When they move, they will send a team to look around the city to be raided. If they find anything unusual, they will retreat and change to another city target.

However, Guo Tian didn’t think it was because they were careless and didn’t send someone to explore the action first.
If it’s careless, it’s impossible for four people to be careless
The first four groups must have been explored, but they were still surrounded by the Han army.
Guo, as at this time is actually want to change a city goal.
However, before coming out, Yan Yan had gone out to make Guangping the goal. At this time, he found no abnormality and retreated, fearing that he would be punished by Yan Yan when he returned home.
In the end, Guo Tianneng prayed in his heart that he would not encounter an ambush by the Han army.
Just as Guo Tianxin kept praying to God, fifty thousand black mountain thieves finally came to the gate of Guangping City.
The Han army at the gate has found that the Heishan thieves have also sounded the drums of the city wall, but if they want to stop the Heishan thieves from entering the city alone, they can’t come.
At most, the gate will be controlled by the black mountain thief if it is blocked slightly for half an hour.
But at this time, Huang Pusong, who had been hiding outside Guangping City, was killed.
Emperor Pusong hid the soldiers in the dense forest, and the root was not found by the 100 black mountain thieves who came to see it.
On the contrary, Huang Pusong discovered it. They knew that the Montenegro thief would soon come to prepare for it. Before seeing it, he came to see one hundred Montenegro thieves, and Huang Pusong made the soldiers ready.
When he saw the black mountain thief appear in front of the city gate, Huang Pusong killed him with a large army. When the black mountain thief attacked the city gate, he did not control the city gate, and the Huang Pusong army appeared behind the black mountain thief and surrounded the black mountain thief in the city gate.
The city gate has also entered the city gate, and the black mountain thief’s heart is cold.
A thief who came to Montenegro to destroy him naturally knew that at the moment, he saw that the posterior route was broken by the Han army, but the front gate was not broken, and his heart was gone when he entered the city to plunder. At this moment, he thought about how to survive.
Although Guo Tian is the commander-in-chief, at this moment, it will not be much stronger than ordinary Montenegro thieves, and it is also the six gods who want to take their brothers out and escape from Guangping City first.
But Huang Pusong has let the army surround them, so Guo Tian can resist.
Even if you give Guo Tian an army of 150,000, Guo Tian can’t be an opponent of Huang Pusong.
This is the commander-in-chief gap between the two sides. If the commander-in-chief gap between the two sides is small, it can be supplemented by troops. However, when the strength gap is too large, even if the strength doubles several times, it is difficult to be an opponent.
Moreover, Guo Tianyou may not be able to command the troops, but on the contrary, it will make the army more chaotic.
At this time, before the Heishan thief in the city gate was almost desperate, the Han army in the city gate became calm or excited after seeing the flag of Huang Pusong, and no longer worried about whether the Heishan thief would kill the city.
In their view, Huang Pusong was among these black mountain thieves, and one result was that the army was not killed or captured, just like the black mountain thieves twenty days ago.
What do they have to worry about with Huang Pusong here?
Chapter 151 Destroy fifty thousand again
However, the excitement of the Han soldiers at the gate soon disappeared because a black mountain thief appeared in front of the gate.
The leader of this black mountain thief has been following Guo Tian to kill Yan.
Huang Pusong also found that a heishan thief came out behind him. He didn’t expect that this heishan thief would be two people in tandem. There was no record of Zhang Niujiao writing a note.
However, Huang Pusong soon figured out the number of black mountain thieves behind him, and there was not much worry in his heart. Now his troops here are 100 thousand, and the number of black mountain thieves before and after adds up to about 100 thousand.
Huang Pusong, who has equal strength, is confident that he will not lose to others. This is the belief that all the years of war have won and accumulated to win.
Not only did Huang Pusong have the belief of winning, but the soldiers who followed him in the south and north wars were also without any panic.
This is a letter to Huang Pusong after several victories with him over the years.
With general Huang Pu here, there is no war that cannot be won.
This time, Huang Pusong didn’t let them down. The formation was adjusted at the first time. Before and after the attack, the black mountain thief was blocked and the rear was attacked by Yan Yan. The Han army also gradually changed from the wind to the fish, and the black mountain thief was evenly divided to form a stalemate.
While Guo Tian, the gate of the city, led the heishan thieves to die in the wind for a moment.
If it is other generals, it is very likely that they will collapse in an instant before and after this hundred thousand black mountain thieves, and they will be rushed out of the encirclement by the city black mountain thieves and the black mountain thieves outside.
If you want to attack the enemy from the rear and let the enemy in front fall into the wind in this way, you can do it so easily.
Although Huang Pusong’s 100,000 troops were attacked between Scylla and Charybdis, Guo Tian’s 50,000 heishan thieves were also attacked by their parents, and even more, they had walls and the Han army attacked them from above, occupying a favorable position.
Guo, as in the mouth, feels more bitter than before. He is going to surrender if he encounters the defeat of the Han army. He doesn’t want to die like this.
After all, it was Yan Yan who forced him to come to Guangping at this time. If it wasn’t Yan Yan, he wouldn’t be in danger.
Since Yan Yan forced him to surrender, Han Jungen had no psychological burden.
But now I see Yan Yan personally coming to the rescue with his troops. Although I didn’t think Bai Yan would come so soon, I couldn’t stop thinking about surrender in my heart.
Outside, the companion company ventured to rescue the two sides separated by hundreds of meters. How could Guo Tian choose to surrender in such a situation?
But if I don’t surrender, I don’t know if I can rush out and fight with Yan Yan or if Yan Yan can kill him and save him.
After all, the flag flying high is so conspicuous in Jizhou, and there is no one who doesn’t know it in the territory of Dahan Dynasty.
In the face of Huang Pusong, if Yan Yan didn’t arrive at Guo Tianyuan at the right time, he wanted to surrender as soon as he symbolically resisted.
At this time, Guo Tian didn’t know whether he should be glad that Yan Yan arrived or should complain that Yan Yan hoped that Yan Yan would not appear at this time.
If you can escape back to Guo Tian, you naturally don’t want to surrender. After all, he doesn’t know what the result will be after surrender.
But if you don’t want to die when you escape, you can surrender.
But now Yan Yan is in front, and he is hundreds of meters away. Guo Tianshi can see Yan Yan riding on a war horse through several figures.

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