Mr. Haas put the beer glass in his right hand and got up dishonestly and felt for it in his trouser pocket. Kabi knew this was a matter and said quickly, "Mr. Haas! Smoke less cigarettes! "

Mr. Haas actually smiled and said, "Young man! I’m just touching something in my trouser pocket. How do you know I’m touching a cigarette case? "
Kabi connected, "Isn’t it? I’m sure you’re probably touching a cigarette box! "
"You are wrong! You are wrong this time! "
Mr. Haas’s face was a little smug when he replied. It seemed that he was telling young Kabi! You really guessed wrong!
The old man touched his right hand in his trouser pocket for more than a second and then caught something out. The fact that it flashed in Kabi’s eyes told Kabi that he was really wrong. As Mr. Haas said, he was wrong this time.
"hey! What do you mean? "
Mr. Haas put it in front of Kabi’s eyes, which made Kabi question, but Mr. Haas’s behavior was not so complicated, and Kabi realized the other party’s intention after a short pause.
Mr. Haas pointed to the mouth of the thing and said, "Here are some needles of mine. Send them to me for your own look!" "
Kabi lowered his head slightly and clicked his finger to read it carefully. "Turin Sports Express has sent a message that Juventus have made an official offer to Cabi of Granada."
For Kabi, this is already a meaningless message because he already knew about it. After reading it, he was not as excited as he just learned about it. He held his head high and asked, "Then what?"
"Turn the page and read the article again!"
After receiving Mr. Haas’s instructions, Kabi really followed his finger and turned the page out. His head was lowered and he read, "The camera newspaper sent a message that the Premier League giant Arsenal has sent a Commissioner to Granada to discuss Kabi’s transfer with Granada."
After reading Kabi, he held his head high. In his opinion, this message is meaningless. Anyway, it is closely related to the fact that he knew it for a long time. Kabi thinks it is unbelievable that Arsenal sent its Commissioner to Granada, because if so, coach Coboni will tell him just now how Kabi is also the protagonist of this matter.
"Well," Kabi’s mouth kept saying as if he wanted to give something, but he didn’t know what to give.
"Have you finished reading?" Asked Mr Haas.
Kabi nodded his head a little, so Mr. Haas put it back in his trouser pocket and then grabbed something from another trouser pocket with his left hand and put it on the dining table. "This is a cigarette box!" Ha! "
Kabi glanced at the cigarette box and then tilted his mouth to make fun of Mr. Haas. He didn’t pay much attention to it. After Mr. Haas lit the tobacco smoke ring again, he asked, "I know all these things. I don’t think it is credible for Arsenal to send a Commissioner!"
"That’s right! You guessed it this time! "
Mr. Haas flicked the ashes into the ashtray and replied when he wanted to take another cigarette, but he stopped and put his right hand with the cigarette on the edge of the table. Then he said, "When the former Arsenal Commissioner contacted them, they really showed that they would not come easily to discuss with the staff of your club before the matter was settled!"
"Well ~! White! That is to say, the Arsenal report is false? " Kabi replied.
Mr. Haas shook his head and said, "No! It’s true that they want to buy you less! "
The excitement in my heart has long been diluted, so that Kabi simply "hmm" what Mr. Haas gave me.
"Why? Not happy? "
Seeing that Kabi’s expression was not rich, Mr. Haas asked the young man in front of him if he didn’t move after receiving an olive branch from Arsenal.
Then the old man added strength to his words and said, "And Juventus did give you a formal offer and increased the original transfer amount by 1.5 million euros!"
After hearing this, Kabi’s expression was still colorless, and he just nodded and told Mr. Haas that he had received his message.
"Hey ~? You have a big appetite! You don’t even like the olive branch of Juventus and Arsenal? Do you still want to go to Madrid to show off your skills at the Bernabeu Stadium? "
Mr. Haas made fun of Kabi intentionally again, and Kabi didn’t pause for half a second and said, "It’s not that every player dreams less at the Bernabeu Stadium. I don’t!"
