Enemy Xiaoqiang saw that there was a contradiction before he entered the deputy department, and it was already spreading to the explosive situation of war. He felt a headache. However, at this time, the unified voice was like a lifeline, which made him go to unnecessary embarrassment.

"ding! In the first phase, the assistant player won three places to enter the assistant player due to the player’s arrogance. It is now determined that the three players, the player’s arrogance, the enemy Xiaoqiang and the dragon soul, will enter the assistant challenge three seconds later. Please prepare for three, two and one delivery. "
After the unified sound, I and the domineering enemy Xiaoqiang appeared in a village, and at the same time, two players, a man and a woman, were refreshed next to the three of us
The three of us are very familiar with these two players. The male player is Four Holy Beasts Yiqinglong. Now he has changed his job to hide the professional magic warrior body equipment and the magic warrior professional suit. The black texture and lines of the armor make him more domineering.
The female player is the leader of the Niangnian Army, the boss of the Rose Gang, Rose Purple. She is still a strong woman in the world with a sky-blue magic robe and a green bamboo stick in her hand. No one can imagine that she would be the boss of the Rose Gang if she didn’t know her identity.
When the five of us just set the tone, it rang again. "Players are domineering, enemies are Xiaoqiang, Dragon Soul, Rose Purple and Qinglong, please complete the deputy-escort Hertz’s village chief in five hours, and escort Hertz’s village chief to the safe village in five hours to judge that the deputy challenge is successful. If it is overdue or the village chief is killed halfway, it will be judged that the deputy challenge has failed."
Escort Hertzner’s deputy village guards to escort Hertzner to the safe village together. On the way to the safe village, we must do everything possible to eliminate the wild monsters halfway and block the impact of the players in the enemy camp. If Hertzner is escorted to the safe village by the five-hour method, or the village chief is killed on the way, it will be judged as a failure.
This requires the cooperation of players to reduce the casualties of NPC guards. After all, the limited number of NPC guards can ensure that their casualties are reduced, and the more chances of victory.
Counting the number of NPC guards in a village, there are a dozen people around the old man-like village head Hertz. It seems that if you want to take the life of the village head, you must step over twelve bodies. Twelve NPCs, two of which are guards and command level 25, and the other ten NPCs are all ordinary guards, all of which are level 2.
This time, it’s to protect Hertz, the village chief. I dare not neglect it before we leave. Immediately, sharingan found out the property of Hertz, the village chief.
Herzna, the village chief of peace village, appeared in the abandoned wild shop because he went out to explore the massacre of the village. Level 4, 3HP, physical magic, defense power, 1 attack power and dodge ability. All actions were obeyed by foreign players (when there were differences in actions, the minority was subordinate to the majority).
Level 4 NPC’s life is only 3 points, and there is no attack and no ability to dodge. The physical magic defense is also pitifully low. It seems that unification is convenient for players to cut him. After all, if it is really a level 4 NPC, it is impossible to explode him just by the current player level, not to mention resisting 17 guards with human wisdom (counting the five of us)
In fact, there is no rank of village head here, but there is a fixed 3 health points. 1 Physical magic defense is unified, so that enemy players can know that this village head is BOSS and is a high-level BOSS, which gives him a 4-level title.
(After the enemy player enters the vice, he assassinates the village chief Hertz, so that the enemy player can understand that Hertz’s equipment quality system naturally needs to give him a grade.)
This minor difficulty is still relatively large, and our number is limited, and Hertz’s health is 3 points. We have to be careful that enemy players sneak attack. After all, 1 defense is almost not enough for high-attack or high-magic players. Every hit can take away 35 lives, and it takes a few bombardments to solve the village head’s life.
"It seems that for the first time, the vice-president was lucky enough to be able to cooperate with two of the top ten masters. I wonder if you have any militant plans?" Because of the contradiction between Li Fei and Wang Xiaolong, Zhang Guoqiang pinned the hope department of Deputy Completion on Qinglong and Rose Purple.
