Xun Wuwen naturally understands that the so-called don’t care, nature is to let yourself come out. So, will he promise? Although, he also knows that the strength of Yun Ming’s party is much stronger than his own. However, what about this? The two families will certainly not be desperate regardless of their blood. In that case, only some disciples of small schools will be damaged. With itself is clear, he naturally won’t be afraid of this kind of confrontation!

Of course, Xun Wuwen wouldn’t deliberately look for this kind of confrontation. With a change of mind, he made a decision that he couldn’t recognize the implication in the words of Yun Tian’s name, and said with a smile, "Brother Yun Dao deserves to be a family member, and this little interest seems to be disdainful. In that case, then we will catch the then zombie, and after searching for the secret, it will be our side!"
As soon as this statement came out, there was a touch of perseverance in the name of Yun Tian at that time, but it only disappeared in a flash. He is very clear, now is not the time to compete with Xun Wuwen. After all, when the zombies then flee, in the fork of this ghost cave, the tiger enters the mountains and the dragon returns to the sea, and others are not familiar with it in all directions. If the two branches are separated, they will certainly not be able to search all the places clean with their own strength. In that case, then zombies may be found by the other party first. Although, that then zombie is very mysterious and has extraordinary means, it is not easy to win, but it is also impossible for the other party to have the last means in their hands, so they can be captured at one stroke. If so, then one’s own side can’t take advantage.
After all, things have a result, only by our own side. If you want to rob it again, you will definitely not be able to rob it. Just as he doesn’t care about the life and death of the mob gathered by his men, he believes that Xun Wu Wen certainly won’t care. At that time, unless you go to unite those monks outside, otherwise, you can only watch.
However, those Godsworn power groups outside are not easy to get along with, although they are inferior to many in individual combat power, but they are more on the number of people. In that case, in the end, who will fall into the good? After all, who won’t go back on his word? Might as well, here, unite with Xun Wu Wen, and ban the third fork of the whole Ghost Yang Cave. You can capture the then zombie in a shoo-in, and finally join hands to break the ban outside and rush out of the Bell Volcano.
Between lightning, the name of Yun Tian gave a clear picture of all kinds of situations. At that time, he smiled and replied, "Brother Xun is joking. You and I are two factions, both of which are medium sects. Where can we talk about everyone? Since Brother Xun Dao insists on making it clear about the ownership of the then zombie, it’s not as good as this. It depends on the size of the output, which one contributes more, which one will belong? "
Although Xun Wuwen said that, his heart is also a mirror, knowing that his proposal is definitely impossible. Therefore, after saying this in the name of Yun Tian, he didn’t do much to defend himself. He immediately nodded and said, "This proposal is fair, and I agreed. However, how should we calculate the output? This can also be said in the light, otherwise, it will be too unworthy to fight afterwards! "
At this point, Yuntianming sincerely hopes that the two families will unite and achieve this great success. So, but also no longer play with the mind, simply said, "this is also simple, we will decide the size by winning or losing three games! In the first scene, see which one found the clue of the then zombie first, and did find the then zombie according to this clue; In the second scene, after finding it, we will shoot at the zombies in then to see which one killed more monks. The third game, look at the end, the most crucial blow, was completed by who?
In this way, among the three games, whoever takes the lead in the two games, even if the output is more, in the end, then the zombie will belong to him. What do you think of my arrangement? "
"Yes, that’s settled!" Xun Wuwen also knows that the longer you wait here, the more difficult it will be to find it. Therefore, if you see that Yun Ming is fair, you will not hesitate, and you will do it immediately.
Although the communication between Xunwuwen and Yuntian was long, in fact, it was only a blink of an eye. Soon, most monks failed to find it. Two people reached an agreement, nature is ready to tell his men to start doing things. However, at this moment, the two of them found that there were more than a dozen people beside them.
These people, no doubt, are very tough, not fake Dan, or at the peak of the twelfth floor of the foundation, and can impact the level of then at any time. Their faces, Gherardini, looked at two people, not much to say. However, Yun Tian’s name and Xun Wu Wen also don’t need to ask at all, just understand that these people also see why. Although, their individual strength is worse than their own, and their influence is weaker, but without these people, their own power groups will probably fall apart at that time and be greatly attenuated.
Yun Tian Ming and Xun Wu Wen are people with exquisite thoughts and resolute decisions. At this moment, there is no hesitation, a smile on their faces, and they nodded toward them, which is a request for them to share a piece of the action.
Sure enough, the name of Yun Tian and Xun Wu Wen are such a nod. Those people don’t need two people to speak, so they all smiled and said, "Brother Yun (Xun), if you have any requirements, order it now! We will catch this then zombie. "
"Well, in that case, I’ll give the order!" Yun Tian and Xun Wu Wen, respectively, replied, and began to assign tasks to their subordinates.
As for the focus of the two, it is not necessary for them to discuss at all, and naturally they made a choice. Because, Xun Wuwen’s influence group, mostly people in the magic way, is able to exert its strength more in the land where the Xuan Yin qi and the corpse qi are rich, so they chose the inner cave. On the side of Yun Tian Ming, 99% of them are people in Xiandao, so they chose the half of the outer hole.
The reason for this is that the name of Yun Tian and Xun Wu Wen are very clear. Where the zombies then flee, it’s a matter of maybe. The chances are 50-50, and there is no tendency that can be inferred. Because, the advantages and disadvantages of the two are almost the same.
