Su Orange and Xiao Eleven were dumbfounded. The purple-haired teenager shook his bath towel and laughed. "I didn’t expect it to be real!"

Blue nine became angry from embarrassment and slammed a punch on the head of the purple-haired teenager. "You idiot!"
"Oh … I’m kidding!" Purple-haired teenagers run away with their heads in their arms. "Why are you so fierce!"
Blue nine pulled back the bath towel and swished around wildly and disappeared into the bathroom.
Sue orange and Xiao eleven look at each other. The purple-haired boy rubs his head and makes a big bag. "It’s so violent every time! What have I done wrong? "
Xiao Yi shrugged his shoulders. "Of course you will be beaten if you don’t change your bad habits. If I were you, I would beat you up!" "
"Are you? Small eleven? " Violet-haired boy provoked a bad smile at the corner of his mouth and reached out to catch Xiao Eleven.
The eleventh "Mama" hid behind Su Orange, and Su Orange reached out and blocked the evil drama Zifa teenager.
The purple-haired boy looked at the smooth and tender hand that stood in his chest, and he gasped in a gasp and looked up at it again. The owner of this hand turned out to be a very beautiful black-haired boy.
He just rushed in and didn’t notice Su Orange.
"What are you doing?" Sue orange coldly asked Xiao Eleven to carefully poke his head out from behind her and kindly wake up. "This guy is very abnormal. He is always such a mean joke! You should be careful to be attacked by him! "
The purple-haired boy took a step back and cocked his head to look at Su Orange again. His expression looked very normal, but he didn’t escape Su Orange’s sharp eyes with an evil smile in his purple eyes. This guy certainly didn’t play any good idea.
"Are you new here?"
"That’s right!"
"Oh, welcome!" Purple hair boy politely stretched out his hand.
Su Orange also held out her hand, but I didn’t expect the purple-haired boy’s hand to suddenly grab it and shout excitedly, "Looking for the moon in the sea!"
Sue orange slightly one leng, but quickly react with a swish to hold the purple hair teenager wrist with another hand a hook punch in the teenager.
The purple-haired boy has always leaned back and actually hid in the past. "What a quick skill!"
After saying that, I will never change my mind and attack Su Orange again with my other hand. "Monkeys steal peaches!"
Sue orange lifted her foot and slapped her foot in the teenager’s bus. This time, he failed to hide. After all, she was still in control of Sue orange with one hand and kicked it out. After Sue orange gave up her purple-haired teenager, she stepped back and sat down on the ground.
Incredibly look at Sue orange "you …"
"Wow …" Eleven uttered an exclamation.
The host successfully defeated the opponent, causing * and mental damage to it and gaining 2 energy values!
Shit, it’s only 2: 00. The lowest level of damage …
Su orange is a little dissatisfied. What kind of broken system is this? Every time the energy value bursts, the cable is buckled.
Forget it. After all, unification is unification. Can you reason with it? Let’s solve the immediate problem first! If it’s a big deal, hit this little guy more!
But everything pays attention to a composition, so let’s treat the enemy first! She is not in favor of violence to solve problems.
Su orange took two steps forward and walked to the purple-haired boy. "Give me enough of such a poor joke!"
It’s normal for a good friend to tell a dirty joke when staying at school before, but can she stand it if this guy dares to play with her when he comes?
Purple hair boy with a pair of corners of the mouth blood a cynical smile "ha ha interesting! Dare to teach me that people are not born yet! "
Ok! You asked for it!
Sue orange eyes a fiercely a quick punch hit the abdomen position of the other party, if it is hit hard, it will be painful.
Purple hair boy let out a scream body curled up into a ball.
The host successfully defeated the opponent, causing * and mental damage to it and gaining 5 energy values!
Hehe, the energy value of 5 points seems to have doubled the lethality. This time, Su Orange expressed satisfaction.
Chapter 29 Sister Violence
Seeing the purple-haired teenager curled up on the ground in pain, Su Orange thought that if this goods don’t come back, don’t blame her for combo! Every time she turns on the stereo, she can’t help but have a boiling passion.
Small eleven hurriedly pull Sue orange "beautiful brother don’t hit him is also a joke …"
"A joke?"
It is because people around you are always leading me that I become such a stubborn character. I don’t know what I will do if I don’t make this guy once this time!
Sue orange stretched out his hand and pinched the little eleven, and his face was more pink than a girl’s. He twisted two times left and two times right, smiling. "I’m also a joke!" Is it fun and interesting? "
Small eleven a lump and the pie mouth "it hurts …"
Sue orange was so cool that you just rubbed against my chest. That’s a small punishment and a big warning!
Seeing Xiao Yi is like a beautiful soft persimmon. Su Orange let go without any lethality. How can she be as knowledgeable as a child?
After being punched, the purple-haired boy twisted and groaned like a crushed earthworm. "It hurts … am I going to die?"
Su orange squatted down and smiled. "Sorry, I’m a joke, too!"
The purple-haired boy turned pale and big sweat rolled down from his forehead. He probably didn’t expect that the boy who was not tall and looked thin would have such agility and great strength.
Xiao Yi asked anxiously, "Will he have any problems?"
Isn’t this shota too kind? Do you remember to eat or not to fight? Who was scared to hide behind her just now and now she’s worried about this misbehaving guy!
Su Orange held out her hand to the purple-haired boy. "Get up!"
The purple-haired teenager’s face showed a frightened look and hurriedly took a few steps back to hide in the wall. "Don’t come over!"
No way! So without fighting? One punch and one foot, and this guy gives up?
It’s … it’s so interesting …
Sue orange moved a step forward and the goods directly covered her face "all right! I was wrong. I shouldn’t joke like this … Please don’t hit me in the face! "
Su Orange had a bad cold and remembered a line in "Tang Bohu Dianchouxiang". When I was fine, I protected my handsome face.
It seems that this guy cares about his face!
Sue orange straightened up and thought that it was better to stop when she was new here.
At this time, Blue Nine changed her clothes and came out. She was shocked when she saw the scene in front of her. "He … What’s going on?"
"Oh just slipped and fell" Sue orange light way
Wei Lanjiu looked at the floor at the door. Is it a non-slip floor? Will it be slippery?
Violet-haired teenagers are afraid to quibble and climb up from the floor, clutching their bellies painfully. "You just waxed the floor here and don’t tell me … It hurts …"
Under the pressure of Su Orange, a teenager with purple hair can break his teeth and swallow it in his stomach …
Blue nine looked at the purple-haired teenager’s bleeding mouth bruised and bent like a hooked shrimp with a question mark on his face. "Will the floor slip like this?"
Xiao eleven hurried out to make a circle and smiled. "Of course he was careless. You know I never hit anyone."
Sue orange secretly felt funny. You are a bean sprout-like physique. You have to beat people if you want to! It’s as if you don’t want to fight, not that you can’t beat it.
Blue nine pondered over a little eleven words and looked thoughtfully at the woebegone purple-haired teenager and looked at it again. Su Orange is probably a little white, but … Purple star is a black belt in Taekwondo. Can Su Orange really beat a girl after all?

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