The blue sky spoke completely. At this moment, the blue sky thought in fear that if it was responsible for them, it would not be responsible until it was sucked dry by them. Such a beautiful blessing was that even the blue sky had such an ambition to solicit all the beautiful women, and the idea changed instantly.

"Woman, this is a woman’s horror …" Blue sky head is the most direct thinking in a cold sweat.
"No, even if he is handsome, there are many more handsome than him. I don’t like such a smelly man. All smelly men should die after seeing all my body," said another woman savagely.
"Mom, what abnormal smelly woman dares to say that? Isn’t it necessary for you to treat me like this?" The blue sky was thinking angrily, but when I saw the talking woman, the blue sky opened its eyes wide because the speaker’s figure was simply super hot. Seeing the adult’s number one super breasts, the sexy and plump eyebrows and fat buttocks, this blue sky body was actually reflected.
Suddenly, a huge tent was erected across the blue sky, and the blue sky money was abundant. At this time, almost half of the women in front of the blue sky gave up the idea of dealing with the blue sky and ran to the dressing room with red faces.
The chain reaction caused by this mistake is huge. Some people have strong willpower, but the blue sky is huge. People who are moved and afraid are still opposed to the blue sky. At this time, the blue sky has also turned around and dared not look at the peerless stunner, but they didn’t want the stunner to angrily say to the blue sky, "What nasty things are going on in your head? But I didn’t expect you to hide it. Is it bigger than all men’s things I have ever seen …"
As if she realized that she had said something wrong, the stunner finally shut up, but then all the women in other directions knew what those women had escaped before. In a short time, there were less than four or five thousand people left in the huge team, so the blue sky was relieved, but the headache for the blue sky appeared. Two identical twins appeared from the crowd, and then the twins shouted at the blue sky
"Big Brother Blue Sky, hey hey, you have suffered."
Blue sky sighed in my heart, but I didn’t expect to see two little guys in such a place, but these two little guys were so hot and tight that it was blue sky. I didn’t expect to find that blue sky fixed its eyes on my chest and that private place, but they finally realized that they didn’t seem to be dressed yet, so they screamed and quickly disappeared into the sight of everyone.
Take a long breath, the blue sky knows that two troubles have finally gone, so it’s these more than 400 women who seem to be difficult to get rid of and have not left yet, but look at the blue sky naked. In the blue sky, you definitely have an exposure tendency or like to be seen by men. The blue sky thinks so, but I don’t want some of them to say, "I remember you. You are the man of the college for several years in a row and killed tens of thousands of people in the star game. I didn’t expect to fall into our hands today. I want to see if you are as bad as you said."
Even the word "blue sky" startled me, but at the moment, due to thousands of people walking away, the blue sky’s own momentum exploded again, which immediately attracted more than 400 women to reflect, and then I saw more than 400 women’s preparations, but the blue sky was funny to laugh, because these women’s postures were so attractive that they could not lure the blue sky to rest, and at the same time, the male figures grew stronger.
Many women obviously realize that their posture is shameful. If they dress and pose, it will be nothing. But at the moment, more than 400 women are crossing their legs, and their posture is beautiful and attractive, but even Du Qianqian blushes.
Scold again and again, and then more than 300 girls ran away blushing at their own pace of shame. At this moment, the blue sky is faced with these 100 blushing but extremely angry beauties, shaking their heads, and the blue sky eyes finally fell on all the women who were ashamed. Even the stunner who dared to say anything clamped her legs and protected her vital parts with her hands.
"Is that right? Do women just have to learn to protect themselves? Are you exposed to men like this? Do you like to expose yourself? Although you are all beautiful, you should also consider whether I like watching you?" The blue sky is a bit pushy, and this also makes the girls finally let go of their last reserve and rush to the blue sky. The blue sky was tight and didn’t care at all, but when the blue sky saw the women who were dressed behind them, it felt dangerous.
