The magic bullet produced the effect at the first time. The magic power of Baidu Ice quickly froze the blade of the axe.

"Whoo!" When the crocodile king saw this, he immediately raised his axe to break the ice on the axe blade. At the same time, the night wind had loaded Yan Di’s bullet into the magazine.
"bang!" The red-violet Yandi bullet hit the target first before the crocodile king swung the axe to the ground-it was still a huge axe blade.
Emperor Yan’s bomb produced an effect, and the high temperature of the flame melted and disappeared the ice of the axe in one second.
Crocodile king looked at the thawed axe in his hand and turned his eyes back to the night wind. "Although I don’t know what you are doing, thank you for thawing me." Speaking, crocodile king had chopped an axe at the night wind and the hurricane blew again-crocodile king didn’t find that his axe had a slight crack in this wave.
The night wind flashed left to attack, and fired three shots at the axe blade with their guns!
"bang! Bang! Hey! " Three bullets hit the target successively.
"Click …" After a light and harsh sound, the cracks in the axe blade increased rapidly and expanded out of control.
When the crocodile king saw it, he was immediately surprised to take back the axe, but there was no way to stop it from collapsing-the fourth bullet had flown out of the eternal crack muzzle.
Draw a long line through the air
The bullet hit the axe blade again
"Bang!" When the axe blade breaks quickly, it becomes broken-the crocodile king axe is broken!
"How is that possible?" Crocodile Wang Deng’s eyes were wide open and his face was half open, but he couldn’t believe his eyes-his proud axe was broken like this!
Metal objects will become very fragile after being filtered by extremely cold and extremely hot for the first time …
"bang!" The eternal crack gun rang again and a bullet flew straight to the crocodile king’s right eye.
Crocodile king can easily raise his right hand in front of his right eye, but it is meaningless-the bullet penetrating effect easily passes through crocodile king’s right hand and flies in front of crocodile king’s right eye.
"Hua!" There was a muffled sound, and the crocodile king’s right eye exploded and red blood splashed-sure enough, that double-edged axe was the real reason why the crocodile king’s defense was extremely high.
"Say ~ ~ ~" The crocodile king covered his eyes and wailed miserably.
"Explosive bomb!"
Magic is injected into the eternal crack chamber, and the bomb suddenly turns into a explosive bomb.
"bastard! Where are you? Come out and I’ll kill you! " The crocodile king, who lost his eyes, howled wildly and waved his paws and tails at random
The night wind rushed to the crocodile king and jumped forward to the latter. His right foot stepped on the latter’s jaw, and his left hand moved his forehead and his right hand put a gun into the crocodile king’s mouth.
"bang!" After the gunshot, the night wind let go and quickly withdrew, but the bullet fell into the crocodile king’s throat
"Boom …"
A second ago, there was a muffled sound in the belly of the crocodile king; A second later, the crocodile king fell to the ground with a lot of blood flowing out of his throat, which was mixed with broken dirt!
[You killed the crocodile king!
[Ding ~ ~ ~ Because you killed the Devil’s army officer, Crocodile King now gets 1 point hope reward, 2 points free attribute distribution reward, 5 points wisdom attribute reward and 1 point hero adaptability reward!
[Ding ~ ~ Mr. Night Wind tells you that your killing of crocodile king will be announced soon. Do you want to use your real name or nickname?
Nickname …
[General announcement’ Night Wind’ killed the third general of the Devil’s Army, the Crocodile King!
At present, all online players are stunned, but at the moment, another announcement appears …
[General announcement’ Immortal King’ Arukad killed the commander-in-chief of the Sixth Division of the Continental Army-Alex!
At that time, all the players in the game were agitated by these two news, talking, cursing, cheering and singing throughout the game.
[Everyone, let’s leave when the activity is over!
The members of the League announced that there was a "moon shadow" and evacuated at the first time
As soon as the three motorcycles came out of the night wind, they immediately flew away from the scene at the fastest speed, but they didn’t notice a flying eyeball hiding in the dark-one who watched his crocodile king’s battles and now watched him leave the eyeball …
Ziteng, the head of the Devil’s Army, drank delicious wine and silently watched a crystal ball in front of him-a crystal ball that would be played heroically and repeatedly when the crocodile king fought at night.