Mr. Haas chuckled and said, "You have a big appetite and a big breath! Well, tell me what you think! "
Thinking and deciding on the transfer, coach Coboni has learned about Kabi’s wishes. Mr. Haas, Kabi’s agent certainly has the certainty to understand the most thorough thoughts in the little heart, even if Kabi is asked to express his wishes again, he is willing to do so.
"To put it simply, I will wait until the end of the season to consider all the transfer matters for me!"
"I know this! Will you seriously consider these things after helping Granada complete the pre-season goals? "
"That’s right! This is my only direction on the field. Anything else? I won’t think about it when the waves are over! "
"Well ~ ~! I don’t know whether it is’ concentration’ that shapes you. Or’ professional’ to shape you? Anyway, you mean I’ll take other things and let me handle it. You can rest assured and play again! "
It’s always comforting to be understood by others, even if that feeling can last for a second or two, which is enough for Kabi.
The business is settled. Kabi wants to make some stupid things white. Say goodbye to his face and expression, and then he asks.
"Before I left the VIP room, your mobile phone received the news of my transfer. So what did you tell me from time to time? Besides, what do you mean when you just showed me the text message on your mobile phone? "
Mr. Haas pinched the spark at the cigarette end and replied, "First of all, based on our cooperation, it is purely a kind of sharing. This is a happy thing. Isn’t it worth sharing?" Even if you already know about the transfer, I still think it is necessary to do so! "
It is never necessary to give too many words to let the other person know what he means. Kabi simply replies with a firm tone to let Mr. Haas know that he is really white
㈧○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ _ 0 _
For a second, Mr. Haas added, "You are a professional player, and coaching your teammates is the closest thing to you. It’s actually a good thing for those people to listen to their opinions first, so I didn’t tell you this in time when my mobile phone received the text message!"
Kabi nodded his head three times and said, "hmm ~! White ~! "
At this time, the half-time game is coming, and Mr. Haas also glanced at his wrist watch and said, "All right! You have set up your own channel this season, so please keep working hard! Not much else to say, now we should come and see your teammates rescue the lost team like this! "
After that, Mr. Haas stood up and went to the VIP seat to continue to enjoy the half-court game, but Kabi gave the rhythm that there should be no turtle-speed reaction and a half-beat slower. When Mr. Haas was seated in the VIP seat, he stood up slowly. This idiot was thinking that when he was called into the team by the French national team earlier, he was already blocked by sports tabloid reporters, but in less than ten minutes, those tabloid reporters would know about the transfer. What should they do if they blocked him again?
"Don’t want to! I said I’ll take care of everything! You are still worried about your teammates! "
Mr. Haas turned his head and said to Kabi behind him, "Accurately guessed all Kabi’s thoughts to be continued."
Zhang 130 respect
The flute didn’t ring and the game didn’t stop.
It is said that the intermission is to let the players take a break, but rather it is an important link for the players to adjust their mentality. When they have had enough to drink and rest, they will run out of the locker room and step back into the green and bravely complete the rest of the game like men, even in the face of temporary defeat.
Lose the battle and lose the potential.
Players from the host team and the guest team flicked the ball around to form a chaotic route, but the two teams were sure that Barcelona was still approaching Granada’s sensitive area with strength. Although the offensive was resolved by the home team players one by one, the large-scale attack made Kabi scream in his heart.
"shout ~! Not bad! Can stand it ~! "
After seeing his teammates struggling to resolve the crisis, Kabi will spit out such a sentence. Next to him, Mr. Haas teased, "Have you counted the times you shouted this sentence in your heart?"
"No ~!"
This is Kabi’s reply, but in fact he has "one, two, three, four!" Kabi knows very well that his teammates have been attacked by Barcelona more than four times at the beginning of the half-game.
This number of times can highlight two phenomena. First, Barcelona bombarded the home team all the way to press the tactical weakness and consumed their opponents by controlling the ball on the ground. Second, at this time, Granada had no chance to counterattack like half-time. Players could not grab the ball, and it was difficult to catch their breath without being strangled by the visiting team.
"Wait for the other party to make a mistake, wait for the chance to appear, and then grasp it ~!"
"Don’t relax! Remember ~ Opponents will be anxious after a few rounds of sawing ~! This is urgent ~! Then our chance will come ~! "

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