Looking back, fortunately, there was no one to guard the way out behind him, so he called the blue sky and pulled Du Qianqian and ran out, but when the blue sky went out, the whole person was shocked, because the blue sky saw tens of millions of men gathered at the door, and these people were staring at the blue sky with their eyes shining. Looking at the blue sky, my heart was straight.
"Mom, what are you looking at? I’m not a woman." Blue sky muttered in my heart, while thousands of beautiful women chased out the blue sky. At this time, it was great to see it, so I jumped with Du Qian’s little hand and stepped on the top of the dense crowd. Finally, more than a dozen people fell behind the blue sky and Du Qian reached the outermost part of the crowd, but they also heard a group of men swearing. Obviously, they were very concerned about the blue sky and Du Qian stepped on their heads.
Hum a blue sky. Naturally, I know that in such a crowded situation, I can’t be quiet and attack myself. The blue sky fled at that moment. When I looked back, I saw that ten thousand men had made a wide road, and on the other side, four or five thousand women of all colors rushed to the blue sky crazily.
"Wow, husband, they seem to be very angry. What should we do now?" Du Qian was worried, and the blue sky was a small hand pulled by Du Qian and ran to the largest and complicated joint main building of the joint college.
"Play hide-and-seek with them and go to find them in peace of mind. I don’t believe they will be more familiar with the structure of the Union Building than I am."
The blue sky proudly ran to the union main building, and the union main building became the symbol of the whole union college, which itself has a thousand stories and thousands of meters high. The union main building has a circular ladder leading to all floors and important places, which is like a maze. At the same time, it is a great scientific and technological achievement. Some ladders will even extend to independent tracks, and even pass through all this. Although it is not surprising at the moment, people who have done more than 1,000 circular passages in the blue sky can accurately take themselves to places with their superhuman memory.
When the blue sky enters the circular passage and travels around, thousands of beautiful women are also divided into several teams and occupy every track. In this way, the blue sky can’t escape from the palms of many women and become a male flower protector, so they also have it. That is to help the beautiful women find and chase the blue sky, but will the blue sky make it so easy for them to catch themselves? The main goal is to take Du Qianqian to their original class, then the blue sky finds Li Xinjing and tells them a few things briefly, and then the blue sky wants to be alone. When the blue sky came out, the girls went to their own independence with them. After bidding farewell to the blue sky, the girls walked to the outside of the United College, but the blue sky smiled slyly.
Chapter III Real Women
"I haven’t been so excited for a long time, so let’s have a good play with them today," Blue Sky said proudly.
The classroom where the blue sky is located knows that there are many people in the past, and what happened to the blue sky and several women is also very short. When several women left, the blue sky also officially acted on its own. However, before the action, the blue sky recalled the naked body of the thousand beautiful women. I had to think about this blue sky and my body reacted, but suddenly a noise made the blue sky know that someone was chasing here.
Out of the classroom, the blue sky saw a dozen women and a group of men running from one side of the circular staircase. The course had been finished more than an hour ago, but there were not many people who went home today. Otherwise, how could there be so many beautiful women swimming in the swimming center? And these thousands of people have gathered into a team of ten thousand people, but they have loosely guarded the past passages. If the blue sky wants to rush out of a passage, it will be attacked by less than ten people. Of course, for the blue sky, men should not care more about women, and the blue sky is still beautiful.
Watching more than a dozen men and women chase the blue sky to themselves, the joke took over the wind in an instant, and the tough character suddenly appeared in the swimming pool, and the blue sky disappeared. Of course, I didn’t expect that many people knew the blue sky for the whole United College. It was a blink of an eye to catch up with the blue sky, and people lost sight of it. This made the pursuers very angry, but whoever let the blue sky have nothing to do and always thought about seeing beautiful women turned every inch of the whole college around. Of course, there were many unknown secrets.
