Strange! That’s strange!

However, they suddenly think that Yun Zui points out that people in the secluded hall have no way to kill Yun Zui before they are reborn. Could it be that Yun Zui used witchcraft again in times of danger? Or some magic escaped?
Suddenly they feel so weird! Do you feel creepy? !
Yuntai heard the ring before, of course, but he wouldn’t go to see the situation, but took Ye Jin to the route first.
Ye Jinjin couldn’t help frowning and thinking about things just now. Then she didn’t ask Shan Yuntai, "Sir, why do you want to leave so soon? Aren’t you looking for a young master? "
Yuntai didn’t answer Ye Jinjin directly, but said, "Go back with the phase first."
Ye Jinjin felt that Yuntai was strange, but Yuntai didn’t want to answer, so she stopped pressing.
Yes, I followed Yuntai back first. It’s safe for Yuntai to be drunk. Yuntai’s own father doesn’t care about her. What does she care about?
Everything is casual, and it’s good for her if something really happens to Yunzui.
If Yunzui really has an accident, then the Prime Minister’s office is really the only hostess to manage in the future.
Although YunNi is also a hostess, she is just a child. What can she have?
Yun is drunk. The best thing is that everyone is happy!
After Yunzui’s healing, Yunzui approached Yunyun and said, "Grandpa, can you show me what Yuntai has just done? I made seven make such a big noise. He can feel the vibration even if he is deaf! "
The cloud took back its strength and immediately said, "Do you have to ask again when you have the answer in your heart?"
Yunzui chatted and shrank back, lying on one side and looking at the blue sky and white clouds in a wide area.
"Always like this? Turn into night, I want to sleep! " Yunzui doesn’t care about those mundane things. Isn’t Yunzui going to leave her in a hurry anyway?
Then she will try her best to cooperate and never clamor to go out. It’s very good and quiet here, and there is no killing. Besides, it can make people quiet and have a good sleep, and they don’t need to worry about it. They need to sleep quietly and don’t need to think about other troubles.
Chapter 512 512 is a lie (2)
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I came here for seven days in Chi Mi Courtyard to report Chi Mi’s drunkenness and ask for support.
But he found that Chi Mi was not in the room, and he couldn’t help worrying. Where could it be at this time?
Immediately, he thought of several courtyards that Chi Mi often went to. In addition to his own courtyard, there is also a courtyard, which is a bathing place.
But it has always been a place for idle people to enter, but this time there is Yunzui life and death, and Qi also knows that Yunzui is very special in Chi Mi’s eyes.
Even if he went there, he broke the ban, but where is more important than getting drunk?
So he still has to fight to make Yunzui drunk, but someone can save him!
I don’t know how I came to Wangfu, but Yunzui isn’t around, so I think Yunzui is still in the back hill.
Six is dead, so Yunzui has no one to protect her.
It’s urgent to burn your brow.
Seven of them rushed towards the bathroom where Chi Mi was located with their extremely light flying skills, but seven of them bit their teeth and broke in.
"What report …" Seven people didn’t arrive first.
However, Chi Mi seemed to have felt that she had come for seven years, and there was no unexpected look, but she was still lying in the bath.
Seven knelt down on one knee across the layers of curtains and respectfully asked for help at the curtain pool. "Please ask your support when your Lord is killed."
But Chi Mi’s look is still indifferent and in no hurry.
"Are you acting under Yunzui’s orders?" Chi Mie casually picked up the cup next to him and took a sip of hard liquor.
Yunzui is protected by six and seven, and Yunzui is also in the Prime Minister’s office. Who doesn’t know that Yunzui is protected by other people?
How could anyone have the courage to assassinate Yunzui again?

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