If the real world saw that their heads were cut off in half, these two players would have been scared out of their wits.

Hiding behind the wind dance, Lingyun closed his eyes as if he could not bear to see the plot behind him (of course, it was false)
In Lingyun’s eyes, these two players are like moths to the fire and bring about their own destruction.
In the real world, I have learned Sanda, and I have kung fu in my hand. Now, when everyone has not learned any martial arts skills, the starting point of martial arts people in reality is naturally higher than that of those who have never learned it, and the wind dance is higher than them, and it is as high as 15 points.
Steel knife into the meat
Until this moment, these two players are not as happy as the sea, but the perfect woman in front of them is really powerful.
Chapter 1 Flame Knife
"Will it?" Lingyun shook his head with his eyes open and sighed.
But for a moment, he was already squatting in the bodies of three people and groping for it.
Sanxian is also a poor man. Lingyun has more than 2 pieces of copper coins besides finding a few steamed buns, but compared with killing the yellow turban insurrectionary army in the novice village, the gains are still great.
In "Tian Yinghao", after the death of the player, the attribute of the character panel is reduced by 5%, and the wearing equipment will fall off (the body is there), but the contents of the backpack will randomly fall off three bodies, and the money will be lost by half.
Killing np means that the other party can get what he has. It doesn’t mean that the former np held a weapon in his hand and the weapon disappeared after his death.
Although the death penalty seems to be a bit heavy, players will not bring a lot of money when they go out for adventure, but they will put the equipment department into their backpacks when they know they will die, so that the three things that are randomly dropped are probably ordinary and worthless.
But now before Lingyun, the three players who left their bodies just didn’t put the equipment into their backpacks.
In their eyes, it was just three dozen and two wrong women. How can one be counted as half?
Therefore, Gen didn’t think he would die. Even after he died, the other two players didn’t think he would die in the hands of the woman they despised.
All three of them are dressed in cloth and are not worth much, but they can still sell their weapons for a little money.
The weapons of the three men are all white-ordinary iron knives are one level lower than the swords in Lingyun Wind Dance.
The equipment in Tian Yinghao is divided into five grades: white, blue, purple, pink and orange.
White equipment is the most ordinary, even the hoe cloth can be regarded as white equipment.
The higher the equipment level, the greater the power and the higher the value, and the more difficult it is to obtain.
Just go to a blacksmith’s shop and spend some money to buy it.
Blue equipment can be bought in better places, but purple equipment is not so easy to buy.
Master who can make purple equipment are not short of money.
Of course, local tyrants and gods can buy purple equipment at a sky-high price.
But purple, pink and orange equipment is not the price to be measured.
Everything is valuable, and everything is hard to find. The foundation is in the hands of powerful and powerful people, and only they deserve that equipment.
Lingyun put the three men’s iron knives in the backpack. Although it’s worthless, it can still sell a little money to find out the steamed bread. Lingyun directly lost his backpack, and there are dozens more.
Steamed bread is the cheapest food in the game. Two steamed buns need a copper coin and are durable. They won’t stink in a backpack for a week, but they will still become hard.
"Here you are!" After packing up the things of the three dead heroes, Lingyun got up and threw the stinking paper to Fengwu.
However, the paper was not caught by the wind dancer. Seeing Lingyun throwing the paper, the wind dancer did not stretch his body, but stepped back a few steps to ensure that the paper would not fall on himself.
This is also the wind dancing others. If the paper is too peaceful, even if it stinks a hundred times, it will be like picking up a wife. How can it be back?
"I put it in your place. Why give it to me?" The wind dance holding your nose said
Lingyun said, "I can’t just see if I can."
Even so, Fengwu didn’t pick up the paper, but went over and squatted with his fingers and gently touched it.
Flame knife
Grade blue
Attach a flame to the blade to increase the sharpness of the weapon by 10 points. Attack the enemy with additional burning damage and consume a little physical strength every two seconds.
Do you study if you meet the learning conditions?
Wind dance silently says "Yes!"
Ding! Congratulations on learning the flame knife.
Playing the wind dance in the property panel will show that the original display skill bar now has more words of flame knife.
The skill level of achievement method is divided into four levels: blue, purple, pink and orange, which is one less white level than weapons and equipment, and the lowest blue level.
Former Lingyun also saw the information of the flame knife when he held it in his hand, but he was told that-I’m sorry you didn’t meet the training conditions.
What is the condition for practicing, but there is no Lingyun. It must be because of my low strength or physical strength.
"how about it? Do you want to see the effect? " Lingyun’s curiosity theory
It’s been almost a day since they entered the game, but they haven’t seen the skills in this game world yet.
The pure steel knife in the hand of the wind dance is instantly full of flames, and the blade is looming in the flames, which looks very powerful.
Lingyun pointed to the body of the little leader of the Golden Army and said, "How about a knife?"
At the moment, the body armor of the little leader of the Yellow Scarf Army has long been stripped by Lingyun, leaving linen woven lining.
Wind dance as usual wield a knife a knife toward the ground body cut.
Zila, a common sword cuts people’s bodies with different sounds.
The little leader’s strong body was instantly broken by the bore, but there was no blood flowing out and the place was cut by the flame knife. It was so dark that you could smell the barbecue burning.
Looking at the power of the flame knife, Lingyun and the wind dance are very satisfied. On the first day, there was such a harvest, which neither of them thought of.

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