"It’s strange how it suddenly snowed in less than October." Said Feiyang doubtfully in the heart, suddenly remembering the time when he said that the speed of andao was bad and suddenly accelerated again this time, but Feiyang ran desperately towards the snow.

"It’s too late to escape." However, Feiyang was still too late. He heard a few steps behind him, and Bai Qianqiu joked and chuckled, followed by a strong attack from behind. The speed was so fast that Feiyang Root could not escape, but he spit out one mouthful blood and flew forward.
"Brother" exclaimed in red, but he didn’t dare to move. He was seriously injured and flew straight ahead like a brow fly.
"Want to escape" Bai Qianqiu saw Feiyang and still fled forward. He couldn’t help frowning and drinking lightly. A flash of his body was once again around Feiyang and looked at Feiyang and said, "Little sister, let your brother go quickly. I just want to take him to my White House. I will never hurt him."
At this time, Bai Qianqiu has discovered that Feiyang can have such a fast speed. It’s a great pity that she was able to escape with Feiyang by her own method. At this time, Bai Qianqiu lost her real strength and Feiyang was seriously injured. The speed was much slower, and Bai Qianqiu was very easy to chase Feiyang.
However, at this time, the red root didn’t answer Bai Qianqiu according to the flying meaning, and he tried his best to escape.
"In that case, it seems that I can arrest your department." Seeing red doesn’t mean to stop at all. Bai Qianqiu looks cold and grabs his hand directly towards the sky.
Just when Bai Qianqiu was about to catch Feiyang’s body, he was in a coma. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and clapped his hands toward Bai Qianqiu.
Bai Qianqiu didn’t expect that vomiting blood and coma would suddenly wake up and attack a palm toward himself, and his expression was slightly delayed and he was right.
"Ha, ha, miss Bai, let’s meet by destiny." Feiyang laughed and laughed, and his figure quickly floated out of the distance through the palm force.
"Hum you, can you escape from the palm of my hand?" Bai Qianqiu was calculated by flying. Suddenly, he was annoyed in his heart. His right hand quickly pulled out his waist sword and stabbed him in the sky. He saw a silvery white shock wave passing in the distance, and he snorted directly at the right shoulder and was scored by the shock wave.
"Brother, what happened to you?" I almost cried when I saw Feiyang injured again and asked him.
"It’s okay, don’t stop in red," said Feiyang, biting his teeth, and his face was cold and sweaty. Today was terrible, and his shoulders were penetrated by that woman, leaving him with escape time.
"Flying, do you want to escape? Can I not be bullied by Bai Qianqiu?" After chasing for so long, I saw flying, but there was still no compromise. Bai Qianqiu’s patience was exhausted in her heart, and she was really angry with the flying killer. Seeing that she was flying around again, pieces of snowflakes were flying, which made people feel palpitation and cold.
"My life is over." Feiyang felt a cold in his heart as if he were in an ice cave, and he felt a firm but gentle shock coming towards his chest, but it was still the blow of Bai Qianqiu that pierced his chest. The whole person was suddenly planted like a broken kite:
Chapter 74 Lock Longjing
"Brother" float in the sky suddenly let a possessed him in red. I didn’t expect anything in red. I didn’t know exactly what happened, so I found that float in the sky suddenly felt really angry, and then I just fell like a broken kite. Red is already at the limit. Without the help of flying, red can’t fly, and I can struggle to hold the float in the sky and slowly land.
At this time, Bai Qianqiu also landed from the ground, but he missed stopping at a place about feet from the ground. He looked at his face and looked at it. He was holding his face in red and calling anxiously at his side.
"Little sister, take your brother with me." Bai Qianqiu said indifferently.
"Elder brother, wake up!" Red clothes ignored Bai Qianqiu holding the float in the sky and gently rubbed his body and cried very sadly.
"Ahem, the elder brother in red is fine." Flying slowly opened his eyes and coughed heavily for a few times, then spouted a big mouthful of blood from his mouth and gently touched the head in red and said with a smile.
"Flying with me" Bai Qianqiu was able to wake up when he saw flying, and his anger also dissipated a lot in his heart.
Flying at this time, there is not even the strength to speak. It is a pity that the true qi slowly treats his injury with his eyes closed. This treatment root is not much. Red clothes and white flying are healing and quietly helping him sobbing.
"Miss Big, here we come." At this moment, Bai Jingxuan’s four hands also came to Bai Qianqiu’s back, looking seriously injured and leaning back in the arms of red, his face showed joy, and then he found that the girl in red came out from time to time, and her body was in a semi-transparent state, and her heart was even more overjoyed. How do you say that the four people were also in the White House for decades when they stayed in such a big family? I have seen the famous spirit. If we can bring back Master White and this spirit, the status of the four people in the White House will definitely rise a lot.
"Are you still not willing to come with me?" Seeing that Feiyang doesn’t return to his words is sitting there and bowing his head to heal Bai Qianqiu’s heart and looking at him with some anger and cold said.
"Miss Bai Da, you kill me. I will never go to the White House with you." Flying slightly recovered some strength and said with a wry smile. However, when I opened my eyes, I saw something that shocked him, but my face suddenly turned big but I didn’t understand the color.
"Miss Big won’t talk nonsense with him. Let’s take the two of them back." Four people couldn’t wait until they jumped at the brother and sister in flying and red.
Just waiting for you, while the four people are working together to blow the sky, suddenly their eyes are still holding out their hands and the four people are right, but they are vomiting blood and flying backwards. Bai Qianqiu saw that the momentum of the four people was obviously running towards the killer and raised his hand slightly to stop it, but he finally put it away.
