Lu Zhan and Mo Li didn’t communicate when they hit the tower. Mo Li was able to enter the tower to help, but she lost a flower and left.

Although Mo Li’s blood volume is not much, it is good to resist a little damage from Casadin and help resist several towers.
But he got out of the tower as soon as he was hit by the tower. Obviously, he sold Lu Zhan.
You know, if you don’t leave your body with a treatment key at all times, it won’t be so thrilling if you have a treatment.
It’s better to ask for help than to ask for help. It’s already the best to develop four heads, and I don’t want to leave them alone.
Because of this three-person economic land exhibition, I went home and went directly to residual violence.
It will be sharper if you have the effect of cruel minus D and armor piercing.
However, despite the good situation, Lu Zhan still saw the disadvantages of this game, and Tianlan has not commanded it yet.
Although I haven’t fought in a team battle, Tianlan seems to be supporting everywhere as if he didn’t have his own business, but he didn’t say a word about directing the game
Players know it should be like snowballing on their own line, but if there is no unified command rhythm, it is easy to get confused.
Sky blue is going to Blue buff. Mantis is short of blue. According to the convention, the second blue will still be left to Lu Zhan.
"sky blue"
Lu Zhan called him one day and Lan was sitting on his right.
"hmm?" Sky blue doubts responded to a.
"If you need blue, you can have it," said Lu Zhan.
His equipment is the best, and he’s cruel, minus D, and he doesn’t need a blue buff.
"You are the core, of course, I will give it to you." Sky Blue shook her head.
"Well" Lu Zhan did not humble two people to play blue.
After the blue buff land exhibition, I ordered a small dragon canyon and then turned to look at the sky blue.
Tianlan was sitting on the right side of Lu Zhan. He noticed Lu Zhan’s eyes hesitated for a moment before saying, "All … all come to Xiaolong’s side to make a wave!"
Lu Zhan said something that he actually wanted to ambush his opponent, but Tian Lan commanded to fight the dragon and he followed.
He thinks this is not the best time to fight the dragon. Zach is not well developed, which restricts the development of burning night mice. The other party should change the double road combination, which means that there are more people here now.
Both sides have sent orders. If both sides of the 4v4 group can pass people, it will become five dozen and five. At this time, fighting dragons is not stealing dragons, but confrontation.
Fortunately, the four of the China team got here first.
Mo Li threw a real eye to get rid of the fake eye of the other side nearby, and the little spider hooked the little dragon outside the canyon.
"… fight!"
Sky blue usually speaks well, and it’s actually a little stuttering when it comes to command.
In case of emergency, four people directly dragon regardless of each other’s position.
Because Zhongdan is also ad, it is actually very fast for four people to fight the dragon.
But Lu Zhan still looked at each other’s position while playing. He was afraid that the other party would suddenly come and catch a wave.
Xiaolong hit halfway, and the other party still came.
They were fighting dragons when suddenly a hook came out from the shadow of Xiaolong Canyon. The hook appeared out of sight and went straight to Jiela.
Jiela was playing the dragon, but she didn’t notice that Jiela couldn’t move when he hooked it red-handed.
The hammer stone pressing skill quickly advanced to the burning night, and the ghost cage was instantly released to circle Jiela.
"It’s a disaster!" Lu Zhan’s heart was surprised that the other party had gone around where they couldn’t see, so it was difficult to fight.
Hammer stone can’t come alone. They must have a follow-up!
Sure enough, a mass of green slime followed the hammer stone and jumped into Jiela, bouncing the mouse like a flying Hulk.
At the same time, Obama’s big move was also released from the outside, and a string of lasers slammed at Jiela.
Then the hammer stone is e skill to bounce Jiela.
Jiela was knocked out of a skill before it was released.
"Give up fighting dragons!" Lu Zhan said for the first time
"Rush off the dragon! I control them ",but I emphasize the fire output."
The two men had different opinions, but when they said something, they both realized that neither of them was in command of the game.
At the same time, they looked at the sky blue corners of their mouths and finally decided to "give up the little dragon!" "
Spider and mantis all retreat, burning the night, and the mouse doesn’t have to retreat if it stays alone.
Xiaolong lost his hate target and walked back to the canyon with blood.
In this way, Mo Li is sold.
"Wild unexpectedly ran away! What kind of command is this! "
"bang!" Mo Li patted the table to vent his dissatisfaction, saying that he was complaining about Tianlan’s command rather than that he was complaining that Tianlan chose to listen to Lu Zhan.

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