"It’s over 50 meters. It’s estimated that this passage is only a few points." Looking at the more than 50 meters of twelve places in the shower at your gun, I am crying.

Twelve doppelgangers managed to break away from the first half of the gun-tip shower, and thousands of lives were lost. They reached the central part of the hundred-meter-long passage, so they should be safe. Unfortunately, no one thought that a more dangerous moment was coming.
"Brush brush brush …"
At the end of the dense gun tip shower, several sharp arrows and spears were immediately shot out from the walls on both sides. 3541, 357, 3524, 367 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Therefore, the extra 12-fold phantom doppelganger supported three rounds of attack by the backstabbing spear, and then directly "touched" and dissipated in the air of the corridor street. I’m afraid no one would believe that such an ordinary corridor street would be a fierce place if there were not all the backstabbing spears on the ground.
"The speed of backstabbing and spearing is so fast. It seems that we are in trouble this time." Looking at the hundreds of messy backstabbing left by the corridors and streets, I know that the four of us are not only in trouble this time, but also in great trouble.
After all, let’s not say that the second round of stab in the back is just the first round of gun-tip shower. Crystal Crysal and Long Xiao are afraid that even a round of gun-tip shower can’t resist, let alone break through the whole corridor and street.
"Dragon Soul Leader, it is not convenient to speculate that this tunnel is dangerous and abnormal with you," said the two women slowly. "I think it is better for you two friends to return to the seaside of Mingdao and wait for my boat."
"hmm? Not good! " At the same time, the entrance at the top of the rear step is slowly closed while the width of the machine is ringing. Because the entrance is closed too fast and we still have a short distance to add the bottom, the entrance has been closed by the machine before we can react.
Looking at the blink of an eye, the entrance channel was blocked. God shook his head and smiled bitterly. "This time we have no escape route. It seems that we can go forward and see who the mysterious figure who invited us in is?"
"But what if we cross this corridor street?" I looked at the two women beside me and said slowly, "After all, now we have no way out, so it is unrealistic for them to return to the seaside safely and wait for the boat, and it is impossible for us to leave them here?"
"Dragon Soul Leader, how far can you fly when you are drunk with fairy Mochizuki Ayumu and fairy Fengyun, plus the snow mark?" Bite god suddenly thought about what immediately asked.
I still have confidence in my lightness skill posture. After all, these three unique skills are all the top lightness skill posture in the world, and I can reach the opposite area in an instant after all the three techniques are applied together.
"Well, what if you carry a person?" God said slowly, "If a person can reach the safety zone 100 meters away in an instant, then your two friends can rely on your three-style lightness skill posture to take them directly to the opposite safety zone."
"Well, to be on the safe side, I’ll try to get through this corridor alone." Although I’m confident, I still can’t be careless. After all, if anything happens to this matter, Crystal Crysal or Dragon Smile will probably die.
"Drunk fairy Mochizuki Ayumu! 」
When the three lightness skill posture skills cooled down and recovered (there are two facts), my foot immediately stepped out of Mochizuki Ayumu, the drunkest fairy of Shu Mountain’s lightness skill, and her figure was as fast as a ghost and she ran across the narrow and dangerous 100-meter passage corridor.
"Swish swish swish …"
As soon as I stepped into the 100-meter channel, the gun-tip shower immediately shot from it. The density was still the same as before. It was still the same as the’ door panel’. When I fell from an oblique angle, I didn’t dodge.
However, Hum-Hum’s ghostly posture in Mochizuki Ayumu, although the gun tip shower is still like a’ door panel’, still let me go straight through the past. I have to say that when the speed is approaching the limit, these falling from an oblique angle to shoot the gun tip shower root will have no effect.
"Fairy Fengyun vitality! 」
Mochizuki Ayumu, a drunken fairy, instantly broke through the shower at the tip of your gun, which directly led me to the center of the 100-meter corridor, that is, the 12-fold phantom member met the spear with an arrow in the back, which also made them fall in danger of life and death. In this place, I dare not neglect at all, so the fairy’s vitality immediately flashed forward like a gust of wind.
Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh ………….
Blessed with the Immortal Fengyun Body Art, the number of backstabbing arrows I passed was so fast that I rushed out from both sides in an attempt to intercept and strangle me. Unfortunately, the speed of Immortal Fengyun Body Art was too fast. Although these random arrows were not slow, they looked like turtles crawling slowly in front of the advanced posture of Fairy Fengyun Body Art in Shushan.
Relying on the fairy wind and cloud vitality, the high-speed sprint finally crossed the 25-meter volley range. When it was already safe, the walls on both sides of the front suddenly dried up and set off a huge fire. Four flame balls were mixed with hot flame breath and quickly attacked me.
"Through the snow! 」
Can we defend here now? After all, these fireballs continue one after another. Before the first wave of four fireballs is over, I saw the second wave of fireballs coming from the fire wall. If we are delayed by these fireballs, I am afraid we will not die.
Therefore, the magic shoe’s trick of the same name, stepping on the snow mark, quickly stepped out like a dragonfly, and quickly’ clicked’ the first four and then four, and a total of flame balls reached the safety zone 25 meters away.
"Hoo!" I turned around and looked at the 100-meter passage corridor just now. I was crying and coughing. If I didn’t have the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu and the fairy Fengyun’s body stepping on the snow, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to cross this 100-meter distance. Alas, I’m also in trouble now. If I were anyone else, I’m afraid I would be suspicious.
"Relying on the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu, the fairy wind and cloud vitality and the snow mark, these three postures of flying skills are just right to get here safely, but …" I have to worry about looking at the fire ball attack that suddenly took place at the last moment. "I’m afraid it’s quite difficult to bring another person into this passage."
The tenth chapter hundred meters channel ()
Although it is difficult to carry a person, how can we know without a test? Therefore, when the cooling time of the Three-style Lightness Skill Body Method ended, I went straight from the end in reverse, and in a blink of an eye, I broke through the flame ball, the hidden arrow spear tip shower and reached the entrance of the passage.
"Dragon soul leader such as? Are you sure you can carry them safely to the opposite side by relying on the three-type lightness skill posture? " God saw me coming back from the opposite side by flying posture, and immediately asked about it.
"1% can’t say it, but at least I can be 70% sure." After the test just now, I know something about this dangerous and abnormal 100-meter passage. Although this 100-meter road is dangerous and abnormal, it is easy for me to have the three-type top flying posture.
That’s why I dare to claim to be 70% sure.

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