"It’s level 26, and the level is within the range I just mentioned. Of course, it’s no problem, and I won’t lose money if I buy one for one." I pointed to the long sword being rubbed in the martial arts school, and NPC said slowly, "Let’s go as soon as possible, and then we’ll go to the leveling after the word is over, so as to strive for three days to get your department off the ground."

Just after the end of the policy of "buy one get one free", the spokesman of death on the other side suddenly got up the courage and said, "I learned from the teacher for the sake of 10 thousand experience after I started my career, so it’s not true that we can be regarded as a transaction this time."
"No problem, everything depends on you." Anyway, my apprenticeship is just a reward for mentoring. It’s better if you don’t want my help. Anyway, why not take the reward for nothing after starting school?
After our tripartite department negotiated, we applied to the old man for mentoring instructions.
Since you have reached level 4, the player’s death spokesman is willing to learn from you from your teacher. Do you want to accept this student? 》
As you have reached level 4, the player’s favorite is willing to learn from your teacher. Do you want to accept this student? 》
"Player Dragon Soul" Because you have reached Level 4, players are not afraid of God and are willing to learn from you. Do you want to accept this student? 》
The three unified command departments chose to accept my personal title immediately after I confirmed my apprentice, and immediately added three titles, namely, "Death Spokesman Educates Teachers", "Emperor Favourite Educates Teachers" and "Not Afraid of God Educates Teachers". Hey hey, I didn’t expect that there was a good title of Instructing Teachers.
"Well, Dragon Soul, your level is so high, take us to a high-level place to train quickly." The death spokesman immediately said with a big smile just after the master’s ceremony. "Well! I remember that there is a hidden valley near Xuanyuan Imperial City. There is a sword burial forbidden area in the valley. Why don’t we go there and have a look? If I remember correctly, the experience there is not bad and the strange strength is not very high, which is only about level 3. "
Emperor’s favorite carefully recalled it and finally Naidi said, "Hidden Valley? Sword burial forbidden area? I have been practicing near Xuanyuan Imperial City for about half a month. Why have I never heard of these two places? Can it be that it has been revised when it is open beta? "
The spokesman of death nodded firmly and said, "This place can’t be cancelled because it is the only access to Xuanyuan Mausoleum, and the valley and sword tomb are relatively secret, so no one has ever discovered it until now. We also found out that it entered Xuanyuan Mausoleum."
"And according to the Ministry, it is reported that there is a super artifact Xuanyuan Excalibur in Xuanyuan Mausoleum." The spokesman of death immediately said with encouragement when he saw that everyone didn’t believe it. "We are limited in time, so we haven’t finished finding out how Xuanyuan Mausoleum is exciting. Let’s go together. If the super artifact happens to be available to the dragon soul."
Chapter three hundred and three Sword Tomb Forbidden Area ()
"Super artifact?" No one will yearn for the super artifact, and I am no exception. After all, the symbol of the super artifact is a double glory.
"The lowest-level monsters in Xuanyuan Imperial Tomb also have level 5, and higher fairy beasts, monster beasts and beasts of Warcraft all want to get Xuanyuan Excalibur, but it is not so easy for everyone to give up this idea now."
The spokesman of death once entered the Xuanyuan Mausoleum and knew something about it, so he didn’t let his teammates find the Xuanyuan Mausoleum passage in the forbidden area of the sword burial and woke up immediately. "His own level didn’t reach level 7. Entering the Xuanyuan Mausoleum is purely a death wish. This is the three major deaths in China."
"Three major deaths?" Emperor Favourite was surprised to hear this new ranking and asked, "What are the three major deaths?"
The spokesman of death said slowly, "When the three major deaths are the side, our side players divide the mainland of China into three most dangerous places, among which Xuanyuan Mausoleum is the second, and Houyi Temple is the Tianwu Temple again."
"Xuanyuan imperial tomb in the super artifact Xuanyuan sword so hou yi temple and tianwu temple? They can be as famous as Xuanyuan mausoleum, and the treasures in it should not be much lower than Xuanyuan sword, right? " Emperor’s favorite today can be described as an eye-opener. These are all hidden and rooted. It is only through years of game experience that we can understand the information from the Internet.
This time, before the spokesman of death spoke, I smiled and said, "There should be a super artifact shooting the sun bow in the temple of Houyi;" If nothing unexpected happens in the Temple of Tianwu, it should also be a super artifact-Tianwu Armor. "
"ah? Dragon Soul, where did you know these secrets? " This time, it was the turn of the death spokesman to be surprised. He knew very well that he could know these secret things, because he was the founder of Shuo World, and at the same time, he was lucky enough to know them. Otherwise, these very hidden things could not be known by himself.