"Dragon …" Qinglong was just about to say hello to me, and the word "soul" was about to be exported. I immediately interrupted him and quickly made a low expression of eyes to him and said, "My strength is still unclear. Don’t reveal my identity for the time being."
"Well, I know." Tsing lung nodded and said that Bai Dang looked at the surrounding situation with a slight frown and asked, "Brother Soul, can you say these guards’ strength? Know yourself and know yourself before you can fight a hundred battles. Since the enemy knows the law, we must know our combat power as much as possible. "
"I just explored that the sword guard is a level 2 attribute, which is not much different from the level 2 player’s defense. Beside Hertz, the sword guard is a level 25 attribute, which should have the player’s level 25 strength. Compared with Hertz, the village head is a level 4 … but he doesn’t have the level 4 monster’s strength." Now the five of us are in the same line, and I will naturally answer the questions about Qinglong one by one.
"Can you detect monster attributes?" "How much strength does Hertz, the village chief, have?" Rose purple actually asked with Qinglong. It seems that being able to explore the monster attributes has attracted the attention of Rose purple. You know, the forum says that Rose purple will easily ignore players, especially male players.
I didn’t expect Rose Purple to ask this question, which made me stunned, but I soon recovered. "Because I completed a special institute, I got a device that can detect monster attributes. Hertz, the village chief, has no attack ability or dodge ability. Both physical defense and magical defense are 1 point health and 3 points."
After listening to the village head Hertz, Qinglong frowned and said to himself, "It seems that this time it is very difficult."
Chapter 46 Desert? Xiao Bai is awesome (the fifth watch today)
"We have to send Hertz, the village chief, to the peaceful village as soon as possible. We first entered the camp of vice hostile players and tasted it, didn’t we? Now we have to compete with them in speed so that we can reach our destination before they set an ambush site. No matter how many of them there are, they can’t stand us. "Seeing that the other four people are slow and still negotiating, the arrogance immediately urged," If there is no better plan, then let’s start right now. You know, our time is only five hours. "
Qinglong nodded and agreed, "Domineering is right. If we can get to our destination before they set the ambush site, no matter how many people there are, we can’t resist our most important battle plan now. We can think about it while walking."
The rose-purple strong woman naturally has her own uniqueness. On the one hand, "Since you want to start, you should arrange a post for yourself. This knight (because she didn’t name her, she didn’t know my name. She can rely on equipment to make professional judgment) Your defense is the strongest among the five of us. You have to walk in the front and be responsible for resisting emergencies.
Domineering, my enemy Xiaoqiang is a long-range professional defense and life is very low. We stay with Hertz, the village head, and even if something goes wrong, we can have guards to help us resist. Then we can concentrate on releasing the magic enemy Xiaoqiang. You should have two white skeletons. Call them out and let the white skeletons guard the left and right sides to resist the side attack.
Qinglong, your occupation seems to be a magic warrior. Since you are also a samurai, your life and defense should not be weak. You should be responsible for the problem behind. "
Rose purple is not the kui is a leader of the seven gangs. For our profession, a defensive formation will soon come out. I resist frontal attacks. That is absolutely the best choice. Xiaoqiang and two skeletons can resist the left and right sides respectively. They can also raid the Magic Warrior Qinglong to cope with the rear and choose three mage classes to hide in the guard group. Once there is an uprising, we will not be distracted to take care of them.
According to the rose purple defensive formation, the five of us took two skeletons (the flying horse in the holy horn was too gorgeous, I didn’t call it to be a low-key person) and led twelve guards to protect the village chief Hertzna and go to the peaceful village.
On the way, Qinglong also specifically asked about the distance to Ping ‘an Village. According to Hertz, the village head, we first need to cross a barren desert, then enter the Great Rift Valley, and then cross a forest to reach Ping ‘an Village. According to Hertz, the village head estimated that’ we can reach Ping ‘an Village at the current walking speed of three hours’.
