At this moment, Shen Yuyin rose high. "Shallow water is clear and doesn’t listen to military orders, arrogance, killing, stopping water, and making enemies. Although it’s a small achievement, it’s arrogant to repeatedly violate the national laws and regulations. In Chishui Town, his longitudinal department borrowed food to make trouble, which led to the death of the flag. In Daliangcheng, he distributed inscriptions for ladies-in-waiting halls and pillars, and regarded the emperor’s products as things. When he returned to the empire, he borrowed illness and did not return, but now he returned to the rear of the sun and the moon, and It’s an insult to Tian Chende not to say that the general rewarded him and sealed him or let him stay in the DPRK! "

"Exactly!" An echo sounded.
Gong Sunshi also sneered, "Shallow water leads ten thousand people to level the sky, everything in the war needs etiquette, and military affairs have always been two things in conflict. It’s okay for Shen’s adult to cultivate self-esteem, be humble, be gentle, be virtuous, and not know the art of war, but you should be an idiot of art of war like you by boasting so much to cover up his fame and fault?"
That gentle and courteous is to form a request for women. This moment is obviously ridiculed by Gongsun Shi. Shen Yu can’t help sighing that Jiang is indeed great.
Shen Yu shouted angrily, "Gong Sunshi, you fart!"
Shenqi immediately replied, "Does Lord Shen mean that you really don’t know the art of war as much as you do?"
Shen Yu didn’t notice that GongSunShi HuaLiYouHua was ShenJi so one by one. He just denounced and finished another meaning. The sentence "That’s not what I meant" lost its original prestige.
In the court, there was a giggle. Gong Sunshi struggled in officialdom for a long time. Even though he was away from the court for more than ten years, it was still body of work who pushed his opponent to an awkward position with a few words. It is rare for Shenqi to have this talent to seize his opponent’s mistakes and give a sharp counterattack.
At this moment, Gong Sunshi said with a smile, "Since that’s not what I mean, the adults just think they don’t understand the art of war. Since they don’t know the art of war, they will make fallacies here. If they don’t leave everything to the emperor to deal with, there will be arbitration. Speaking of it, if the generals are in a strong city outside, they can enjoy the wealth of the city. The number of cities can be scraped all the way to the bag, but their mind is that the great cause of the empire will leave no part of their income to contribute to the empire. Therefore, do you accuse the generals of leading the troops Do we have to let the treasures go into the hands of thieves? Or are you jealous of his merits and turns into a villain’s slanderer? !”
These words are not sharp and really hit the opponent’s key.
Refuting the endless stream of wild ambitions is getting ugly.
This court battle was not unexpected to him, but the intensity of the dispute far exceeded his imagination.
Zhu Danxin, the military military commander, hummed, "When Shen’s adult is in charge of the heavenly rites, he should do it himself, but he has repeatedly said that he is rude. Even we rude martial artists can’t look past the celestial corpses. There are many vegetarians with both ability and political integrity, and there are not a few people who steal their place. Now it seems that Shen’s adult is such a leader."
"Zhu Danxin you you you! ! !” Shen Yu has told you three times that fart is afraid to say it again after all.
The excitement of the imperial court is still going on, and no one will give in if you kill me.
This is a doomed Korean struggle, but it is only not the end.
At that time, in the increasingly heated debate in this court, shallow water and clear thoughts suddenly drifted into the distance.
Brother Qi, what you said is really right. This official has made a big deal, but it’s not interesting at all.
If I can, I hope I can take Yun Ni away from this court forever. It is definitely not my interest to quarrel every day.
At that moment, he felt a little sigh with emotion, and at that moment, he was at a loss for the debate words in the court, and he could not hear the angry roar of Cang Ye Wang.
"That’s enough!"
To bring him back from the soul flying outside.
It turned out that Cang Yewang finally spoke.
Chapter 10 The Debate (Middle)
This is a battlefield where you can never see the smoke of gunpowder, but sometimes it is more difficult to guard against the angry words every day than the real swords and spears on the battlefield.
The difference in the battlefield is that the living will always be the winner, but here there is a powerful person who is above the law and above all else as the notary.
In feudal times, the form of court debate was very similar to that of today’s social court, and the defense judge was as sacred as the emperor and had absolute advantages. However, compared with the latter, he had a healthy system, paid attention to evidence and handled everything according to law, while the former lacked this system and norms, and at the same time, there were a large number of participants, so the scene was prone to chaos.
Here, the emperor needs his absolute power to deter and reduce chaos to an acceptable level when it reaches a limit height.
Here, I have to say that there will be disputes, quarrels and fights in such a formal meeting, and all of them need to safeguard their own interests and viewpoints. People will always try their best to believe in themselves and play down the influence of their opponents’ words, so almost everyone can’t be said.
The purpose of the meeting is not to make everyone agree with a certain view, but to establish a correct direction in the final dispute. Here, people in later generations have come to a conclusion in long-term research that when the two sides of the debate have the ability to communicate with each other, the final result is that no one can say anything about each other and it is easy to cause personal attacks on each other, and mutual abuse is common, which leads to a great decline in the communication function of the meeting.
In court defense, the prosecution and the defense should not communicate with each other, but they can master the meeting. It is at this conclusion that the correctness and importance of its conclusion are proved, thus becoming a basic feature of modern courts. Two people who quarrel with each other will never have an opponent to talk to the judge.
However, the DPRK has no such restrictions.
This chaos was doomed from the moment Shen Yu participated in the shallow water Qing gongsunshi’s straightforward defense.
Even if the emperor speaks, unless they don’t ask for a bite, it will definitely trigger a new round of war of words.
In the face of this situation, the only thing we can rely on is the prestige of the emperor.
Fortunately, Cang Yewang’s prestige is still enough
At this moment, Cang Yewang, that’s enough. Let the court finally be quiet for a short time. After a short time, the Imperial Academy calendar came out and said
"Positions today is not because of the shallow general stationed in Huaishu Hutong. The shallow general stationed here is just to donate money to the country. So early, send someone to collect money and enter the palace, and then order the shallow general to withdraw. I will let the ministers in the DPRK do so much fighting. "

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