After that, many people said that Raven had a tendency to surpass A clown and EH pig’s head and become the first person in G League.

However, the continuous high-intensity competition and increasing excitement have enabled DK to win in the G League, and at the same time, DK players have buried some invisible long-term hidden dangers in their bodies during the high-intensity competition.
Flowers are always red and people are always new.
Sometimes it’s not necessarily a good thing to be in a good state, and it’s just like a stimulant. Eating too much must be a burden to your health.
But fortunately, after all, the state is the state, not the DK body. After eating the blue pill for a long time, although there are some problems in the continuation of the state.
In the final state, it was usually broken by A, and it has been unbeaten since June.
This made the post-DK hurt, but DK quickly adjusted its status in the semi-final qualification competition and joined hands with EH to send a high-intensity and gorgeous showdown to the audience of DOAER and ESWC.
This game has become a dispute between EH and DK.
It has also become the second topic, that is, the state of EH Lin Feng.
The person who is in the best condition in the EH and DK competitions is definitely not Lin Feng, but a pig’s head dish that has been involved and assisting DCG to talk with Raven in the middle road.
However, Lin Feng’s performance is definitely not a horizontal line with her previous performance in G League.
If you look at Lin Feng’s performance in the G League, you can shake your head and sigh if you still have a lot of confidence that EH can regain his game state this season.
Lin Feng’s performance in G League can be summarized in two words.
That is-case.
For the professional level, Lin Feng’s auxiliary performance has been summarized in the G League, but whether Lin Feng’s performance is qualified in the real top teams and clubs is controversial.
And many people have done research on Lin Feng’s performance.
From the perspective of a newcomer, Lin Feng’s growth rate is suspected to be very fast.
However, from the perspective of EH array, Lin Feng’s style and EH auxiliary requirements are different from the running-in problem of EH main force.
What kind of assistance does EH need?
This can be seen from the previous two and the current semi-auxiliary semi-wandering DCG that EH is very accurate in positioning the array and requires very accurate players in the array.
At least in the position of assistant, it is necessary to meet the tactical job assistant
While Lin Feng assisted in position performance.
In layman’s terms, it is unprofessional.
In professional terms, there is still a certain distance from the tactical requirements.
Since there is still a certain distance from the tactical requirements, it is even more difficult to talk about not being able to lead the development of the game to supplement tactics and improve tactical ability like DCG.
In front of the auxiliary position, Lin Feng gives people the feeling that it has always been a simple auxiliary or not very suitable for an auxiliary of EH.
This is why Lao Pei and Zhai Hao have always put Lin Feng on the bench.
Because EH everyone’s development is not planned, maybe now Lin Feng’s position in the array is auxiliary, but a new person doesn’t necessarily have to go all the way to Hei Lin Feng to change.
EH needs stable grades.
This is a question that Lin Feng wanted to ask herself when she didn’t have a stable appearance. DOA has five positions, but is she really suitable for assistance?
Former Lin Feng’s goal is to play the game, and Lin Feng found that playing the game
It’s really normal for me to play in this position.
Then come to rethink their positioning.
And this issue of winding yee a word has been lingering in come heart.
It’s a bit rude, but the sentence "Come back to life, my warrior has always echoed in Lin Feng’s heart."
Lin Feng has always been called a’ recipient’ in college. This is because Lin Feng not only has some resignation in the game, but also has some less positive feelings in life.
It always makes people feel
Some people don’t take samples, but in DOA’s career, Lin Feng has shown unprecedented enthusiasm and is full of that kind of-always trying to do better than others and keep those black people shut up.
To say something nice is to say something offensive positively-that is, to be attacked slightly ~
Diaosi also has a small attack on the counter-attack day?
Lin Feng is rarely called a warrior.
Although complex yee that sentence is really a fitting set of classic dialogue.

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