Be pulled up blade master some uncomfortable, but he is not difficult bamboo male is very uncomfortable said "go go! The competition is over, and we should go to that vice. "

Everyone else followed behind blade master angrily, but after killing God seven times, they made a face at Zhugong and said with a smile, "Hey, well done!"
Say kill god seven decapitated also don’t go back to chase blade master and others in front.
After the rescuer team left, Zhugong directly sat down on the ground.
Three duels in a row, which is really a little tired for him.
This kind of fatigue is not only physical but also mental.
Just as Zhugong was sitting on the ground to rest, suddenly a dagger crossed his neck.
"A sword seals the throat!"
Critical strike 17466
This blow directly made Zhugong enter a state of dying weakness.
In this weak state, Zhu Gong saw clearly that the killer was an assassin with a straight face.
The assassin was none other than the Dark Hand who was killed by the Night Emperor.
Night Emperor’s killing has always told him to defeat Jugong as the strongest assassin, and this time he killed Zhugong because he wanted to send a signal to Jugong, that is you!
The night emperor killed the dying weak bamboo male and said, "Tell Jugong that the night emperor killed him and went back to find him. One who was killed is him."
Say night emperor killed directly stealth left here.
After talking about Ye Yezhu’s duel, let’s talk about the duel between two people in the west Capricorn.
Capricorn sting two people duel location in a small forest.
Capricorn, the sniper, has an advantage in this small forest, but Stinger doesn’t care about it.
Capricorn "Are you sure you want to choose here?"
Stinger "The so-called terrain doesn’t mean much to me!"
Capricorn "You are still so arrogant"
Stinger "I am arrogant because I have money"
Capricorn "Since you are so confident, I will be you."
As he spoke, Capricorn drew his bow directly at close range and shot at the stinger.
Capricorn’s arrow directly pierced the stinger’s body, but the body immediately dissipated in the air, and it turned out to be a member.
I was very impressed by the stinger’s split Capricorn. A large part of the reason for losing to the stinger was that I had a split.
Capricorn knew that the situation was not good when he found that the stinger was behind him.
Sure enough, in a second, the stinger appeared behind Capricorn with a blink of an eye and hit Capricorn on the back.
"Thunder palm!"
This palm directly knocked out half of Capricorn’s blood volume and put him into paralysis for 15 seconds.
When the stinger was ready to kill Capricorn paralysis, it moved a little half a step, and the stinger stepped into a trap and entered the same 15-second stationary state.
Capricorn was the first to get rid of paralysis, but he did not rush to attack the stinger, but quickly retreated from the stinger to pull the fighting distance.
Stinger is wondering how he was trapped just now.
Suddenly a centipede climbed up to her leg and bit her hard.
The stinger, who had just been freed from the fixed state, once again entered a state of paralysis for 1 second.
This second is not long, but it is enough for Capricorn.
"Broken skull!"
Capricorn first blessed himself with a state that will give Capricorn a 1% chance to trigger a critical strike with an attack.
Then Capricorn developed his own strongest attack skill.
The arrow shoots this skull-breaking skill directly at the stinger’s head, which will trigger crit when shooting in the head. After adding frustration, this double crit effect will add 1% attack damage to crit damage by default.
Critical strike 476
The blow was very shocking and the stinger collapsed directly.
Stinger paid the price for her arrogance, but she still doesn’t know how she fell into Capricorn’s trap
In fact, the trap was not set by Capricorn, but by Capricorn’s centipede pet.
Capricorn’s centipede pet name "poisonous centipede" is a variation of the spirit beast, which has the ability to be poisonous and design various traps, and the stinger is the way to go.
Back to the resurrection point, Stinger was very angry. She felt very angry at losing, but when she thought about it again, Capricorn seemed to have lost the duel in the end. Capricorn was in the same mood as herself today. She finally understood why Capricorn was so angry at that time.
Think of this sting and some relief.
So the stinger sent a message to Capricorn, "I lost this time. I won’t lose to you when we fight again after four turns."
Capricorn replied, "Don’t worry, after four turns, the final victory will still be me, but I think we need to make some bets in a duel!" "
Stinger, "What bet do you want?"
Capricorn "I’m afraid you won’t say yes."
Stinger "Don’t worry, if I can take it out, I will promise."
Capricorn "OK, it’s a deal. If I beat you next time, you will be my wife!" "
Stinger was silent.

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