The United College has an extremely huge area, including nearly 1,000 students with different majors, and more than 200 million students. Even if the college walks for ten days, it will be possible to turn around. At the same time, it can be imagined how much perseverance in the blue sky is, and at the same time, it can be imagined how far the blue sky talked at that time. There are beautiful women in the base United College, and the blue sky has been seen and there are beautiful women in the class, and most of them know the blue sky.
After getting a lot of shit and being called a great title, the blue sky is also a big celebrity. Although it has not done anything nasty, its influence is not much better, but men usually find several excuses for themselves and call me a man. Of course, this reason is absolutely enough from a man’s point of view
After a quick dodge, the blue sky finally found a problem, that is, dozens of circular staircase passages seen by the blue sky were guarded by celebrities, but the blue sky didn’t know that in this short time, the number of people who stopped the blue sky team increased by tens of thousands. Although most people didn’t know what to stop the blue sky, the new entrants had tens of thousands of viewers who were killed in the final of the blue sky in the stars, so how could anyone give up such a good opportunity? I don’t know that some people have heard that they will stop the college for several years, and the man of the hour has also joined the sniper team. Therefore, it is strange to find that everyone who meets in every corner of the college is paying attention to themselves, as if they will come from all directions at any time to stop themselves.
Finally, this time, the blue sky knew what would happen. When the blue sky flashed by again and climbed from one floor to another skillfully, the blue sky finally heard a man talking about his position through a video dialogue machine, which made the blue sky instantly feel that everyone beside him would be hidden by crazy snipers.
At this time, the doors of the United College were occupied by groups of students. Looking at these students, they had the intention of never giving up the blue sky, but the blue sky was also difficult to dodge because of more and more people joining. Although there were many passages for short-term escape, I knew that the people in the passages were not in a few blue sky. I tried it once, and then I was almost stopped by a dozen beautiful women. Then the blue sky lost the idea of escaping from the passages.
What is ridiculous is that at the moment, the joint study has changed the major newspapers and campus news agencies, launched the most advanced investigation and reward, and interviewed several famous people in several colleges. Of course, these famous people are mostly women
"I must kill him …"
"Never let this pervert stay alive …"
"Such a shameful, despicable, mobile, dirty and filthy man is a disgrace to the whole United College …"
So one short live report after another was projected on the crystal of every classroom through the high-tech campus channel. When the blue sky escaped, when I saw these reports, I was very disdainful of the blue sky idea, such as the blue sky, but I really knew that I was absolutely unable to fight against more and more snipers. I really couldn’t figure out why I would be so unlucky. Can I really get rid of women? Of course, the blue sky idea was voluntary, but now he is passive and still makes the blue sky miserable. Passive blue sky is absolutely impossible to still have such a thing.
But obviously, the best solution at this moment is to sneak out without being found, and then stay at home for a while. Maybe it will be better after the wind. It’s blue sky, but I didn’t think that although women don’t care about their bodies being seen by men now, this man must be with themselves and want to, but the blue sky is a blessing. Monkey saw four or five thousand beautiful women naked, and the scenery made the blue sky still in a slight excitement.
Close your eyes, the blue sky was fantasized in such a situation, but a rush of footsteps made the blue sky instantly fantasized. I also wondered if I made a wrong decision and should escape from the Union College when I escaped. Now I am being tracked and blocked by so many people. This is not the blue sky’s desire to play, nor is it such a way to play. Who knows if I will play myself to death later?
Suddenly hiding in the blue sky not far away, I saw a teacher-like person passing by. Suddenly, the blue sky came with an idea. There was a smile at the corner of my mouth. The blue sky dumped her long black hair and then walked over to the female teacher and said, "Teacher, let me help you. You are tired of carrying so many things."
However, I didn’t expect this young female teacher’s face turned red and hesitated for a moment, so she handed the accumulated things in her hands to the blue sky. At this moment, the blue sky has also seen its original place. More than a dozen men and women have seen their blue sky and there is a smile at the corner of their mouth, but they are thinking that these guys can’t do anything to me with this teacher.
So the blue sky followed the teacher’s side and walked forward, but while walking, he was trying to find a way to escape.