"Hehe, I found out in the game" that the data of the seven super artifacts in China area of the world are told by the Ankylosaurus. Although I can’t talk about it, it should not be wrong to say so.
But this answer is death, but the speaker obviously doesn’t believe in asking? Hum, how can an ordinary NPC know about the seven super artifacts in China? For those high-level people who know a little about some NPC, I believe they won’t confide in him.
So how on earth did he know these secrets were unknown? Is this small behind the hacker attack a month ago? If it is’ he’, the virus has invaded the main system, and the data can be understood more or less.
Hmm! It must be the so-called Avenger Dragon Soul. It must be the guy who launched a hacker attack on the main system of Yanlong a month ago and spread viruses at the same time. He installed virus equipment and must have been confirmed and marked by him. sharingan appeared directly at the beginning of the game, which made him lead all the way from now on.
Unconsciously, the spokesman of death has identified the Avenger as the hacker who launched the hacking attack a month ago and is also behind the virus.
Alas, poor dragon soul, poor sharingan’s successor was mistaken for a hacker just after he met him. Is this his luck or his disaster? No one knows this problem, even others may know that the wheel of fate has turned, and it is the law for ordinary people to stop him again
"Sword burial forbidden area strange? Is there really a level 3? " Although the former death spokesman once said that there are about three levels of monsters in the forbidden area of Sword Tomb, what do you think of guarding the forbidden area of Xuanyuan Imperial Tomb is not so little?
The spokesman of death nodded and said, "Well, I’m sure the forbidden area of sword burial is definitely about level 3."
"In this case, all right, let’s go to the forbidden area of Sword Tombs." Since the spokesmen of death have already confirmed it, let’s go to the forbidden area of Sword Tombs and have a look. Anyway, after the super artifact Xuanyuan Sword, I’m still going to break into Xuanyuan Mausoleum. Just think of it as finding my way now.
Under the leadership of the spokesman of death, the four of us formed a team and soon left for the east of Xuanyuan Imperial City.
On the other side, I waited for a long time in the martial arts school of Nuwa City. After seeing the team from the master for more than half an hour, there was still no figure of the avenger dragon soul, and gradually I didn’t believe it.
A small number of suspicious players have returned to Xuanyuan Imperial City because they suspect that the second message just released by Dragon Soul may be that the real place of worship is still Xuanyuan Imperial City Martial Arts School.
It’s a pity that these people reacted too slowly, because four people in the Xuanyuan Imperial Palace martial arts school have left the imperial city and gone to the east, where there are three major deaths-the entrance to Xuanyuan Imperial Tomb-the sword burial forbidden area.
"Wow, death spokesman, is this what you call a level 3 monster?" In the forbidden area of sword burial, a small team of four people is killing the flying eagle here at the moment. The second lowest level in the team is not afraid of God, while dodging the flying eagle attack, it puts medicine in its mouth and complains from time to time.
The death spokesman looked at the flying eagle pecking at him quickly and dodged aside. At the same time, he replied with a wry smile, "I’m sorry, I don’t know why this happened. At one time, it was about level 3, but when it was unexpected, it became level 45."
That’s right. I met a monster in the forbidden area of Sword Tomb. Up to now, one kind of monster is the 45-level flying eagle. This monster is a giant eagle. The giant eagle in The Condor Heroes seems to be a little smaller than the giant eagle.
There are two ways to attack the flying eagle. One is to attack the opponent with powerful wings, and the other is to knock and peck with a sharp beak. Moreover, the flying eagle seems to inherit some characteristics of the god eagle, which makes it extremely defensive and vital.
In the forbidden area of the flying eagle sword tomb, the sculptor has powerful wings, sharp tips, sharp mouths and hard skin. It is 45 health points for making leather armor and other materials, 5 active skills and short-term flying ability.
The shovel sword quickly killed the flying eagle in my hand, and I still came without rest. Mochizuki Ayumu, a drunken fairy, quickly used his direct help to stop the flying eagle chasing him around the world. These beasts are really troublesome to prevent high skin and thick skin, and it hurts like hell to attack.
