[Nearby] Mu Hua Sheng?

[Nearby] Mu Hua Sheng?
[Nearby] Mu Huasheng, what do I want to do when I go to your place?
[Nearby] Pasturing Hua Sheng for nine days! Nine days! You control it! You should take care of it quickly!
[Nearby] I’m at a loss after nine days/huh?
Nine days later, just after showing self-esteem and frustration, I didn’t notice the surrounding atmosphere. At this time, Mu Huasheng called him assiduously, and he found that he was surrounded by a group of thick red blood fog.
But he is really not in the mood to tube at this time is light in the nearby channel replied.
[Nearby] Nine days later.
Pastoral Hua Sheng suddenly blew up!
[Nearby] Pasturing Hua Sheng for nine days! You, oh, what, oh, oh! Take care of it quickly!
After nine days, I immediately turned my face and couldn’t see the emotions behind my brain.
[Nearby] I can’t control them after nine days.
[Nearby] After nine days, you also know their character.
After nine days, it is a kind of non-violent disagreement.
[Nearby] Mu Hua Sheng Aye Aye
[Nearby] Mu Huasheng for nine days. We’d better discuss this with you. You should ask them to return Hongdu at once.
[Nearby] Bite your finger after nine days/huh? Is it negotiable?
[Nearby] Happy in nine days/That’s good ~
[Team] Hurry up in nine days! Give back the red first!
[Team] Call me the Truth Emperor. Can you believe me when I talk to the pig?
[Team] Soft soft sugar. Yeah! Look at that! Usually, people know each other, but they don’t know each other! It’s a waste of time for us to think that he is our little friend and help the pig and say that he is good to him.
[Team] The result of playing Doudou Cat! Hum!
[Team] The round pie actually said that about us. What are our characteristics? This is! What characteristics do we have?
[Team] Dynamic Xiaoxin Our characteristics have always been very good! Be charitable! Be brave and brave! Helpful! Good people make friends! We are famous little creatures in the Jianghu!
[Team] Dynamic Xiaoxin, but this one actually said us with contempt!
[Team] Dynamic Xiaoxinxin can’t stand this cliff! Can’t stand it!
[Team] Hello, left hand/Yes!
Looking at the nearby channel to fry Mao Mu Hua Sheng, and then looking at the team to fry Mao and play soy sauce, the people sighed deeply after nine days. What is this evil?
Mao himself, blx, has just been injured and hasn’t come yet. This one or two will appease himself. Who will appease him?
Oh, forget it. Let’s solve the problem first.
[Team] Nine days later! Quiet, all of you!
[Team] After nine days, you have been chatting and brushing the frequency on the gang channel. I was forced to bring you here!
[Team] After nine days, things have been discussed now! You are so incompatible again!
No one in the team said anything anymore.
Soy sauce makers have really been chatting recently, because the new younger brother has learned everything recently. One day, he doesn’t know where he went except playing with them.
Xiaoqi, where’s the pit? They also taught him to take the heroic route, such as winning the girl’s heart. As a result, it’s good to have a daughter-in-law and forget who brought him up! Really! Alas, they can play around vines every day, but after all, they are still tired and nothing new!
So it’s not that they finally remembered their help pigs.
This guy has been laid back for so long, it’s time to take them to play!
Otherwise, we need this Wang!
Yes! In their hearts, Wang is used to relieve boredom!

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