But now fighting in the battlefield, he is not only excited and happy, but also carefree and incisive, a release and a complete release of his mind

Chen Qiufang doesn’t care much about the battle. She likes the excitement of the battlefield
In my heart, I decided that this was a game. Chen Qiufang didn’t feel guilty about killing people on the battlefield. It didn’t feel much to watch so many people die. Every game has it.
At the same time, because the game is as real as reality, Chen Qiufang feels that she is really in the battlefield.
If it’s a unified game, it’s against the brain, mouse and keyboard. Even if the picture is bloody and the characters are realistic, Chen Qiufang doesn’t feel anything. She also played this game before chatting.
She has played all the theme games of national war and city war, but she has never felt that she will play every game that she feels more interested in, but she will never play again after playing it for a little while.
Now, after experiencing this real war, Chen Qiufang regrets that she didn’t resign last year. If only she had known last year.
It is really because of Chen Qiufang’s teacher status that I have experienced the war until now.
In the game, she will give lessons to the students at school during the day, and it will be almost dark after the class.
In Tianyinghao, after dark, Kiki didn’t have any activities. Everyone went to bed and slept.
Therefore, although Tian Yinghao has been operating for more than a year, Chen Qiufang really hasn’t experienced this game much.
Even when there is no class at ordinary times, she is wandering around the nearby city twice. It is not unheard of for Chen Qiufang to join the army.
But after all, this game is different from those unified games. Even if she has a day or two to join the army, it will take a month, no matter what.
Even when the school has a long vacation, it is not enough.
Looking at Chen Qiufang’s face and excited expression, Lingyun still doesn’t know that he is going to create a battlefield madman.
After the war, Song Xuejuan and Chen Qiufang stayed in Chang ‘an for two days and left.
Lingyun is still with Huang Pusong, and Huang Pusong has been in a coma. The doctor has also come to see him, but there is nothing he can do.
Huang Pusong, this is not an injury or illness. It can be said that he is weak and mentally overdrawn and needs to rest seriously.
Doctors can also get some tonic pills to release some rejuvenation skills.
Emperor Pusong was in a coma for five days before he woke up automatically. Lingyun asked people to send the Battle Report and Bei Gong Jade Head to Luoyang, but there was no news in Luoyang Imperial City in these five days.
Lingyun knew that there might be something wrong with the Battle Report and Bei Gong Jade Head, but he had no choice.
Lingyun’s present status can’t be sent directly to the spirit emperor even if he sends the grand report. He doesn’t even have the qualification to write anything.
There is nothing in the DPRK that knows him. Lingyun doesn’t know that the pre-war report was not sent to the hostile minister of Ten Regular Attendants.
The "teacher" saw Huang Pusong wake up and sit on the bed. Lingyun said excitedly.
Huang Pusong is not only his patron Lingyun, but also has already regarded Huang Pusong as his own family with feelings.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been with Huang Pusong for five days to clean up the battlefield. I was also worried about Huang Pusong Lingyun, which made Feng Wu three people mix with some soldiers in Dong Zhuo’s military forces and he didn’t go himself.
"Well …" Huang Pusong weakly replied, "What happened later?"
Huang Pusong knew that when he was in a coma, the Han army on the battlefield was less than 100 thousand, but he was still indistinguishable from Qiang.
Now when I wake up, Huang Pusong wants to know the result of the battle for the first time.
This is his room, so when he woke up, Huang Pusong knew that Lingyun must have brought him back after he was unconscious, but he couldn’t guess what the result of the battle was.
In Huang Pusong’s mind, he felt that if he was in a coma, the Han army would definitely be defeated at that time, and it was absolutely impossible for Bei Gongyu to let him go. He was either killed or captured by Qiang soldiers, but now he has returned to Chang ‘an.
After five days in a coma, Huang Pusong remembered that the scene before the coma was already very good. After all, he just woke up and his head was still a little confused. If he was sober, Huang Pusong would know what the result was without asking.
Lingyun simply told Huang Pusong to let people prepare some porridge and call the doctor at the same time.
The doctor came to see it soon, and then he gave Huang Pusong several cures and left.
After drinking some porridge, Huang Pusong went back to sleep. Although the doctor performed a cure, Huang Pusong still needs to rest.
Chapter 271 Old
After waking up, Huang Pusong lay in bed for another three days before he could walk smoothly.
However, it is still not as good as it used to be. My hair is white and my face wrinkles are much more than before.
This time, Huang Pusong’s overdraft is very serious. If he hadn’t passed out in a coma, Huang Pusong would probably die of exhaustion like Zhang Bao.
It was also Huang Pusong who was lucky not to learn body surgery and fell into a coma.
Otherwise, Huang Pusong will definitely continue to overdraw until his death.
After waiting for the bed, Huang Pu Song Ma wrote a letter to let people send it to Luoyang.
Then he rested for two days and received the will of Luoyang Lingdi. Huang Pusong left Chang ‘an for Luoyang with the wounded.
At that time, 550 thousand troops were like a torrent on the road, but now there are less than 100 thousand troops back
More than half of them are still helping each other. Although they have been treated by doctors for ten days, doctors are definitely not as good as Huang Pusong in treating them.
The injury is heavier than Huang Pusong’s, and he is still in a coma. He can be lying in a convoy of grain and grass vehicles and returning to Luoyang with the army.
Because the wounded Huang Pusong himself has not recovered, the speed of the army on the road is not very fast, which is much slower than that of the general army
It took a month for a hundred thousand troops to arrive in Luoyang from Chang ‘an, which was slower than that of ordinary people.
Many soldiers’ injuries recurred and healed, and a few days later, the wounds re-split because of their hurry.
However, on the whole, the injuries of the injured soldiers are still recovering. When they arrived in Luoyang, most of the soldiers’ superficial wounds have healed. Those injuries are particularly serious, such as lack of arms, broken legs and broken stomachs. Many of them can still lie down.
Although these soldiers were lucky enough to get back their lives, they are unlikely to stay on the battlefield.
When he is well injured, Huang Pusong will send them back to their hometown.
When we set out, 550 thousand troops came back, and 90 thousand of them could not continue to fight on the battlefield. They could be sent back, even farmers could not do it. When they were sent home, they could eat and die, and they could not do anything.
There is no way for Huang Pusong and Lingyun to take care of this, but they can give a sum and not a lot.
In particular, almost all the benefits of this war were taken away by Dong Zhuo, and so many soldiers died. What is a pension for Huang Pusong is already a huge pin.
If you are sitting in the dragon chair now, it’s nothing if you are a monarch, but how can the spirit emperor give pensions to the soldiers who died?
All this money was obtained by Huang Pusong himself.
Every time I finished cleaning the battlefield before, the pension was almost the same, but this time the war profit was almost taken by Dong Zhuo.
Huang Pusong can’t get much pension even if he sells iron in a saucepan.
Don’t look at Huang Pusong as a state shepherd, but he doesn’t have much money to rely on his salary, which just happens to feed a lot of people in the state shepherd’s house
Unlike Zhang Rang and others, he is not greedy for battlefield income, which is paid to dead soldiers and disabled soldiers.
This time, although he won the war, he didn’t get any income, so Huang Pusong couldn’t give much money to the dead soldiers and injured soldiers
About 500,000 soldiers need a pension, even if each soldier is twenty taels, that’s ten million.
For a family, how long has it been rooted in this troubled times, and how to save money will last for three months at most.

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