It is impossible to sneak a sneak attack when crossing a deserted desert in a place for three hours on average every hour (later it turns out that this sentence is wrong and the deserted desert can be said to be dangerous); The Death Rift Valley is a huge rift channel, where it is highly likely to be attacked by wild monsters in the hostile player camp; In the end, the forest is also a dangerous place.
Hertzna, the village chief, led us to the entrance of the desert soon, looking at the storms ahead, and from time to time devouring the weak life in the marginal areas. Sandstorms were not afraid in everyone’s hearts. Although it was a game, they were still afraid of the destruction of nature.
Although I am afraid in my heart, I must finish it, and I can’t just give up. Therefore, everyone got up the courage to follow the twelve guards and two white skulls Hertzna into the desert.
The footsteps have just entered the desert, and the "Ding" unification has even sent a message saying, "Player Dragon Soul, you have stepped into the Liusha River. Due to the influence of sandstorm, you will lose 2 health points every five seconds. Due to the influence of storm resistance, you can play 7% of your ability. Hertzna, the village head, is infected with sandstorms and storms because of long-term walking in the desert."
"Let’s speed up the pace. Sandstorms lose 2 points of health every five seconds. If we are delayed here for a long time, we will consume a lot of medicine." Losing 2 points every five seconds is 24 points of life. Together, five people need one hour to cross the desert at 12 o’clock, which is 6 minutes. So it will take 72HP to add up.
You know, red medicine can’t recover much now. Xiaohong recovers 2HP per second for 1 second (2 copper bottles); Medium red restores 5HP per second for 1 second (5 silver bottles); The recovery point of red lasts for 1 second per second (one bottle of gold). Red and medium red are very expensive to buy. Usually players buy red and occasionally bring a few bottles of red for self-defense. Red is almost invisible.
This time, in order to deal with the deputy, four people except me were all red, and there were several bottles of self-defense red, which showed that they spent blood this time
Enemy Xiaoqiang, Rose Purple and Domineering are all mage professions that need a lot of blue medicine to maintain magic consumption, so the three of them don’t have much red medicine. They all carry one bundle of medium red and five bottles of self-defense red, which are bigger than the magic warrior Qinglong. Because he hides his profession and consumes a lot of magic, he brings two bundles of medium red and one bottle of self-defense red.
(In the third chapter, it was said that the maximum superposition of objects is 5, and the bundle here means the maximum superposition of objects is 5 bottles.)
But I was too arrogant and my defense was very hard, so I just bought a few bundles of Xiaohong, which I didn’t see enough in front of them.
"I have just made a preliminary estimate that if it takes five of us an hour to leave the desert, we will need to consume 72 health points, which is about 15 bottles of red. Let’s first calculate how much red medicine we have and see how much medicine we can have after crossing the desert." Rose purple was immediately calculated when the data of losing 2 points every five seconds was released.
At first, she didn’t care. After all, there was not much talk about life at 2 o’clock, but when she finished the calculation, she found that we had to consume 15 bottles of red when we crossed the desert, which was much beyond her expectation. When 15 bottles of red were consumed in the assistant, there was no root. Maybe if we can buy red in the desert gold coin now, she would rather spend 75 gold to buy it.
In fact, it’s not just her. When the domineering enemy Xiaoqiang Qinglong heard the news, their minds were the same. If they can spend gold coins now, they will not hesitate to pay even twice the price.
Now it seems urgent that we can’t hide our secrets any more. When the tiger roar wave is started, it will speed up everyone’s life recovery by 1%, and at the same time, it will summon my holy horn, flying horse Xiaobai, to rely on it to help everyone with treatment without consuming mana.
Having a little white is a good primary therapy, which recovers at 2 o’clock per second and lasts for 1 second. The effect is the same as that of a bottle of little red. It takes 5 seconds for the little white therapy to cool down, so I can’t continue to treat it like drinking little red. If I can, I can get close to the enemy. After all, continuous treatment is equivalent to how I can always wear a bottle of little red.
