Can get out first!

Looking at the wall at hand, Ye Lingfeng hesitated, his eyes were blurred by blood, and he could hold on and put another move. Ye Lingfeng has seen the thickness and resilience of the wall, and the last move must be to deal with the damn wall, but this short distance is full of dead bodies, which is like a choice!
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three, weird Liang He (6)
"It seems that there is some trouble!"
The long front sleeve touched a pair of eyes and blood! Slightly restored some line of sight Ye Lingfeng eyes staring at the dead body as if someone is in control!
I don’t know why Ling Ye Feng always feels as if she is being watched. It’s weird and uncomfortable!
At the moment Ye Lingyu appeared, Ye Lingfeng knew that there must be someone else in this lifeless Lianghe City. When he received Ye Lingyu instantly, he would not hesitate to destroy the passage with the sword drawing technique.
It will take some time for even the top experts to come out of it after such a violent explosion!
I thought about rushing out of town, but now it seems a little naive!
At the moment, Ling Ye Feng was really tired. Killing King Tiger desperately was forced to resist and it was also caused by his passion. But this time, Ling Ye Feng was really tired, not his body. His body was already riddled with injuries and bleeding, and he didn’t care anymore.
This time, I am tired, I have too many things to do, too many people to consider, too many people to accommodate, and I have to do it.
If he had a choice, he would rather go far away to marry an ordinary woman and have a pair of children, just like himself and his sister, and then tell them the story of Zhongzhou, watch women pick flowers and cook tea, and occasionally he can talk about love and write poems himself! How nice it is to ignore all this!
At the moment, Ye Lingfeng has to do something he doesn’t want to do, just like that sentence, everyone’s life is not his own since birth!
Everyone is born with a different fate. Some people may reach for food with a golden key, but they are not academic, but they are worried about food, clothing and leisure, leading a group of slaves to flirt with beautiful women.
Some people struggle to fetch water and chop wood to read, earn a living or learn, and think hard about climbing. Maybe some people succeed, get lucky, collect money, do business, make a fortune, and become valued by big people in their families, but more people have passed away like that. In the end, their parents ordered the matchmaker to marry an ugly woman who had never seen or known beauty, and then repeat this day!
In fact, in the final analysis, everyone is just trying to live at first, but some people will change later!
Ye Lingfeng asked himself that he had changed a lot, from the inexperienced child who wanted to win his mother’s smile to deep and calm, and no one saw through the master of Yin Shuang Pavilion. From the simple kindness that needs the elder sister to protect the child’s growth for one year, it is decided that several people will live and die; From the man who had to rely on his master’s wings to seek peace, the fallen man became an empire, and the dragon and phoenix among the people who could not be underestimated, from the boy who once lost a girl to give up his revenge, to a romantic and unruly man who calmly faced his lover and left.
But no matter how it changes, there are always some things that will not change!
The wall is near, and behind Ye Lingfeng are several dead bodies that are growing again.
He can’t forget that when the child was sent away by his mother, he helped him forget his sister. When he killed for the first time, he was afraid. He couldn’t forget that the master looked at him at his deathbed. He couldn’t forget that he was lonely when he saw Chuqinghe again. He couldn’t forget Su Mei’s words when he revealed his heart to him.
"I don’t care how many men have slept together."
Desolate, he can’t forget to sing the frost pavilion. The wind and evil in World War I would rather die than retreat. He can’t forget that Cen Zhong was calm when he made everything white.
On what he did and how many mistakes he made, such as unscrupulous and ruthless, there are always some people behind him who silently support him and understand him!
"People always have some persistence."
Lan Chenxi said that once he didn’t understand how a father was forced by several people and eventually died of leaving a message. How can a girl face everything calmly? Now he understands Lan Chenxi and says that sentence.
"Whether the sword is right or wrong is human!" What a time!
Maybe this is life!
If you know what you can’t do, you must do it. If you know whether you are dead, thousands of people will die!
"The last step!"
Looking at the front wall, Ye Lingfeng suddenly smiled, so bright eyes burst into bright light and lit up the dark and dark Lianghe City.
It should be a symbol of terror. At this moment, the purple eyes are abnormal, and the strange shadow of the underworld behind them is also so soft. At this moment, Ye Lingfeng walks in the blood of the corpse mountain, but like a fairy Buddha, the sacred hand gently unfolds the blood wings of Ye Lingyu’s legs.
Brilliant flames penetrated the city wall, and you can see the charming eyes outside the city wall and Su Mei’s worried eyes.
Smiled as if waving goodbye Ye Lingyu was thrown out of the wall!
Then Ling Ye Feng Xiao solidified a pair of dark green claws and penetrated his sharp nails. It was so terrible!
But Ye Lingfeng is still laughing that what he wants to do has been finished.
Looking at the wall healing slowly, it seems that Su Mei is calling anxiously, but he can’t hear you!
"You damn it! Let my prisoner go, but even with you! "
The black weirdo broke free from the ruins and came at the first time, but he was still one step ahead of Ye Lingfeng.
"Don’t worry, I’ll let you enjoy the most beautiful punishment in the world, but you can’t live or die!"
Black weirdo hoarse voice sounded in Ye Lingfeng ear, but he smiled!
"You don’t have that chance!"
Ye Lingfeng slowly walked the claw toxin into the heart, but he felt the same. He walked slowly. The black weirdo wanted to continue to attack, but suddenly he found that his body could not move.
"Don’t white mind! The most bizarre of the seven artifacts of the Silent Staff War is that I think you have heard of it! "
Black weirdo one leng, he is not white in front of the boy what on earth is thinking!
Slowly turning around, Ye Lingfeng showed a white tooth. "Although I am curious about your so-called most beautiful punishment, it seems that there is no chance. I can hold on for a while. If I can’t kill you, then you can get a corpse!"
"What are you going to do?"
The staff of silence worked in the past, but the black man resumed his action, but he was not in a hurry to attack. He saw that Ye Lingfeng was now at the end of his life. He didn’t know that Ling Ye Maple was like a comeback in this place where this method absorbed spiritual power!
"Do what? Just a last fight! "
As Ling Ye maple sound slowly falls behind him, a black hole appears, which is a sinister wind blowing through the passage leading to the underworld.
Black weirdo stretched out his hand and condensed out a mass of black fog, ready to interrupt Ye Lingfeng’s double cultivation of ghosts and ghosts. Black weirdo didn’t know this passage of the underworld, but he felt that it was not a good thing!
But for a moment, he froze and felt so familiar that he couldn’t move!
"Don’t look at me like this! Not a staff of silence! It’s my unique move. Ivylinna Lee seals his opponent at a certain time according to the strength of both sides. The action is instant! I failed once! "
Ye Lingfeng smiled and explained to the black weirdo that the passage of the underworld behind him seemed to be in danger, not him but the black weirdo opposite!
"You are confident!"
The black-robed weirdo just felt that he had lost his Ivylinna Lee effect only to find that Ye Lingfeng was behind him with another Ivylinna Lee.
"How many times can this move be?"
Nodding Ye Lingfeng admitted the words of the black-robed weirdo, but his words made the black-robed weirdo fall into an ice cave. "I can do it again!"
At the moment, a dark figure has formed behind Ye Lingfeng’s passage to the underworld. Ye Lingfeng is smiling and blood is flowing from the corners of his mouth!
Life or death is left to heaven to witness! What a pity!
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four, Ye Lingfeng and Shen Yao
"Desire is intertwined with sin, arrival! Cover all darkness! "
Ye Lingfeng raised his right hand to guide the darkness in the underworld passage, and a man wearing a black cloak and holding an inexplicable pike slowly came out!

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