The place Bai Sheng refers to is a precipice, which is really difficult for ordinary soldiers to climb over, even for elite soldiers, it takes a long time.

Lingyun nodded, "This sneak attack will no longer bring other troops to the Black Skull Legion and the Ice Phoenix Legion."
Lingyun said ice phoenix legion is Bing Xin jade twenty thousand niang army.
It’s always bad to call Niang Army to the outside world. It’s called Bing Feng Corps at the request of Bing Xinyu.
Chapter 56 Camouflage
"Will the number be too small?" Chui fook worry way
There are two million troops in Cao Cao’s side, so they will sneak attack with 50 thousand troops. They will not sneak attack, but they will be eaten to pieces.
"It’s a little less, but there shouldn’t be much problem if we sneak in or rush into the central area of the camp," Lingyun said
Although the number is small, it is the strongest.
The strength of the Black Skeleton Army and the Niang Army should be able to break through the barracks in a very short time and kill Cao Hong in the withdrawal.
When Cao Cao brought people here, he saw the bodies of Cao Hong and other soldiers.
If you take ordinary soldiers, you may be entangled in Jun when you retreat.
Bai Sheng said, "Why don’t you transfer the other generals in the army for the time being?"
If you transfer the military commanders in the ordinary army with one star and two stars, how can you transfer more than ten thousand and twenty thousand?
Lingyun shook his head and said, "I don’t want to transfer them temporarily. Without training and cooperation, there may not be much fighting capacity. If we are combined with the Black Skull Corps, it may cause confusion in the battle."
Chui fook and Bai Sheng went to prepare after the consultation.
Everything must be prepared before the necessary dry food. It is estimated that the battle will last for one night tonight, and food and water should be prepared adequately.
Running back and forth fighting in Canada, even if the Black Skull Corps and Niangnian soldiers are powerful, it is absolutely impossible to keep full of physical strength all the time. Necessary food supplements are absolutely indispensable.
You should also bring all the kindling things, and then set a fire first to create chaos, and it will be much more efficient when you kill them.
Generals such as GongSunYing should also call GongSunYing’s strength to add Zhang He, Zhao Yun and Lingyun. I believe that businessmen will never run away if they join hands to show up in Cao Hong.
"Master, everything is ready," Bai Sheng said, "but I have another idea."
"What idea?" Lingyun asked
"Well, now that the Black Skull Corps and the Ice Wind Corps have raided from the southwest, can we send an army to pretend to attack the northwest corner?"
"And an army deliberately exposed to Cao Cao to attract his attention," Bai Sheng said.
Lingyun thought for a moment and said, "Xu Fu, what do you think?"
Chui fook said, "I think it’s better not to reinvent the wheel. If an army is deliberately created to attract Cao Cao, if it succeeds in attracting Cao Cao, I’m worried that Cao Cao will temporarily transfer Cao Hong in the southwest corner to the northwest corner."
"In this way, even if our army in the northwest corner succeeded in attracting Cao Cao’s attention, Cao Hong was gone when we attacked the southwest corner."
It’s true. It’s a possibility. If Cao Cao is true, their sneak attack tonight will be tantamount to failure
Even if you kill Jun in the southwest corner, there will be more than 200,000 Cao soldiers. The main target, Cao Hong, has not been successfully killed.
"Why don’t we let an army lurk in the northwest corner and suddenly kill it when we see the fire in the southwest corner, so that Cao Cao will rescue two points and send fewer soldiers to support Cao Hong, which will also give us a little more?" Lingyun said.
Chui fook still shook his head and said, "I’m worried that this ordinary army was discovered by Cao Cao before the meeting."
Although Lingyun, the audio-visual army of Cao Cao, will certainly be an elite soldier, it can be regarded as an ordinary army compared with the Niangnian Army of the Black Skull Army.
If Cao Cao finds out, it is indeed possible to gild the lily.
"That’s it, then. The Black Skeleton Corps and the Ice Phoenix Corps are out to call GongSunYing Zhang Heyun and others to stay in the city for emergencies," Lingyun said.
"When do you leave?" Xu fuwen

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