"Let or not?"

Lu Changyuan’s eyes were wet and persistent and said, "You can’t go."
"oh! Very good. "
Hard enough! This attitude of sticking to the end is doubtful. He doesn’t feel at fault.
Xiao Jing was tired of flying him to the ground and lifting his feet.
Suddenly, his steps were caught.
Looking down, it turned out that Liu Changyuan fell down and still grabbed his ankle.
Lift one’s feet and be clenched harder.
Lu Changyuan’s canthus moist sound vicissitudes of life "by me"
He said, "I threw the sword and I picked it up."
Besides, he knows best and can get it back in the first place if he throws it in the place.
Xiao Jing coldly watched him open his mouth and finally did not refuse.
"Ahem …"
Spit out another big mouthful of blood
The man got up slowly and staggered two steps, one deep and one shallow, into the darkness.
That figure is somewhat lonely and the sleeves are even more tragic.
On the cliff, Liu Changyuan looked sad, and his eyes seemed to flash with tears. He was so sad and desperate that he couldn’t find an escape route.
It’s okay to walk on thin ice.
He suddenly changed from high above the sword and everyone shouted to kill the devil, and the moment of regret was not tormenting his heart.
Love is born out of regret.
Two kinds of intense emotions are relatively resistant, such as cold water pouring into hot oil and splashing hot oil beads, which make people scarred
Liu Changyuan touched his chest and it still hurts.
Take two steps forward, half a step away from the abyss
At this time, the cool old figure floated on the simple ring and advised, "You can’t go because it’s too small."
After seeing him, Lu Changyuan took the ring and confessed, "If I can’t come back, you can find another master or go to the younger brother to help him. If he is successful, he won’t forget you."
Lu Changyuan has made up his mind to brew bitter fruit himself, and he will swallow it on his knees.
Jumped into the cliff in a lifetime
After he disappeared, he disappeared into the sea like a drop of water, whether he was dead or alive.
On the other side, Xiao Jing can’t rest assured that he is still coming.
His surly face stopped at the edge of the cliff to have a look, which was like a sense of terror in hell.
Step forward and shake your body slightly.
At this time, a virtual shadow sighed, "Is he dead?"
Xiao Jing "still can’t die"
If you die, the plot will collapse
Leng Lao was quite surprised and asked, "Are you not puzzled when you see me?"
Picking up the ring, Xiao Jing asked faintly, "Does Liang always let you find me?"
At this moment, Liang Lao was very surprised that "you …" was hidden deep enough.
He is unknown in Liu Yuan Bai.
Hunting in the cold wind at night
Xiao Jing waited at the edge of the cliff for six days.
Another night, the blood fog still stinks, but there is movement at the bottom of the cliff.
The magic gas chaos seemed to be stirred by a big hand and then stepped back a hundred feet.
A figure jumped to the edge of the cliff but fell to the ground with unsteady steps.
A look impressively is Liu Changyuan.
At this time, he was bloody and showed dense bones, and there was a deep bone scar on his right face. Only one hand seemed to be broken, and his shoulder blade was drooping, but he insisted on holding a sword.
It’s hard to imagine what he went through at the bottom of the cliff.
The injury has made him tremble with pain, and his eyes are a little distracted.
Slightly open your eyes and see the person in front of you, Liu Changyuan, pulling the corners of your mouth. It seems that you want to laugh but dare not, but your eyes are dyed bright.
"Teacher … teacher younger brother …"
The sound was too small to hear Xiao Jing, but he read his mouth.
At this moment, the man cried and laughed and tried his best to push the sword out a little bit.
Full of magic tattoo face tears and inexplicable sadness.
Xiao Jing was cold. He picked up the southern bucket sword in his prayers and turned to go.
Lu Changyuan’s heart sank with a sluggish fundus, and deep despair was worse than death in his indifference.
Suddenly he turned his head and said coldly, "Do you want me to help you?"

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