Those virtual creatures that are still swarming towards him are broken with this broken world.

They’re dead, and even blood splashes out.
Or they may not have blood at all.
But virtual creatures have no fear, they obey the leader.
They’re still charging
And Chen Senran is wantonly sword step.
It’s like those virtual creatures are not there.
He was walking in the broken and closed world, stepping on the remnants of demons that were gradually disappearing.
Came to the front of Vladimir
"It’s your turn, vampire." Chen Senran flicked his sword with a flick of his finger. Those are not in blood and filth
"I hate it when people call me a vampire." Vladimir speaks slowly every word.
He looked at the man in front of him, who was staring at him, and shouted sharply.
"I am! ! !”
Chen Senran sword is not to give Vladimir any chance to speak.
But Vladimir caught the sword abruptly.
This is enough to easily destroy a sword.
His swordsman has been directly turned into a void.
But he is still saying, "I am Lord Vladimir, the scarlet reaper! ! !”
His eyes have turned red.
He turned into gurgling blood.
He’s trying to recover his dying hand.
But Chen Senran’s sword is too sharp.
Root-on method repair
So he simply didn’t want the hand, and he didn’t want it in his body.
He turned into a sea of blood and left a head staring at Chen Senran.
"You can’t beat me! ! !”
He roared wildly, devouring the whole sea of blood to those many imaginary armies.
Where the sea of blood surged, a large number of virtual creatures lost his food.
He’s frantically expanding his strength at all costs.
"You can’t beat me …" He continued.
"I am …"
"Vladimir is big …"
"Tear-"is another sword
This is a sword that is simpler than quick and easy.
It’s a sword
No more fancy
But it has been more than the whole sea of blood with virtual demons.
A sword
Point to the heart
Vladimir’s heart
Puncture by Chen Senran’s sword
Chen Senran sighed slightly when this sword pierced the past.
And a moment ago, he was clamoring wildly for Vladimir, and his only remaining head showed a look of surprise.
He looked at himself as if he couldn’t believe it.
It took a long time to say
"Death is cold" to be continued.
Ps first Geng
Page four hundred and thirty-two The world
The moment Vladimir died.
Thousands of miles away in another place.
Drizzt raised his head and glanced at that direction.
"Were you beat to it?" He frowned slightly but smiled unexpectedly.
"Well, is there anything else you want to say?"
"Speaking of which, you are the most favored in my food. I usually don’t give food a chance to say last words."
He bowed his head and continued to look at the last food that had been completely imprisoned.

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