[Map] [Green Velvet] Lying in the trough, what’s the situation! Old man died as soon as he arrived!

[Map] [the stars of last night and the wind of last night] Brother, you are not alone.
[map] [full of flowers] You are one of a group of people.
On the map, in addition to the players who just came in, there are also people from the God-Killing Association, who are the most seriously damaged in this activity, and the last 117% of Jiuse deer will be rewarded.
Now boss runs away with Guardian in the bowl, crying bitterly. You can’t spit it out in your chest!
Where the nine-color deer and the white tiger disappeared, there was a piece of jade hanging and floating, constantly spreading out like waves.
The time of streamer’s resurrection has arrived, but none of the other players present got up, planning to be unknown and not getting up, so she still couldn’t get up.
[Team] [Unknown] Don’t start the original line yet. I’ll call you when it’s over.
[Team] [Streamer] What’s wrong?
[Team] [Unknown] We won’t get up until that light comes, or we’ll be killed if we come together.
Just when someone doesn’t believe it or he doesn’t know it, he just wakes up, and the light spreads through his body and snows again.
"…" Now she believes it.
It’s not just her map people who have discovered this situation one after another. If you can’t get up, you will be finished in seconds. There is no chance to struggle. Light waves are pushed from jade every three seconds, and the closer you get to the center, the faster you die.
People who die near the delivery port are fine, and immediately rush to a map to get away from Ningbei House. Anke is miserable. Those who run halfway or die in Guardian and fight with Jiuse Deer can’t run away.
Everyone on World Channel is greeting the game company.
There are also people who don’t believe that players have to die and come to Ningbeifu Ningbeifu. The dead players rise and fall and look at the death toll. Look at this. Because it’s okay to hang up, it’s not kind to laugh at each other.
Killing the god rode on the deadly light blade. As soon as the waves passed over his head, he couldn’t wait to get up and release his shield.
However, there are no eggs
The light passed through the shield and brutally shattered the whole shield. The shield was gone, and a wool horse was protected, and it snapped again.
[Team] [Streamer] Let’s all wash up and go to sleep.
Xiao Yurou hasn’t come back yet when the line is off.
Time flies left and right, and the minute hand is like a thief running slowly with lead in his leg. She plays the game again, and the light is still up, and the player is thrown to the ground again in a second.
Seeing that she can go back to the city, she can also line up.
No one answered the call to Xiao Yurou. She flew to Thunder Company and showed her ID card, but she went straight to be told that Xiao Yurou was meeting.
"Streamer, there you go again." Fat saw Streamer make a cold war. He thought that he was afraid of a younger sister. What’s the matter? He didn’t offend Streamer, and he didn’t communicate with Streamer recently.
Thinking about his confidence is enough.
"Well, Xiao Yu is soft. It seems that there are a lot fewer people today." Time looks around.
"The weather changed today" Fat rubbed his hands and motioned for the meeting room over there.
Time also follow his eyes look at the past, suddenly remind of fat position is not bad how …? "Aren’t you going?"
"I stayed behind, and there was no direct connection with me, so I wasn’t in it." Fat was glad to look like a squint and said with a little regret, "It’s a pity that you came late and couldn’t see the drama."
"What’s the good show?"
"Today, Liu Haoran left his job." Fat touched Ba and said that he knew the news at that time, and the whole person was not good, but did Liuguang know Liu Haoran? "You don’t know who he is …"
"How could he leave!" Liu Haoran left his job when Liu was very excited and didn’t seem to notice anything about Xiao Yurou.
According to the information sent by the detective studio, Liu Haoran is sitting in a position where he is worried about his future.
Leave when you say you leave?
Time doesn’t believe that someone will leave because of it?
"Well …" Fat Moba "Gossip says that he can’t catch him before he is wise. Let me say first that he is like this …"
Fat streamer didn’t know anything, so he gave her science first.
She listened to her quietly and wanted to say that she wanted to collect the evidence and give it to Xiao Yurou.
I can’t tell what kind of mood she is in now.
She vaguely knows what Bai Lu Haoran left. It is better to leave than to leave with a black history.
His beauty never takes away criticism.
Give him a chance and he will make a comeback.
It’s like the curtain has fallen.
When she looked up, it was already midnight. However, people had not yet come out and ordered supper for them. So when a group of hungry and exhausted people saw the delicious hot snack, their affection for this face-to-face sister rose a lot.
"Let me introduce you-this is my sister streamer." Xiao Yu gently grabbed streamer and said kindly.
Qian Liuguang worked as an errand boy in Thunder for a short time. Many people met her, and there was a heavy pile of pressure every day. When she came, there were fewer. Who would remember this little errand girl?
"Chairman, if you have such a lovely sister, you should take you to the office more often. We don’t know about hiding people." Everyone strongly condemned.
"She used to run errands in the company for a while. Since you strongly urged me, I will continue to let her continue to work."
"That’s it, so I was taken back to class by that lover." streamer shrugged and sat opposite her. It was Qian Cheng Qian Cheng who returned the envelope to streamer. "What do you want to do with this document?"
This document is a record of the conversation between Yan Yang and Lu Haoran and a personal file. It seems that there is no need for Lu Haoran to leave his job and kill the gods to challenge the Guardian of the guild. "I’ll take it and break it" is to be continued.
219 strength friends and relatives to help out ()
The Guardian incident of the God Killing Association really ended because Lu Haoran left.
Their plan fell through.
The image of the guild was once again frustrated.
After a few days, the streamer was hunted down by the Guild of Killing the Gods. "Why do these people lie in the trough and have been haunted!"
Dragging a long team of players after her behind her, she didn’t look at the back. According to hidden weapons flying from behind and sharp arrows, she escaped from the escape road. The sword array of Jianzong was placed in the path she had to take. There were four legs of iron fighters attacking her. According to the night, the jade lion didn’t dare to let out the dust and went to the back. There were too many remote places. The goal of releasing the jade lion was even more obvious-if she couldn’t see her, it didn’t matter to see her horse.
Weigh again and again, she threw coagulation Dan into her mouth and stepped on the sword array with red in her hand.
Your friend [unknown] is online.
[Secret Chat] You whispered to [Unknown] that you are a great god! ! ! ! Help!
[Secret chat] [Unknown] Tell you quietly where you are?

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