"I seem to have seen you there and feel so familiar …" The female teacher said with a puzzled look at the blue sky.
But the blue sky was surprised in my heart and thought that you wouldn’t be swimming in front, right? The blue sky was trying to make a speech when she saw the female teacher say excitedly, "I remember that your name is blue sky. Is there a lot more joint network than you reported? But what will you be here? Your teaching area should be over there …"
The blue sky looked at the teacher in disbelief and was about to speak when she saw the female teacher tighten her clothes in horror and looked at the blue sky warily and said, "What do you want? Do you have any bad ideas?"
The blue sky is completely dizzy. I wonder how this teacher is so emotional that she is an anthomaniac. How did she make friends with the blue sky? I didn’t think that there were many people on the big planet who had never studied martial arts or self-defense skills. At present, this teacher is just a blue sky and was ready to explain it clearly. But this teacher must be so imaginative that she always pays attention to the blue sky. When the blue sky opened her mouth and was about to speak, the female teacher’s body actually trembled, and this scene was being seen by more than a dozen men and women in front. Some people have obviously seen what this female teacher is wearing. The students in the United College must respect the teacher. If anything disrespects the teacher, they will be severely punished. Although these students feel a little wrong, they decided to wait and see.
"Blue Sky classmate, will you leave me alone? I won’t tell the leaders of the United College about your bullying me," the female teacher said nervously.
"What on earth do you mean …" The blue sky yelled. This is because the blue sky has been unbearable. The teacher gave him a blow. Seeing the blue sky, he then said, "What have I done to you? I helped you with such a heavy thing. Do you doubt me? Do students have to be suspected and wronged by the teacher for doing good to the teacher? I will sue you to court and say that you insult my personality and dignity …"
The blue sky said so many words in one breath, but it scared the female teacher. First, the female teacher screamed, and then there were tears in her eyes. On the other side, a dozen men and women finally couldn’t help running over, but they didn’t speak, but they heard the beautiful female teacher apologizing to the blue sky, so they called these guys and almost fainted. Obviously, the blue sky is almost dizzy at this moment. It was unexpected that a teacher could make such a childish mistake.
But the blue sky is like knowing that this teacher will be so afraid of her. The reason is that this teacher often publishes some professional articles on the United Network and also likes to browse the news of a school. However, the probability of the blue sky network is constantly increasing. Until the end, many people have to make some people indifferent to this matter. Many people know that there is such a person as the blue sky, but the comments on the blue sky are different. However, it happened that this female teacher focused on the blue sky bullying and lewdness. This time, she saw the blue sky. When the blue sky was kind enough to help him with his things, this made the sensitive teacher feel very surprised and unacceptable. Later, he recognized that the blue sky was the person of the United Network, and he was so shy and always afraid that a pervert would appear in his body. Naturally, others were extremely scared.
What’s more, this teacher is the most timid teacher in the whole union college and the most shy teacher. This time, the blue sky met her, which was obviously unpredictable by the blue sky. The original blue sky wanted to rely on the teacher’s unique identity in the union college to pass this, and then she was looking for an opportunity to escape from the surrounding ladder, but in this way, the plan was knocked down.
"You are the blue sky. Why do you bully Miss Lin …" A boy shouted a joke angrily at the blue sky. It was such a great opportunity and a man didn’t want to get ahead. What’s worse, the teacher also ranked in the college beauty list.
There is something unpleasant in the blue sky. At this moment, the blue sky is surrounded by these guys. If this teacher didn’t know that a battle would be kicked off in the blue sky, it’s a pity that the college text stipulates that it is a terrible thing for an informal fighter to be discovered by a teacher. At this moment, the blue sky will never care.
On the contrary, Blue Sky paid no attention to these things, but said to the teacher Lin, "Teacher, let’s go to the Teachers’ College. The United College has a fixed teachers’ college, but at the moment, this beautiful teacher Lin hesitated. Because of her timid personality, she never dared to be with Blue Sky, but what Blue Sky said earlier made the teacher feel very afraid, and even worse, she didn’t have martial arts and her blue sky family was so huge. This teacher was hesitating.