Outside the cave, you can go out, so that then zombies can own the whole Bell Volcano as a place to move around. However, outside the cave, there are also a large number of monks ready to intercept at any time, and there is a great chance of being discovered. The inner hole, although the place of turning around is a little small, has a complicated terrain and is also conducive to the small number of people fighting.
Yun Tian’s name and Xun Wu Wen’s territory have their own divisions. After their respective orders, the two major power groups are naturally divided into two sides and dispersed.
However, these two people are obviously extremely smart people. They know that this fork is like a spider’s web, dense and extending in all directions. If the strength is evenly divided, even if all the places can be guarded, there is no ability to stop a real person. Therefore, at each fork, they only arrange two people, one is responsible for guarding and the other is responsible for searching. The rest of the strength is concentrated. One town guards the mouth of the cave, and the other town guards the end of the cave. After finding clues, they will go out collectively and make a siege.
The means of the two people are really good. However, among the third fork, there are many other scattered strengths scattered, plus the forces separated after the collapse of the other two major power groups. Although the main force against them is not enough, it is more than enough to deal with their branch.
Although most of these people haven’t seen the situation that then zombies actively bombard the cave walls, however, the value of then zombies themselves is enough for them to be crazy about it. Naturally, they won’t want to let these two parties’ strength take over all the third fork. They have also made moves in succession, relying on the advantages of their own manpower concentration and rapid mobility, and occupying some forks according to their own strength.
In this way, the two major power groups, Yun Tian Ming and Xun Wu Wen, naturally suffered some losses. However, it’s only just beginning to find out the situation of then zombies, but they don’t want to delay too much effort because of this, so as to give the then zombies an opportunity. Therefore, they didn’t rush in and strangle these rebellious monks, but tolerated them first for future reporting.
The fork, because then the zombie’s spiritual wisdom and earth means, almost just appeared soon, then disappeared, so, it is quite calm. The second fork is very different.
Among the turnouts, the zombie who attacked then made a successful breakthrough only after the third turnoff, and became a real-life existence. However, his spiritual wisdom and means are obviously not comparable to that of his compatriot who took the third fork, and his greatest enemy, the Yin Devil Sect, is not comparable to those rabble who temporarily joined together.
Zhou Chang, the leader of the disciples of the Demon Sect, is well aware of the zombie’s impact on the elixir within his own ban, because he has the help of the eyebrows. After the zombie just hit the success of then, he stood up before he could adjust his breath, so he made a decisive order.
Then, the twenty-seven disciples of Yin Demon Sect, who were already ready and ready to go, each shot out the three needles of the supreme Yin Demon forbidding the dharma, and penetrated into the eighty-one tricks of the zombie who had just achieved then. At the same time, there are three fake Dan masters of Yin Magic Sect, and each of them shoots a black ring, trapping the zombie, and then, it sinks into the body of the zombie.
This black ring is a punishment device for all sects, big or small, and it is called the Lock Dan Ring. Locking the Dan ring, as the name implies, means blocking the then. In a clan, if then real people make certain rules and regulations, or make some modest mistakes, they have to be punished, but they are not physically dead, so they will lock the Dan ring and lock their cultivation, and then impose some ordinary punishments on them.
Such execution can not only correct the discipline of the sect, but also not damage the strength of these committed then real people, thus damaging the strength of the sect, which can be described as the best of both worlds.
This kind of execution is not only aimed at the real person then, but also at the higher-level Yuan Ying Zhenjun and even the incarnation of Shenjun. However, what they were forbidden to build was not the lock Dan ring, but the lock baby ring and the lock god ring.
However, this kind of lock Dan ring, because it is a multiplier created for people who have committed real-life executions, is only a multiplier with special effects, not a powerful tool. Before he touched then, he did not have any power. With a little protection, he could keep it out and not be harmed.
It can be said that under the command of Zhou Chang, all the people of Yin Magic Sect made their moves in a timely manner. If they were a little slower and let the zombie breathe, they wouldn’t have been shot by the supreme Yin Magic’s forbidden magic needle without any resistance. Even if they were shot, they wouldn’t have hit eighty-one, so that they were completely imprisoned and couldn’t get together bit by bit, thus making the zombie.
Zhou Chang, when he saw his other disciples’ success, never stopped. He flew into it and came to the crowd of the zombie then. Then, a spirit beast bag was thrown, and a suction force was born out of thin air, and then the zombie then was ingested.
Such a change of the disciples of the Yin Magic Sect was naturally seen by other monks waiting nearby. At that time, they flew out of their own flying swords, multipliers, or condensed the power of the law, and bombarded the Yin Magic Sect. Thus, many powerful groups have joined hands, and the prestige is really enormous, and the eyes of people who stab are sore.
However, the so-called slow step, slow step by step! Because they are so slow, other disciples of the Dark Devil Sect have reversed the law of banning zombies, and released Na Wei, condensing a glittering and translucent black lotus, which blooms with thousands of milli-rays, and abruptly took the blow.
After blocking the first blow, Zhou Chang, who had put away the zombies, gave the order to retreat without hesitation. All the disciples of the Demon Sect immediately followed Zhou Chang and withdrew to the inside of the second fork.
Before, because there was a news leak that was going to hit then zombies, the Yin Devil Sect no longer concealed it, and directly blocked this passage by law. This passage, although there are other forks, can be connected. However, in order to reduce the power of competition, the monks who came first blocked the way forward of those people. Therefore, at the exit of the fork of the inward hole, only a part of the monks who were originally in the inner hole, compared with the monks who poured in from the outer hole, were far from it. Therefore, the strong impact of the Yin Magic Sect and his party on the inward hole was particularly rapid, although it could not be called.

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