He applied for a loan at the moment when the bank’s loan function came out. Fortunately, he got a loan of ten thousand gold coins, which can completely remove the cheating attribute of Flame Gong.

But what makes him desperate is that the desire for flame work after Dacheng is not as freely controllable as the introduction of achievement method. Not only can it not be controlled at will, but it is even hotter than just practicing flame work.
Except for the ice qi cultivated by his wife Shelley, he can almost suppress it by will, so life is miserable for him!
I feel burning all the time, struggling with desire and reason all the time.
"Fight, fight, fight to suppress the disadvantages of the achievement method. Let the fight let me temporarily throw my desire out of my head." Lin Dad said with great friendship
Behind him is pale as paper and fat, practicing the flood of history in the Spring and Autumn Period and ten thousand generations. Now he almost dies every day, even if he doesn’t practice gas, he will spontaneously run.
Once you practice cold and hot hurricane thunder, all kinds of attributes of true qi constantly conflict in meridians, and it is impossible to practice without vomiting blood for three liters per time.
After each practice, the true qi will inevitably increase one or two attributes, and the conflict of true qi will become more intense in the abdomen.
However, although daily practice is like torture, after each practice, the dark wounds suffered by the body during practice will be completely healed and the true qi will be more powerful.
Fat is not that I didn’t want to ask Wang Gang for advice in the past, but Wang Gang seems to have completely disappeared in H city, and I can’t find anyone at all. Even when I see him, I look crazy.
"Is it possible that Wang Gang became like this because of practicing the historical torrent Dafa in the Spring and Autumn Period and Ten Thousand Generations?" Such scary thoughts often appear in the fat brain, making him cold all over.
He asked for help, prayed to the temple, and received feedback that everything was normal and there was no problem. He could continue to practice martial arts, but he never promised it to others.
Fat is also a lot of peace of mind. "Although the practice is painful, the injury will be healed after the practice, and the skill will be greatly improved. God said that there is no problem, so I will continue to practice!"
I don’t want to be a fat self-comforting word, but I am very satisfied with the historical torrent of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Ten Thousand Generations.
I secretly took a look at my loyal dad. He thought that if he did it himself, even if his dad practiced flame and reached Dacheng, he could put his dad down to the ground with up to 5 strokes in his own hands.
Of course, this fat will never be said to hurt his father.
"Who? Who else is going to challenge me! " Duel field Zhao Gang has a dark dagger in his hand, and his face is screaming with grief and madness.
At his feet is a corpse that has lost its life and is slowly disappearing into the light.
"I’ll meet you!" Dad Lin’s eyes shone hot and he jumped into the field.
If a man, regardless of age, whether he is honed by reality or not, there will inevitably be a heroic dream in his heart.
But in reality, there is no chance for the dream root to come true, but it will be very different in the future.
Even if you die, you won’t die in reality, you won’t be unnecessarily troubled by reality, and you won’t bring grief and unbearable disaster to your family because of blood and impulse.
See Zhao Gang that moment has been burning in the bottom of my heart, Lin Dad. The desire disappears instantly, and there is full fighting spirit in the hot fire in my eyes.
Fight! Fight the hero in your heart!
War comes out of the surging blood in my heart!
"Are you? I remember that you died at my hands ten times less in the battlefield! Do you still want to die now? " Zhao Gang’s eyes are more emotionless than cold and harsh.
"It’s too early to judge who will die. Today, I’ll let you see the power of a flame." Dad Lin’s fake smile on the businessman’s face has disappeared. He stared at Zhao Gang with a serious face and clenched fists. The horrible temperature seemed to ignite the surrounding gas.
At this level of cultivation, Dad Lin has experimented on the battlefield. If he hadn’t touched the heavy weapon player, his hands would be more efficient than the hot weapon.
At this time, it is not that he doesn’t want to despise the weapon field, but that taking duel field to duel at this level will not be a burden at all.
The cultivation of true qi is not really the cultivation of true qi, which strengthens the body’s ability to respond and to predict.
All parts of the body to practice will be strengthened one by one, speed, strength, perception and vision are several times higher.
Now, if Dad Lin moves rapidly, Dad Lin believes that there is absolutely no one who can aim at him when he moves.
What’s more, facing or practicing the intellectual man fit skill, Zhao Gang firearms are even more useless.
"Hey hey!" Zhao Gang sneer at a body directly into the phantom tear gas, a look has arrived in front of Lin dad hands dark dagger across a wonderful arc flint light directly appeared in Lin dad neck.
Lin Dad narrowed his eyes deeply, and his hand quickly caught Zhao Gang dagger with a pale red palm and a horrible heat wave.
Flaming red!
In an instant, the Zhao Gang dagger seemed to be burned at a high temperature of tens of millions of degrees and generally turned red! Can Zhao Gang let go of the dagger and quickly retreat to pull out several phantoms in front of Lin Dad?
At this time, although Fat saw his father pull back a game, his eyes were still very nervous. Even if he had some confidence in his father, Lin Dad was recognized as a strange enemy, Zhao Gang.
Even if let the fat field at this time, he has no absolute confidence to defeat this man like God of War.
Because centaurs are players, there are also many Americans with different skin colors at this time. These first people who were elected to the base are violent maniacs. When they saw that the battle between Lin Dad and Zhao Gang was so crazy and fierce at the beginning, they suddenly roared wildly.
Fortunately, although these players speak English that most Chinese people can’t understand, they communicate with each other in spirit. Although they are in different languages, their meanings are still white.

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