And it’s also Liu’s royalty, which may still be very big.

However, it is also difficult for a family like the Liu family to be said to be royalty and want to be believed.
At best, it is better than Liu Bei, who sold straw sandals in previous years, but this family is not as good as Liu Bei.
Although Liu Bei is having a hard time now, it is definitely an improvement compared with the day when he sold straw sandals. Many people are surrounded by a group of talents who are ready to help him realize his ambitions, and the status of royalty has been recognized by many people.
Where is the Liu family like this? It’s still a day in this small county.
But now it’s Lingyun’s guess whether it’s unknown or not, and there are still many words "emperor"
If you don’t speak, it may also be "My Liu family is protected by Huang’s in-laws or Huang’s family."
A lot of thoughts flashed through Lingyun’s mind. Lingyun quickly put them behind him and decided to go to the Liu family after a while. Now let’s hurry up and solve the case.
Now that the deceased’s father has agreed to Lingyun’s sentencing, Zhang Laobo has no objection to it. It is naturally the time for execution.
While catching fast, Zhang Laobo took the initiative to lie on the ground with a fire and water stick.
Clapped and Zhang Laohan shouted alternately, and the twenty sticks were soon finished. Zhang Laohan couldn’t get up on the ground, but his back was still blood, although it was not smashed.
Seeing Zhang Laohan look like this, the Liu family sighed and carried Liu An’s body away
Although the Liu family didn’t know about Zhang Laohan’s family, they could guess a little, and no one came to Zhang Laohan’s family until now.
Although the Liu family is not relieved, it is not a wicked person. It is also because of grief and indignation that Zhang Laohan has been fighting for life before.
Now, seeing Zhang Laohan like this, my anger has dispersed more than half, but my sadness can’t disappear so easily.
There is not much sympathy for the sad appearance of Zhang Laohan.
Although Liu An was killed by a cow, how could he be killed by a cow if Zhang Laohan was not with niujie and Liu An?
Although Liu An was unlucky, the Liu family still blamed Zhang Laohan for Liu An’s death.
I was not killed by you, but I died because of you. This is how the Liu family feel about Zhang Laohan now.
See Zhang Laohan has been hit in the heart. Half of the anger dissipated. The Liu family carried Liu An’s body and left with the old cow.
Liu An is dead and needs to go back to the funeral as soon as possible. They are still a little rich and naturally it is impossible for Liu An to be buried hastily.
After the Liu family left, Lingyun asked the catcher to carry Zhang Laohan to the back.
Even if a strong young man goes with twenty sticks, if he doesn’t recuperate well, he will fall into the root cause of the disease. This old man is already fifty or sixty years old.
In this situation, if Zhang Laohan is not treated, he can stay in bed even if he doesn’t die.
I don’t want to punish Zhang Laohan. Lingyun can’t watch Zhang Laohan drag himself back to die.
After Zhang Laohan was carried inside, Lingyun called Villi. Villi was a doctor. When he was with Hua Tuo for seven years, although his medical skill was still inferior to that of Hua Tuo, he was also a senior doctor.
For Zhang Laohan, it is not difficult for Villi to treat skin injuries with ease.
Several treatments went to lie prone on the bed. Zhang Laohan was injured and the speed was recovering with the naked eye.
Although it is not intact, there is still some pain in the back, but Zhang Laohan is already able to walk on his own. It is not obvious that he has just been clubbed.
The first 20 staffs went to Zhang Laohan, and his consciousness was already a little blurred. At this moment, he felt his body recovered and hurriedly got out of bed and knelt on the ground and shouted, "Thank you for your small treatment."
Before hearing Lingyun’s verdict, Zhang Laohan was happy. Although it is a pity that his cow has become someone else’s home, he is still alive.
But when he was hit with twenty sticks, he felt that it was better to leave the cow to his wife who had been with him for more than 30 years.
Because Zhang Laohan is behind the fire and water sticks, especially after hitting seven sticks, he is already in vain. Even if he is not dead, he will be abolished and his wife will take care of him. It is better to die and be clean.
Chapter 27 I can’t ask
On this day, Zhang Laohan’s mood fluctuated and fell to the bottom of the valley. The treatment in Villi finally ushered in light.