Blue sky was depressed, and I thought that if you didn’t leave, a large crowd would come around. I couldn’t leave even if I wanted to, so I walked forward when the teacher was not ready to hold the teacher’s hand. The teacher was shocked and struggled sharply, but the blue sky struggled more and more, and the strength of his hand grew stronger. In the end, the teacher was dragged by the blue sky and left tears in injustice.
"How can you put Miss Lin’s hand like this?" A few students have already spoken. Of course, there have been women who have been seen naked by the blue sky, while those men are in selfishness and men’s minds.
"Ah, no, no, I asked the blue sky students to help me …" Before the blue sky was over, the beautiful teacher Lin had explained the blue sky for the blue sky mouth in fear, and she was surprised when everyone stared in astonishment and entered the surrounding ladder, so the ladder went around to the teachers’ college, but the news that the blue sky appeared was also sent out, so she called thousands of students to gather at the teachers’ college from all directions.
After sending a message to Li Xinjing, Blue Sky and Mr. Lin also went to the special passage of Teachers College, so they called in all directions to watch the blue sky, and they were very uneasy to step into Teachers College.
When I entered the Teachers College, the blue sky was relieved, and the teacher Lin’s hand was also loosened by the blue sky. The blue sky bowed respectfully to the beautiful teacher and said, "Thank you, Miss Lin. I will repay you. If the teacher needs help, you can call me …"
The young teacher Lin’s eyes were red with injustice, but she didn’t dare to say a word. She deserved it. If she was timid and bold, she could see her expression in the blue sky, and she was not happy. She quickly said, "Miss Lin, I won’t do anything to you. Those people are chasing me. I need to stay in the teachers’ college for a while …"
"What, don’t you still want to be with me …" Miss Lin cried in horror again. The weak expression made the blue sky heart crazy, and at the same time, she also admitted that she was so bad. Why would this teacher be so afraid of herself?
It’s been almost a month since the blue sky went to dream starry day, but the name of the blue sky has not appeared in the United College for the reason of killing people in the past month, but it is remembered by several people for various reasons. It is even more unexpected that the blue sky has made such a sensation as soon as it arrived at the United College. Although it is not blue sky, the fact is that the blue sky is waiting for Li Xinjing’s arrival at this moment, because Li Xinjing is a college teacher and has a college to arrange teachers’ accommodation and office space, and the blue sky is ready to stay in the Teachers College until those guys leave.
At the moment, Li Xinjing is also coming to the Teachers’ College through the surrounding passage of the United College, but several other women have not followed. This is naturally that more things are better than less. When Li Xinjing arrives, the blue sky has been fighting against this beautiful teacher. It seems that it is neither right nor wrong for Li Xinjing to do it in her eyes, but she knows that she is an equally beautiful woman after all, and she is such a weak and timid woman. Li Xinjing appreciates such a woman to some extent. Seeing this time, Miss Lin always pays attention to the blue sky move. Because she has no time to speak of, she seems to be.
Li Xinjing grumpily came forward and pulled Miss Lin to her side to comfort her, but Miss Lin was relieved and blushed, but she didn’t know what to do.
"Calm down, you’re finally here. If you don’t come, I’m going to bore her to death. I’ve never seen such a timid woman …" Blue sky grumbled but didn’t want this teacher Lin to suddenly stare at blue sky and novel a pervert, but blue sky ears are sensitive and naturally heard.
"If you don’t want to be a teacher, I’m afraid of you. I can always pinch your coward teacher in the palm of my hand and play like a ball …" After that, the blue sky realized that he had gone too far, although he was timid, he was a teacher after all. In case the timid teacher reacted to the top level, he would unite tens of thousands of people to crusade against the team, so he was arrogant, his family was as powerful as he was, and he was going to be driven out of the campus.

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