip together. It has been 11 years since they traveled together!
In 11 years, it was a few days and nights together, and it was a few times of laughter. Fatigue, relaxation, sadness and heart became fertile ground for cultivating that emotion. Their feelings have experienced gentle winds and drizzles, and they have also been tested by storms.
Suddenly looking back, the emotional tree has grown taller than the giant tree of feet, and it has propped up the two worlds of Longye and Nazi.
Nazi, wearing a white wedding dress, slowly appeared at the wedding scene on an abrupt back. It is said that the woman wearing a wedding dress is the most beautiful. Today, Nazi has become the focus of everyone.
A fire-breathing dragon appeared in the forest, and its flame drew a heart-shaped pattern.
A moment ago, the fire-breathing dragon came to Nazi in a suit of Xilongye, and the two men looked at each other affectionately.
Lovely Bikini came to Longye and Nazi with two diamond rings like little angels.
Longye took a ring and put it on Nazi’s hand affectionately. "It’s hard for you to follow me around for so many years, dear."
With tears in her eyes, Nazi slowly put another ring on Longye’s hand. "It’s happiness to walk with you anywhere!"
Fanwai generation travel
It’s been a long time since that romantic wedding. At that time, Ryono and Nazi Fujiwara Takumi were both seven years old. Not long ago, Ryono took his son to family ancestral temple to awaken his ability. The little guy didn’t inherit Ryono and Nazi’s super powers, but he had super power.
Being able to communicate with the elf’s mind is a pity for Longye.
Today is the seventh anniversary of the reconstruction of Carlos Miarez. The Carlos League specially invited champions and four kings from all over the world to gather in Carlos for a series of exhibition games.
The ongoing battle is between Herona and Du, both of whom are acquaintances of Xiaotuohai.
"Dad, look at Uncle Du playing great. When he came to see me the other day, he said he would give me a mini dragon as a birthday present," said Xiao Tuohaixin.
Longye secretly vomited in his heart how could you cross your uncle’s birthday present so expensive? If it weren’t for Dad, my baby dragon and him, you would be waiting to receive another ugly red cloak.
Looking at the bloody battle against Longye, I couldn’t help but think of the world-famous war that took place in Miarey years ago. At that time, I was very heroic and hugged my son and said, "See, none of those people were beaten and cried by my father!"
"Dad, you’re lying. You can’t even beat mom." Takumi made a shy face.
"I used to enjoy my life in a low profile, and you are going to travel soon. It’s time for you to see my strength," Longye thought of Ryoma Echizen and Luffy while touching his head.
Why are they so strong as soon as they debut? Isn’t it because I have been taught by my elders’ love since I was a child?
Xiaotuohai doesn’t know how much trouble his favorite sentence has brought to his later life
Three years later, Longye, a family member of Zhenxin Town, is playing an elf battle with a ten-year-old child.
"Come on, dragon, use the jet flame."
"It means struggling to breathe fire and the dragon crosses and flashes!"
There is no doubt about the result of the battle. The fire-breathing dragon in Longye has won.
"Tuohai, this is your 25th failure. Now you know how strong Dad is," said Longye proudly.
"Hum, I will definitely defeat Dad, you fire-breathing dragon," Takumi said firmly.
After three years of continuous fighting, Tuohai has realized that Torre is strong but stubborn, and he has determined to beat Torre to become the strongest trainer in the world.
"Ha ha, is that why you chose a Squirtle junior elf?" Longye laughed. "Don’t say, Dad, I won’t give you a chance. Here are three elf eggs, one of which can help you become stronger. Whether you can choose them depends on your luck."
"Hum, this can’t beat me." Tuohai immediately showed his super power and tried to communicate with the egg elf.
A minute later Rio Tinto opened its mouth "yi? How can there be no induction? "
"These elf eggs have been protected by my super powers. You can’t feel them."
Looking at dad’s pride, a series of black lines appeared at the top of the sea. "I choose the one on the left."
Fujiwara Takumi took her elf eggs and her mother’s backpack and embarked on her journey as a new trainer.
Seeing her leaving Nazi, she was a little worried and said, "Is it okay for you to give that elf egg to Tuohai?"
"Don’t worry, it’s definitely no problem." Longye confidently waved his hand. "Baby, the troublemaker finally left and we can be alone again."
Longye hugged Nazi with a bad smile. As the years passed, Nazi became more attractive.
"You damn fool" Nazi Chen replied and fell into Longye’s arms.
Traveling out, Tuohai didn’t know that his parents were trying to make a younger brother or sister for himself. He had already arrived in Changpan City and ushered in his first Daoguan competition.
The trainer of the new Dojo in Changpan Dojo is a steel elf. Many trainers will take the last challenge of the Dojo in Changpan Dojo, and it is only after some tempering that it is possible to defeat this powerful Dojo trainer.
Steel and wood straight people are all steel elves Cocodora, Guarding City Dragon and Big Steel Snake, which are the three elves he played.
As the saying goes, the strength of steel and wood straight people is really strong. Tuohai Squirtle and the new collector Bibi Bird are not rivals.
However, although there is only one last dragon to expand the sea, the fact that he will beat the other side to win the badge is still nothing compared with dad because of the pressure from the other side.
All the way through the sea, I will defeat the three Taoist halls of Changpan, Nibi and Hualan one after another and go straight to Golden City.
"Dad, why are you here?" Rio Tinto sea surprised to say
"Your mother went to Xiaobo Town for a holiday, and I helped him cover for a few days." Longye’s face smiled gently.
"You really didn’t come here specially because you knew I was coming to the Golden Daoguan?"
"Smelly little you don’t deserve my help." Longye shook his finger.

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