Although he was beaten with 20 sticks, he has been cured now. Although he still has a little pain, it will not affect his walking, that is, he can’t do heavy manual work and needs to rest for a while.
My own cow killed someone, and now it’s a blessing in disguise for Zhang Laohan to lose this cow.
Zhang Laohan is a contented man. Although it hurts, he is already very satisfied with such a result.
After being lifted up by Lingyun, it is a kind of gratitude. I can’t wait to be a cow and a horse for Lingyun.
After sending Zhang Laohan away, it was almost dark. On the first day of Lingyun, Xiancheng’s life was over.
I came to Lingyun to give Zhang Laohan some money, but if I think about it, I’ll forget it and go later. It’s not good to give it out now.
It may announce others’ benevolence, but it may also attract a group of poor people to reach out and ask for help.
Moreover, it will also attract the Liu family’s dissatisfaction and think that his case is unfair and shows partiality to help Zhang Laohan.
Therefore, Lingyun feels that he is still looking for an opportunity to quietly give Zhang Laohan some money or find a lighter job for Zhang Laohan.
In this way, people can help if they see it. Anyway, it is no trouble for Lingyun to lift a finger.
Of course, no matter how simple things are, when the number is large, they will become heavy.
One old man, Lingyun, can help ten, but one hundred, one thousand Lingyun is also capable.
Back home in Su Hui, Lingyun felt very tired. Although she interrogated a very common case, Lingyun felt that it was harder than fighting a battle.
Chui fook and lingyun almost face all kinds of problems in the county seat is as big as an ox.
What tax, what road repair, spring ploughing, a lot of questions for him to decide.
And chui fook for these problems is also a little knowledge, no idea.
Among the three people, Zhang Tong is more comfortable than Shu Shuxin, and there is no conflict between the troops and the former.
Chatting while eating a meal in Su Hui’s home, Xu Fu is complaining and Zhang Tong is gloating.
Yesterday, it was agreed that Lingyun and a group of people would take a meal at Su Hui’s home sooner or later to let Aunt Zhang do more.
Of course, it’s not free food, it’s money for lunch. It’s convenient and free to eat in the county government.
After dinner, Lingyun and Fengfeng Dance returned to the real world and had another meal or went to Lou Qiufang’s house to eat.
It is not only np who knows the news of Huang Pu Song’s strike, but also most players, who have not yet known the players, that is, those who are deaf to foreign affairs.
Chen Qiufang and Song Xuejuan are both like Lingyun who inquired about Lingyun and didn’t hide it from them. Lingyun knows that this is his heart.
"how about it? I don’t mind being a county magistrate on my first day today? " Song Xuejuan curious asked.
"It’s good to be tired and annoyed." Lingyun told the two people about the trial of the old cow killing people today.
For the Lingyun trial, both of them think that Lingyun should not punish Zhang Laohan for not treating Zhang Laohan. Obviously, although they have many genes of physical violence, they can still be on the weak side or be chivalrous.
After dinner, Lingyun and Fengwu returned to their home. Lingyun didn’t want to enter the game, but Fengwu told him to let him in with Zhang Xue.
Yesterday, I just lived in Su Hui’s home. Last night, Lingyun and Fengwu were in one room, but after entering the house, they quit the game and didn’t re-enter the game until dawn.
It is reasonable to say that Lingyun danced with the wind last night and naturally wanted to accompany Zhang Xue today.
Now let Lingyun and Zhang Xue sleep in the same bed. Lingyun doesn’t think there is any problem, so Lingyun directly lies back in the game cabin after the wind dance lets him enter the game.
Before, I felt that if I didn’t go to Zhang Xuefang all the time, Zhang Xue would be gossiped. Now I live in Su Hui, so naturally I don’t worry about this. Here, I will add a group of Lingyun and Su Hui’s family. Even if Lingyun doesn’t go to Zhang Xuefang, no one will gossip.
Although they live together in a courtyard, it is not clear whether Lingyun went to Zhang Xuefang or not.
Now Lingyun is not simply going to accompany Zhang Xue because of others.
I still can’t tell Zhang Xue Lingyun what my emotions are, and Zhang Xue’s sleeping in a bed is not as awkward as before.

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