"Death, this is what you call level 3 flying sculpture? And can you look at my eyes not so evil as if I have a deep hatred with you? "
After chatting all the way, the spokesman of death and I got to know each other, so the oral address changed from the original name to death, but the other characteristics of death puzzled me, because every time he looked at me, it always made me feel creepy and chilly, as if I had a deep hatred with him
"I don’t know why these flying sculptures will suddenly become so powerful, but anyway, with you here, our speed of killing monsters is not much lower than that outside." The death spokesman walked over and said, "You see, I have upgraded to level 15 now, and I can change my job when I wait for level 2."
The spokesman of death has hostile eyes, but in other respects, he seems to be a brother who has not seen for a long time. Generally speaking, it is a very contradictory state. If he hadn’t shown hostile eyes many times, I would have been presbyopic a few times ago.
"Level 2 to change your job? Really? What career do you want to change? It’ s so troublesome? " I haven’t asked the death spokesman yet, and Emperor Favourite has taken the lead in being surprised.
He is an angel, and his occupation is purely close combat. The machine does not pay attention to the technical content, so he can talk easily while fighting, unlike when we are fighting, we should always be careful and wait until the end or smoke before we can talk.
Chapter three hundred and four Sword Tomb Forbidden Area ()
"Master, it’s good to train here, but the consumption of medicine is too fierce." It was played in the forbidden area of the sword burial for less than half an hour. The emperor’s favorite has carried half a package of medicine, which shows how fierce these 45-level flying sculptures are.
"Death Emperor’s favorite is right. Although the experience is good, the attack is too high and the speed of consuming potions is too fast." Even if I never use potions, I have to consume a lot of life potions now. What’s worse, the level of life defense roots can’t compare with me and them?
For the sake of the team’s profit, I also improved the speed of the team’s leveling. I am so eager to wake up to the god of death. I hope he can understand the current situation. "If we go back and re-purchase, we will not have much experience in fighting monsters in other places."
"Don’t worry, Dragon Soul." The spokesman of death dodged a flying eagle and pecked at it with a sly smile. "Although the flying eagle in the forbidden area of the sword burial is much stronger than I thought, it’s a hindrance to my plan. After all, I don’t want you to come here to play tricks."
"You’re not going to let our small group enter the Xuanyuan Mausoleum, are you?" Although I have long seen something wrong with death (hostile eyes), I still seriously asked, "Didn’t you say that it is purely a matter of dying to enter the Xuanyuan Mausoleum before reaching level 7?"
"Stop, stop, stop," said the spokesman of death. "I know the situation inside Xuanyuan Mausoleum very well. I didn’t say I wanted you to accompany me into Xuanyuan Mausoleum."
The spokesman of death said and pointed to a smooth cliff and a small cave in the forbidden area of sword burial. He said slowly, "Dragon Soul, you fly with your sword, I’ll go there. My goal is in the cliff cave, which is too low for the emperor’s favorite and not afraid of god. You’d better be safe on the surface."
It is natural that the forbidden area of sword burial is similar to the rocky cliffs in deep mountains and valleys, but there is a small cave on the smooth cliff, and it is nearly 400 or 500 meters above the ground. You can’t see the small cave clearly without looking at the roots carefully.
What will be in this small cave?
"Is there anything in it?" Looking up at the small cave about 500 meters from the cliff, I said inexplicably, "Level 27 is not afraid of God, but the strength of Emperor Favourite is still good. It’s level 34, and even he can’t go to the face. What is it? And … "
I looked at the death spokesperson with suspicion and said curiously, "And your level is only 15. Although your strength is a little, but you haven’t changed your job, maybe your fighting capacity is worse than that of the emperor’s favorite. What can you do but he can’t?"
Players who have not changed their jobs at level 15 actually say that level 34 masters can’t enter, but they can enter themselves. What is this world? Can it be said that the difference between 15 grades and 34 grades is 19 grades, and the former is already stronger than the latter?
"that is, if you don’t even go to my cousin, why can you go by yourself? Don’t forget that your rank is lower than my brother’s. "I’m not afraid that God doesn’t seem to have a good impression on the spokesman of death. At this moment, I can’t help sneering," It’s no longer your side players’ day if you don’t want to be a side player. "
Death spokesman sneered, "Yes, my level is indeed 15 levels lower. For now, the world is already at a medium level, but hum, although my level is at a medium level, it doesn’t mean that my combat effectiveness will be much lower than that of you so-called masters."
"Really? If you can win my brother, I believe that you have real talent and practical learning. "I’m not afraid of God’s showing that I don’t believe that a player who has not changed his job at level 15 can win the angel career at level 34. At this moment, I even disdain to say," Otherwise, you will admit that you are a braggart. "

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