"Hehe, what is that?" Zuo Tangtang was filled with anger. "It’s not to send or ignore. What are you talking about?" What is it that can bless me like that and reply like a stranger! "

"Because I don’t know what I should say!" Being questioned by Zuo Tangtang, Mu Yunxian finally spoke his true feelings.
"I don’t know what to say?" Zuo Tangtang found that the original anger, injustice and dissatisfaction in her heart seemed to be gone at the moment, and at the same time, a kind of sadness that seemed to cool people’s hearts could not be prevented from spreading.
Don’t know what to say?
Hmm. How interesting
Don’t know what to say?
Zuo Tangtang smiled coolly in his heart.
Greet each other every day in the game, and tell her not to stay up late at night and urge her to remember to eat breakfast. When she is sad, take her to various unknown places to see the scenery. She can ride a horse to all corners of the game map at any time.
Now, now, I don’t know what to say.
Zuo Tangtang feels like a joke. She remembers everything that happened to them, but such a person who gets along with her almost every day tells her that he can’t respond to her news.
Oh, no
Her short message also contains the sentence that she has been ignoring but has been buried in her heart-like.
Is he unable to respond to this?
Zuo Tangtang sneered.
Can’t all kinds of things in the game represent love?
She has always kept some words unsaid, and it is also a very beautiful thing for both sides to understand each other.
But now it seems that some people are afraid to admit it.
She said yes, love is like a dagger that pierces the window paper. Even if it is hazy, no matter how beautiful it is, she still hopes that the shimmer in it can really be owned by herself, so that others can not know it, and that person in the window paper can know his mind.
However, Zuo Tangtang found that both of them longed for each other, and the shimmer was just a joke. She summoned up the courage to pierce the paper and saw and felt the darkness that was cold into the bone marrow.
So what on earth did she do to stay here so pitifully and know this ridiculous truth?
[123 Chapter one hundred and twenty-five Channel that thing]
"Yeah, I know." Zuo Tangtang fought back a lump in his throat and said casually, "Thank you for talking to me today."
Thank you very much. The mouse slowly moved to the exit button on the right side of the crooked panel. Zuo Tangtang paused. So be it.
"That’s it?" From just hasn’t been talking MuYun idle said also let the original ready to quit Zuo Tangtang temporarily stopped.
"That’s it? What about it? " Mu Yun said casually, "Don’t say goodbye again?"
Zuo Tangtang’s hand slipped slowly from the mouse, but in less than a second, Zuo Tangtang clenched the mouse eyes again without staring at the brain screen. Instead, he silently looked at the table and took a deep breath. Zuo Tangtang said in the coldest voice that he could do at this time, "Goodbye then."
"Are you sure you want to see me again? Never see again? " MuYun idle laughs at "and what did you just know? Or what do you know? "
Zuo Tangtang is silent.
"I said I don’t know what I said. What are you?" Mu Yunxian went on to say, "Yes, I’m telling the truth. You feel like nothing, but when you send a text message, when it is sent at other times of the game, I feel at a loss, which means that the meaning is different."
This is a reality, not a game. It took me a long time to reply to your message, and I also replied with a thank you, because I really didn’t know what to say.
I heard that Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help but say, "So you are now …"
"Now I actually said that I don’t know how to respond now. Will you leave?" Mu Yunxian Nai said, "Just give me a little time, okay?"
At one o’clock?
Zuo Tangtang thought
I didn’t think about it, I didn’t ask them, and I didn’t talk to each other, but Zuo Tangtang seemed to understand the meaning behind Mu Yunxian.
This is my original intention, including deceiving my left mother and father to come to Su Orange, and also including going to inquire about the news of S city. No one knows all this.
Mu Yunxian didn’t promise her because she likes to go crazy. She generally wants to blend into the world with him. Other cities want to come with him every morning, breathing the same city atmosphere, enjoying the sunshine in the same city and polluting the rain in the same city.
She pays attention to reality.
Unlike other girls, unlike in that virtual game, everyone has a tacit understanding and doesn’t talk about reality. Sometimes she is so stupid and always naive. Others will always be as stupid as her, and some things will always be sure if they work hard by themselves.
However, being a man can never be centered on himself, not the sun that limits people’s warmth, but the way to make everyone around you.
What’s wrong with Mu Mu telling him to give him some at this time?
Originally, her thank-you sentence was a polite denial to her, a little admiration for her in the game, and he was as fond of her as he was of her.
It doesn’t seem so bad now.
Now when Mu Mu asks if she can give him some, can she give it?
If you give it, it means that a silly girl like her probably gave him a sincere heart again.
Even though it’s naive to know that this is true, Zuo Tangtang just can’t help it. When he knows that there is someone to trust and attach to, Zuo Tangtang will be unprepared physically and mentally to be nice to that person.
Just like a gambling, a slight carelessness is a scale injury.
Zuo Tangtang used to be dependent and injured, but like Su Orange said, this girl is so lazy that she has to distinguish each other’s sincerity and hypocrisy. Even if the other party gives her a little benefit, she can always think about this person after doing anything.
After all, being silly to a person sometimes really doesn’t need to think so much.
Like this time
Is she really willing to bathe? Has she really moved her bit by bit?
Zuo Tangtang can’t do it.
Zuo Tangtang finally spat out a word after a long silence.
"Today … actually, I didn’t plan to play games today." Muyun said after hearing Zuo Tangtang’s words with a sigh of relief, "but I think if I don’t contact you again, I may not contact you again."
In fact, you will also contact me. Zuo Tangtang wants to come and persuade her like an orange. After that, she plans to play games in a few days.
But some people will probably never really treat it again.
"We … talked about me now. I have something to do. I’ll leave you alone now. It’s also good to go to bed early." Muyun continued
"Uh-huh," Zuo Tangtang replied. In fact, she can’t finish it at the moment. She should be very intimate as usual, calling for a long rest and so on.
She is left alone in the channel again.
Zuo Tangtang hesitated for a long time and finally scratched her hair with pain, because now she suddenly feels that even if they just talked it over, the problem seems to be solved, but that text message
Is the response to the sentence "I like you" the same as the sentence "Give me some time"?
The soul is pale!
Zuo Tangtang hung his head in frustration. After all, it takes a lot of courage for a girl to say such a thing.
But what about just now?
Did she seem to be sent away like this unconsciously?
Ah! Really!

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