"I, Ling Fei, threatened to go out and ask Zhang Wuxia to rest assured!" Ling Feiyang also said

Ling Feiyang and Zhang Asheng smiled at one another and then walked back together. Zhang Asheng suddenly grabbed Han Xiaoying’s two small hands and stuffed them into Ling Feiyang’s hands.
"Xiao Ying, I love you. When we destroy Mongolia, I will marry you and take care of you for life!" Ling Feiyang said as she hugged Han Xiaoying tightly in her arms.
Han Xiaoying has been flushed with shame. Zhu Cong suddenly took the lead and clapped his hands. The other five monsters also echoed Hong Qigong’s heart but knew that Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong were silent beside him.
"If the martial arts of the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River can be greatly improved, you can also encounter less danger!" Ling Feiyang thought so he took out a small volume from the bosom and handed it to Ke Zhene.
"Nine Yin Zhen Jing Yi Jin Forging Bone?" Zhu Cong beside see small book face this ten words can’t help but eyes a bright!
"It’s true that this" Yi Jin Forging Bone "is the most quintessential part of Jiuyin Zhenjing, which can quickly improve the speed of martial arts cultivation. Please ask seven heroes to practice according to the Chinese method to ensure that your martial arts will not lose to Zhenqi after half a year!" Ling Feiyang said, "It’s a common man’s crime. Please don’t tell anyone about it and cause people in the Jianghu to fight for it!"
"Thanks for ling brothers! Thank you, Brother Ling! " Although Ke Zhene’s heart is high, he is ecstatic at the moment, holding his hands and shaking up. He can’t help but thank Ling Feiyang.
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong said goodbye to the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River, and continued to ride northward. After three days, they finally came to Bayannur League, the garrison of King Shu Chi of Mongolia.
Ps: Zhang Asheng finally realized that he had withdrawn from Han Xiaoying’s emotional entanglement. Ling Feiyang, Han Xiaoying, was determined to live for life and gave the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River a piece to forge bones. The seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River will definitely improve their martial arts and catch up with the real seven generals. They can also do their part to face the revenge of killing teachers in the great cause of resisting Mongolia. Guo Jing Ling Feiyang turned against each other completely. The original protagonist will take a different road in the butterfly effect shooting! In order to save DaSong Taitai Zhao Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong from rushing to the Mongolian King Shu Chi’s station, they are about to break into the Mongolian Tanmachi Army barracks! If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 23 Double dragon ten palms
In order to attack Hua La Mo, Temujin personally led the army to the Western Expedition. Before he left, he ordered Shu Chi, Chahetai and Tuo Lei to guard three places on the Mongolian border, among which Shu Chi, the long leader, led two hundred thousand chosen men to be arranged in Bayannur League, the nearest to the border of Jin Guo.
According to the information of the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River, Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong quickly found the barracks of Zhao Qi in Shu Chi, which is located at the southern foot of Yinshan Mountain, with less than 5,000 Mongolian soldiers stationed.
"Since they already know that we are coming to rescue Zhao Qi, there will be heavy security flying outside the cell. What do you think we should do?" Hong Qigong asked ling Feiyang.
"We will plot against Shu Chi, and we will plot against it. We might as well just go in without plotting!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"This is just what I want!" Hong Qigong laughed and suddenly poured wine into his mouth.
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong rested all day near the military camp and adjusted their bodies to the best condition. That night, they went straight to the Mongolian military camp.
"Newcomers?" Guards at the gate of the barracks saw two people immediately asked the market.
Kang Long has regrets! Kang Long has regrets!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong at the same time drew a circle with their left legs slightly bent, their right arms bent and their right palms bent, calling out a dozen gatekeeper guards whose bodies were shaken out of the sky together!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong marched into the barracks and hundreds of Mongolian soldiers immediately gathered around.
Hidden dragon! No! Hidden dragon! No!
Ling float in the sky and Hong Qigong at the same time will be the left hand to the hook with the right hand folded food two fingers and a half fist and a half palm to push out! With a loud bang, a dozen Mongolian soldiers were blown out!
The two men stepped forward side by side, and a dozen Mongolian soldiers each raised their swords and spears to flank the two men!
The dragon wags its tail! The dragon wags its tail!
Ling float in the sky and Hong Qigong backhand to split out a palm behind these Mongolian soldiers have been knocked to the ground at the same time!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong continue to move forward. A row of heavy infantry, each with a shield in his hand, stands in front of two people like an iron wall!
Fei long is in the sky! Fei long is in the sky!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong’s figure climbed high at the same time like two flying dragons, commanding and patting these shield soldiers’ heads! These shield soldiers were beaten to pieces and shields fell to the ground!
In order to deal with tens of thousands of Mongolian soldiers these days, Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong, two masters, have developed a martial art that can bring their skills into full play, that is, this kind of "double dragon and ten palms"! This palm method covers up the possibility that both sides may have flaws when making the dragon’s ten palms through the tacit cooperation of footwork, and then issue the same palm at the same time, which is definitely more than twice as powerful as when making a single palm!
It is precisely because of the creation of this palm method that Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong are sure to directly enter the Mongolian military camp. At this moment, two people are surrounded by tens of millions of Mongolian soldiers, and they have used this "double dragon and ten palms" to kill Mongolian soldiers like a human being, and they will be devastated and annihilated!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong strode forward to make the whole ten palms work again. After that, two or three hundred Mongolian soldiers were killed or injured, and two people were killed in a yurt. Judging from the position described by Zhu Cong, it was the place where Tai Zhao was detained in Dasong!
"Stop them!" As a centurion shouted dozens of Mongolian pro-guards and rushed over to intercept them in front of Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong!
Ssangyong gets water! Ssangyong gets water!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong hit four palms at the same time to form four dragon-like airflow in the air, which impacted these pro-guards! The centurion, together with dozens of pro-guards, was scared by the other soldiers who flew away at the same time and flashed to both sides to make way for them!
Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong strode into the yurt and saw a man tied to the chair opposite. Four pro-guards armed with Mongolian machetes were guarding the man on both sides!
The man who saw someone break into the yurt chair slowly looked up, and Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong immediately saw that the man’s face was exactly like the portrait of the princess!
"Zhao Yutai!" Hong Qigong immediately rushed at this chair. The four Mongolian pro-guards raised their machetes and cut them to Hong Qigong. Hong Qigong used a trick to "see the dragon in the field". His left arm separated two knives and his right palm dialed the other two knives. Then his two palms came together and knocked the four pro-guards to the ground at the same time!
"We are here to save you!" Hong Qigong shouted and grabbed this person’s rope and pulled the rope to break a few pieces at once!
"Seven men be careful!" Ling Feiyang suddenly saw this "Zhao Hong" eyes seem to have some strange immediately shouted at the same time, this person has more than a sharp knife in his right hand and stabbed Hong Qigong’s heart!
The sudden blade of this sharp knife has almost touched Hong Qigong’s skirt. However, Hong Qigong, after all, is a battle-hardened figure, flashing rapidly to the side and avoiding this fatal knife!
The man a strike in the left hand is more than a cuff arrow to Hong Qigong alongside of.seem shot up! Ling Fei whisking disease a recruit less blunt sword stab in the past will cufflink shot down to the ground!
This person knows that the sneak attack has been successful and quickly falls back. However, Hong Qigong is faster and has slapped this person!

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