Shui Jun’s strength was beaten by Scorpio King, which was also very uncomfortable. When Shui Jun was about to hit the ground, it adjusted its shape and limbs only to buckle the ground, but even so, Shui Jun made four deep and long scratches on the ground.

Shui Jun stared at the Scorpion King panting, and his strength surprised him. In fact, it was not as shocking as Shui Jun peeking at the Guardian Tong. He didn’t expect Longye to cultivate such a strong elf at an early age.
In fact, Scorpio is not in a good state now, and the rainstorm weather has a great influence on it. Although it has been exerting its strength, its physical exertion has been great. Coupled with the attribute restraint factor, Scorpio is actually in a much worse state than Shui Jun.
Longye saw that the problem of Scorpio King was not prepared to let this battle drag on "Scorpio King Super Shock". Longye was prepared to take a risk.
King Scorpio got up and went to Shui Jun with his strength to attack Shui Jun. At present, he can hide from the super impact, but there are still many things he can do. On the way to the impact of King Scorpio, Shui Jun launched six water waves, all of which hit the king Scorpio.
However, this kind of attack still prevents the impact of Scorpion King. When the last water fluctuated and exploded on Scorpion King’s body, it immediately hit Shui Jun’s body. Shui Jun was knocked out like a cannonball and broke several trees all the way before stopping.
Scorpio Simona tried several times to get up with his hands on the ground, but failed. His eyes stared at Shui Jun and Shui Jun in the distance. At this time, he did not lose his fighting ability. Seeing that Shui Jun was trembling, the Scorpio king had a strong unwillingness in his eyes. Unfortunately, his physical strength was exhausted. He could not do anything.
King Scorpion fell to the ground completely, and it was very unexpected for Longye to be able to fight with Shui Jun. "You did well." Longye took King Scorpion back into the elf ball.
Shui Jun is also in a bad situation now. If Longye lets Gengar continue to fight, it will soon be defeated. If you defeat Shui Jun Longye, you can complete a unified system. It is amazing that hundreds of thousands of points are really a great gain for Longye.
However, Longye is not in a hurry to fight Shui Jun now, which is an excellent experience for these elves, so Longye did not send an elf immediately.
Shui Jun understood the meaning of Longye. He immediately closed his eyes and rested and slept while grasping. This skill can make Shui Jun recover his strength quickly. Then he can face other elves in Longye in a better state.
In fact, Gengar and Mindy Tui may perform worse than Scorpion King in Shui Jun dialect. Although their strength is higher than Scorpion King’s, Gengar’s strength is to attack Mindy Tui, while they pay more attention to defense. They are not as powerful as Scorpion King in physical attack.
You know, Shui Jun can meditate on this high self-attack and special defense’s skill meditation combined with surface coating. It can be said that Gengar’s attack is very insufficient in front of Shui Jun
Here Longye is waiting for Shui Jun to recover his strength, while on the other side, he is already nervous and trembling. He has just fought. He has seen that Longye, if these elves attack together, it is no problem to defeat Shui Jun. In this way, the confession before the heads of families will be completed.
If Shui Jun is taken into custody in his eyelids, it is conceivable how to face punishment when he goes back.
Never let him accept Shui Jun!
This is the only thought in Yu Shoutong’s heart. "Shui Jun is recovering his strength now. If he creates chaos, maybe he can let Shui Jun leave?" Yu Shoutong soon came up with a plan in his heart.
Nazi always has an uncomfortable feeling when she looks at the scene. At this moment, she seems to have turned into a bad person. The six elves of Longye are fighting against Shui Jun. Although he has restored Shui Jun’s physical strength, he still gives Nazi a feeling of wheeling and wheeling, especially at the thought of facing the incarnation of the north wind-Shui Jun’s bad feeling is even stronger.
However, Nazi knew how much effort Longye had made this day, and so did Scorpio King’s hard training every day. At this moment, Nazi tried to dissuade Longye, and Nazi was very entangled in her heart.
"There seems to be something wrong with the boss." Meow meow waved his head and suddenly said.
"What’s the matter?" Longye asked doubtfully.
"Meow, meow, I feel that there are many elves gathering here. I don’t think it’s wrong."
Is it Shui Jun? Longye thought of this at the first time. It may be necessary to know that the angel of Shui Jun Phoenix King walks in heaven and earth and has a unique affinity for all kinds of elves. Now that Shui Jun is in trouble, it seems normal for those wild elves to come to help.
What should I do? Beat Shui Jun as soon as possible or let it leave directly?
Just when Longye didn’t know how to choose, there was a strange sound in the Woods not far away. Longye and Nazi looked around and covered them with a colorful light. Then Longye felt more and more sleepy, and finally fell asleep.
When Longye opened his eyes, the heavy rain had stopped before. Looking around, there was no Shui Jun. He and Nazi were lying on the belly of a bear in a circle, and their wings were blocking their heads.
Think of what happened before, Longye suddenly woke up, and he hurriedly called Meow Meow to ask them what happened just now.
It turned out that when Longye and Nazi were attracted by the sudden sound, some elves made them fall asleep by illusion light and hypnosis. Then Gengar suddenly appeared beside Shui Jun and said something, and then Gengar disappeared.
Shui Jun left after Longye and Nazi fell asleep because they were worried about Longye and they didn’t continue to entangle with Shui Jun.
"Eldest brother Shui Jun said before he left that it would come to you later, and it took a long time for a large number of wild elves to surround us after Shui Jun left." Meow meow suddenly said to Longye.
Shui Jun left, which made Longye a little annoyed. However, at the thought of those wild elves gathered together, Longye’s thoughts on collecting Shui Jun weakened a lot, and Longye had a lot of thoughts on collecting these elves.
At this time, Nazi also woke up to see that Shui Jun had left Nazi and I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Although Nazi was small, he was still seen by Longye. He said softly, "Nazi, don’t you want me to accept Shui Jun?"
At that time, Nazi hesitated. "Longye, you said that I have seen the efforts of the elves, but I just saw Shui Jun’s sample. I suddenly felt sorry. I shouldn’t think so. I should support your decision." Nazi finally suddenly said nervously.
Seeing that Nazi Nagano was about to cry, she gently rubbed her head. "You didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe it was me. I was a little too persistent."
"Longye, do you really think so?" Nazi asked carefully
Nazi’s pitiful appearance made Longye want to laugh. "Of course it’s true. I’ve been thinking about my pursuit before, but I won’t accept Shui Jun, but I will still look for it. After all, defeating it is my important goal."
Longye finally said that, of course, because he couldn’t bear to part with that odd integral, but he really figured it out just now that it was really an extremely troublesome thing to collect Shui Jun, not to mention Shui Jun’s unruly personality, and just those wild elves who followed him would make Longye very headache.
After calming Nazi, Longye carefully picked up a few blue hairs from the muddy ground. These hairs were dropped by former Shui Jun when he was fighting with Scorpio King. These hairs were collected in the system. With these things, Longye can cultivate a Shui Jun from a young age through replication. If you want to do this, Nazi will be very happy.

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