Xiaobai therapy takes turns to treat everyone. Although it takes five seconds to cool down, sandstorms only consume once in five seconds. It depends on the roaring waves to speed up the recovery by 1%. Xiaobai can lose her life after treatment, which makes Rose Purple, who was still worried about red in 15 bottles, stunned (if she has glasses) and interested in the knight in front of her.
A defensive knight’s defense is as hard as iron, and his health is also ridiculously high. If this is the case, it is impossible for the player to add a pet that can perform simple treatment without consuming mana without attracting interest.
"Fancy little dragon, you make a close mouth! It’s easy to cross the desert with this white horse. "Enemy Xiaoqiang looked at the desert and said," It should be more difficult to ambush in a deserted desert, and enemy players will certainly be affected by sandstorms and storms here. I guess there will not be many people ambushing here. Let’s try to cross the desert as soon as possible. "
(There will be a desert ambush in the sixth watch later, so please wipe your eyes.)
Chapter 47 Desert meets V (the sixth is more recommended today! )
Shuttling through the desert for more than half an hour, because of the small white blood, our party is walking very fast. According to the village chief Hertzna, it is estimated that in another fifteen minutes, we will leave the desert and enter the second boundary death rift.
Our defensive formation has been scattered a lot because of the quite Annie’s journey. Although I still play forward, I have no vigilance. In my words, who will talk about staying in the desert and ambushing? That’s full. It’s a waste of money to go looking for trouble with a brace.
Our party walked for more than five minutes. However, at this time, several flying knives were suddenly scattered in the sand. Flying knives rose from the ground of our troops and stabbed 132, 127, 9, 76 …………………………………………………………………………………………………….
Ten players and 15-level NPCs jumped up in the sand after flying knives. It seems that enemy troops can communicate with NPCs and fight with NPCs just like us, but we never thought that they would hide in the sand and ambush with courage.
"Dao dun San Taro is limited to the blade!" One of the ten players is wearing a hanging flying knife-style armor, and the player is controlling many tiny silk threads. When he controls the flying knives that have risen from the ground, they turn their sharp blades and attack our army formation uniformly.
Know yourself and know yourself before you can fight a hundred battles. sharingan quickly started to operate and checked the information of players who control flying knives. The Emperor 7 men and 19 hidden professional ninja swordsmen have a health value of 1% and a magic value of 5%. "The other side is a hidden professional ninja swordsmen who can manipulate and bind them on the thin line of flying knives. Everyone should be careful to be attacked by him."
Emperor 7, the player who controls flying knives, has been bossy for the first time. He has already seen each other and plans to count flying knives for high scattering fire magic spells. He immediately blurted out, "Great Flame God, please bring your flame to the world and burn this land."
The raging fire is burning, and the target is not the attack from other enemy players and NPC monsters, nor is it the player Emperor 7 who is fighting in the distance, but there is no opponent. If there must be something, there will be nothing except Emperor 7′ s flying knife.
That’s right! The target of the overbearing flame storm is the Emperor 7 flying knife. To be precise, it should be tied to the thin line of flying knife.
The thin thread will be broken when it meets fire. The flaming flame will immediately burn the thin thread tied to the flying knife to ashes. The player lost control of the flying knife and the long-range flying knife attack on the thin thread immediately lost its effect. Now he seems to have lost his arm and let our party relax.
"pa!" One of the ten hostile players was wearing a night suit, and suddenly he put his hands together and recited a few incantations "Earth Dun Rock Stranding". Around the night suit player’s earth magic, the geology changed immediately, and the underground hard rock spread rapidly and the unimaginable speed blocked our party in the rock.
The player of night clothes outside the rock suddenly bends back and puts his left hand on his mouth, spraying "Fire Dun Flame Vortex" forward like spitting water.
The powerful and hot flame burned in the rock, which made us dare to swelter. 2, 2, 2 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"Damn it, lock us in the rocks. Do they want to roast us alive?" I’m depressed now, more than knowing that I was attacked by the enemy. This is the first time that I was ambushed because of my mistakes in exploration, and I was ambushed in a desert area that I thought was the least likely, which made me unresponsive.

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