Feiyang means not to fight recklessly with four people, but to take advantage of it. Although the body has withstood the attack of these four people, it is good to be prepared. Although the whole person has been flying backwards, it has already controlled everything and fell straight towards a quaint deep well here.
"Brother" in red saw Feiyang fall into the well and immediately screamed miserably and flew into the well with Feiyang.
Four people chasing the well will continue to chase Nai, who hesitated after seeing the well words and the thigh thickness chain at the wellhead.
Seeing that the stone tablet by the well side says "Lock Longjing" and "Three Dragonflies and Dragonflies", those thigh-thick chains and the bottomless wellhead make life terrible. What’s more, when the four people looked at each other at the wellhead, they dared to continue to recover.
"You four wait here for me to see" Bai Qianqiu came to the wellhead and took one look at his eyebrows a wrinkly slightly, then ordered to four people lightly.
"Big miss, no way. We’d better wait for them here." Four people hurriedly dissuaded them lightly.
"Hum, when will it be your turn to take charge of my affairs?" One or four people in Bai Qianqiu’s cold hum were immediately silenced and could watch Bai Qianqiu slowly fall at the wellhead.
"Brother, why do you want to come to this well?" At this time, I was flying in red at the bottom of the well with serious injuries on my back, and my heart was full of doubts.
Two people found that there was a cave here, not a straight deep well, but a very large cave at the bottom of the well, but there was no trace of artificial chisel, but it seemed to be naturally formed.
"There’s something I want in it," Feiyang said with a smile. Although it’s embarrassing for a delicate girl in red to carry her back, she can’t consider anything in such an emergency.
"Flying, I know you’re all right. Now the mouth of the cave has been guarded by me. You still honestly follow me to assist in investigating the cause of death of Brother Han. Then you will be cleared of suspicion. I, Bai Qianqiu, must apologize to you on behalf of the White House and promise you three things I can do." Bai Qianqiu also found this unique face from the wellhead. This lock Longjing said that she had heard something about it, but now she really came, but she felt a little depressed and found that her ability to detect the true qi was greatly suppressed. That was in the chain house from the wellhead. However, it has not been broken, so it extends to the bottom of the well, with no head in sight, and the blood on the ground also shows that Feiyang is walking along the chain towards the depths. I don’t know what his purpose is, so Bai Qianqiu can follow the blood flying to find the trace of Feiyang and transport the true qi to make himself sound far away.
"Brother, the woman is coming." Panting in red, carrying flying physical strength and energy has reached a limit. Now I am struggling to support it with one breath, and suddenly I heard a burst of tension behind me.
"I’m not afraid that when we get to the destination, the fairy will come, and we will all be afraid." Feiyang tried his best to restore the injury behind the red dress, smiling and comforting, but his eyelids are getting heavier and heavier and he will not be able to support it.
"Brother, don’t sleep. Our horse will arrive soon." When I heard the sound of flying behind me getting weaker and weaker, I couldn’t help crying and saying that I didn’t dare to stop for a moment, hoping that there was something in front that could save myself.
"You’re finally here." Just as Feiyang watched her eyes close, the familiar pale muddy line suddenly sounded in her ear, followed by Feiyang’s thin body, which was slowly drifting away from the red back towards the depths:
Chapter 75 Stone Dragon
"Brother," I saw Feiyang suddenly flying forward from behind my back. I hurried back to Feiyang in red, but I accidentally tripped over the chain and kept holding back a gas. I fell to the ground and watched Feiyang fly past.
"What’s going on?" At this moment, Bai Qianqiu also flew up to see Feiyang floating towards the front, and his face was stunned and muttered to himself.
"Brother" struggled to get up in red and chased it towards Feiyang, but it seemed to be blocked by an invisible barrier and the pain was bounced back.
Bai Qianqiu a flicker to hold the red looked at flying out float in the sky in the heart hesitated to decide or sit tight.
"Brother" was held by Bai Qianqiu in red, but he was still struggling to get rid of Bai Qianqiu’s palm and go to Feiyang.
"Don’t move, little sister, your brother will be fine." Bai Qianqiu pulled tightly in red and comforted lightly.
Bai Qianqiu’s words are not just to comfort the red one, because according to her observation, flying in the process of flying, the body injury is actually recovering bit by bit.
At this moment, the original dark area suddenly gave off dazzling golden light, and the whole land was lit up by this golden light. Bai Qianqiu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he soon adapted to the golden light. He looked up and saw a lifelike stone dragon about several hundred meters long lying in front of him. His limbs and neck were locked with thigh thickness chains, and there was still a sword at the top of his head, leaving a hilt in the middle of his head.
"It turns out that the Longjing is really locked with a dragon." Bai Qianqiu couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw the scene before him.
"Brother" and at this time, Feiyang slowly flew to a stone stage in front of Shilong’s head. The original dazzling golden particles entered Feiyang’s body, and his face became pale and rosy. Naturally, he saw Feiyang’s physical condition and his face could not help but show a smile.
However, at this time, Bai Qianqiu’s eyes were fixed on Shilong and the beautiful eyebrows flying in front of him. Suddenly, a little anxiety emerged in his heart, and as those golden golden particles entered the flying body, Bai Qianqiu’s anxiety became more and more intense.
At this moment, I have been in a lethargic state and float in the sky. Suddenly, I opened my eyes, and the golden light in my eyes flashed. A powerful momentum emanated from the flying body. Then I flew up and revealed a strange smile. I ignored Bai Qianqiu and red in a jump and came to the faucet. My hands held the hilt of the faucet and pulled it out.

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