It’s still kelp breathing evenly and smoothly without a word, but the cat ear mother didn’t care, and continued

"But hoof hoof is really these things, she can also directly ignore it without saying a word? Learn from us, right? " Cat Ear Niang said that she was a little smirked.
"When no one relies on it, I will do my best to carry it." This time, kelp is faintly connected.
By …
That’s why you gave me such news when I was trying to help hooves out.
Cat Ear Niang smiles at the open private chat box in front of her eyes, which is somewhat inscrutable.
[Private chat] Don’t talk with less salt in seaweed soup.
Zuo Tangtang, who has always been forgetful, was interrupted by Pikachu this time. It was really temporarily forgotten that she was still in the heart.
After rushing to wash up, my mouth still couldn’t stop muttering until I curled up in bed and the darkness hung over Zuo Tangtang’s eyes again. It seemed that the night was silent and lonely, which called back Zuo Tangtang’s memory.
She …
Zuo Tangtang’s lips moved slightly to say something to himself, but in the end he swallowed the words that almost poured into his throat.
Forget it. It’s time to solve something.
Even if you put more, you won’t be reluctant to care more, but in the end, you will never deceive yourself, so it will continue.
What are you doing in such a play?
They … Something really has changed.
But …
I think of the chaos I just experienced, and my face is as still as a puppet, and my look has changed. Even if it is a fleeting smile, it does mean that my mood has improved somewhat.
Pikaqiu is really in such a bad mood, and she’s still in such a pit like a batting practice. Where did she learn this bad habit … Zuo Tangtang complained slightly that she was very graceful when she first met him …
Oh, oh, right, speaking of which, when will the first man, the first man, get the top spot on the list? It’s too hard to catch up with that.
Deliberately thinking about things seems to have stuffed a lot of things into her head, which can stop her from thinking about some things, even though she knew in her heart that she had to face them.
It’s time to have a good rest …
Zuo Tangtang stretched his body and turned it over, slowly closing his eyes.
She has to ask questions about the answer every day.
Sue orange feel really like a child in the morning to take care of the left young master food and clothing daily life.
What time is it? The gentleman is still in the house. He must have played games late last night.
This girl still has some music in her heart!
Sue orange angrily thought.
Although she is better than her, she should be prepared for everything, but she can’t be a little nervous with the interview just around the corner! Even if it is to accompany her to watch soap operas to comfort her, it is excellent!
As a result, this girl is not only playing games every day, but also not leaving her bedroom door!
Holding a thick stack of information, Su Orange came directly to break into the house and was preparing for lion roars when he was surprised to find that this person was not staying in bed …
Looking back, Zuo Tangtang is sitting in front of his brain.
Sue orange this already dispersed anger dally up again.
Eat, eat!
Sleep! Sleep!
Have fun!
This left pig is really a pig! This is to make up for when she didn’t play a few years ago!
She thinks it’s a good thing she’s not aunt Zuo. If she has such a daughter, she will be absolutely angry!
"Left pig! You are enough! " Sue orange approached Zuo Tangtang angrily again but suddenly stopped.
Because …
In front of Zuo Tangtang, her brain root is a black screen …
All walked away from the past, looking at leaning back in the chair with a worried face and looking out the window, I don’t know where my thoughts are wandering, and Zuo Tangtang Su Orange’s mood gradually calmed down.
"Left pig, what are you looking at?" Sue orange asked softly.
"ah? Oh, just sit here without looking at anything. "At this time, Zuo Tangtang realized that Su Orange had just come to Su Orange and she didn’t hear a row of angry roars.
"This is …" Sue orange sharp-eyed saw a thing from the table.
"Nothing" was picked up before Su Orange came. Zuo Tangtang quickly put away the paper-like thing.
Gently close the drawer Zuo Tangtang tilted his head and looked back at the side with a curious face. Su Orange asked, "What can I do for you?"
"Er … nothing, nothing, just that you are still sleeping." Su Orange, the left pig, really felt quite unaccustomed to this kind and polite early in the morning and responded with a wave of his hand.

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