"Great. Cold face, calm mind, subtle tactics and great strength are really perfect-is this the’ night wind’?" Wisteria threw away the glass and slowly walked to the front of the crystal ball, put her right hand on the crystal ball and stared at the crystal ball. Night wind smiled and slowly read, "I must make you my thing, and I will get you at all costs …"
Chapter one hundred Public opinion update
The crocodile king and Alex were killed at the same time overnight, and all the players and NPC in the whole game were shocked. At the same time, they should have a decisive battle in Lebanon, and both armies were in chaos
Finally, the second leader of the Continental Army came out to stabilize the military situation and took the opportunity to launch a surprise attack on the Beasts and Magic Corps and defeat it. The third army pursued 300 miles to destroy the enemy and won a long-lost victory and recovered a large area of lost land, which made the morale of the Continental Army rise several times.
On the same day, the morale of the mainland army increased greatly, and the local commanders and leaders launched an attack on the demon army, winning more and losing less, and regaining a large area of lost land at a little cost, which completely suppressed the morale of the demon army.
A month later, the demon king’s army fell into a static state, neither attacking nor retreating, and would continue to resist the attack of the mainland.
Later, because of the long-term attack, the continental army stopped blindly attacking the demon king’s army and fell into a state of confrontation. No one fought anyone, and the situation between the two sides became very delicate.
In addition to the war-related events, players also have a lot of public opinion in the night wind.
Since the night wind killed the crocodile king on March 2, many people think that the night wind came out to kill the crocodile king because it didn’t like the atrocities of the devil’s army. This BOSS made many people regard him as a messenger of justice
Of course, many people think that the night wind didn’t kill the crocodile king for justice-isn’t it strange that Arouca also killed the continental general on the same night?
In this way, all kinds of speculations have emerged. Some people think that the night wind is in the Arukad competition. Some people think that the night wind was entrusted by someone. Others say that the night wind Arukad was an accomplice and killed the generals of the two armies because of chatting.
Ignore these public opinions and make no excuses, but continue to do what you want.
In the last month, Night Wind completed a lot of bounty hunters, which made him look up a lot, but this is not the most important thing. For ordinary mass players, what really attracted them was’ Night Wind’. In this month, several demon generals were killed one after another!
"Look,’ Night Wind’ has killed another demon army general."
"It’s the same as before. This time he didn’t hunt the enemy with Arukad."
"See? I told you that’ Night Wind’ is definitely not Arukad’s partner because he is a messenger of justice. "
"Day’ night wind’ true her mother is very chat? If you want to be a messenger of justice, do it in the real world! Why are you arrogant in the game? Hypocrisy! "
"How dare you fucking say’ night wind’? Brothers call me!"
"Ah ~ ~ ~"
"I hereby declare that anyone who dares to fucking insult’ Night Wind’ will look good."
"’Night Wind’ is a righteous partner and he will punish all evil!"
"’night wind’ …"
March is a special month, because all kinds of public opinion in the night wind can be seen everywhere in the game, some praise him, some insult him and some admire him
In March, the name’ Night Wind’ became the code name of justice in the game, while’ Immortal King’ was still the evil term that people feared.
A few people know that the real purpose of the night wind to kill the generals of the demon army is not to promote fame and uphold justice, but to get attribute rewards after hunting the target …
At the end of March, the "Sky" was updated again, and the attribute of "identity" was added to the game-"identity" is not a profession, but a rank, such as civilian soldier, earl, duke and prince, which means "identity", that is to say, from now on, players can get real rank and nobility benefits in the game, so as to upgrade their "identity" step by step, and if they have the strength, they can become a king!
After this update, many players got a relatively fair chance. Many "hot-blooded youths" and "bloodthirsty kids" suddenly appeared among the players, and they joined the demon army of the Continental Army one after another. This update means that players don’t need to rely on the strength of the powerful league if they want to succeed in official career! If you want to know that if you win the meritorious military service, you can upgrade your identity and get what you want.
On April 3, the official announced a new news-on April 1, the official will hold an exam called "Holy Messenger" and an exam called "Magic Messenger" at the same time!
The Holy Messenger exam can be taken by players from the continental army, while the Magic Messenger exam can only be taken by players from the devil army-bounty hunters, a neutral profession, can take one exam if they are willing to …

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