"Clouds? What about Ouyang Fei and her sisters? " Mad dog dragon looked up puzzled. "Why don’t you suck them into our Eastern Dynasty?"

On the river, you can "hehe". "I can say that clouds and smoke are one of my few friends that I admire most."
Mad dog dragon immediately came here for nothing. People like that must be stubborn and arrogant, otherwise it will be difficult to make friends with waters.
It’s not that she refused to join the Eastern Dynasty, but that she wanted to go it alone and send people to the fence. It didn’t feel good, so she declined the kindness on it.
I haven’t said anything. The whole city of Yan Yuhua sighed. "Those girls are too strong. Later, they were all busy sisters who sent a sum of money to support them. They were all busy sisters who had friendship with Ouyang Fei, otherwise they wouldn’t accept it if they changed their heads and went to clouds."
"Oh!" Mad dog dragon nodded thoughtfully. "Where are Ouyang Fei and them now?"
On the wry smile "in the northern stone forest port where they want to have a characteristic black market out or I’ll let you go to the black market cast a net? If you have, go and see her. If you can help, try to help her. She has always had a good impression on you. "
Mad dog dragon stared at him. "Then why don’t you go there yourself?"
This time, Yan Yuhua City explained that "Brother Hua is not busy, but the status gap between the two is too big. Now her mentality is very bad, and the effect is counterproductive."
Mad dog Longnai stood his hand and said, "Well, I can go, but give me some new guns first."
Waters said, "I’ve been so busy recently. Where did I get a gun? If you want a gun, you should go to West Star Square to find Yuanfei, who is now an expert in guns. "
"ok, then I’ll go now!" As soon as the voice fell, the mad dog dragon man blew out of the gate of the science and technology center like a whirlwind
Yan made yuhua district city murmured, "This person hasn’t come yet and asked him if he wants to have lunch here? How fast it flashes! "
Mad dog dragon didn’t really want the horse to find Yuanfei, but found the sound box vibrating and Xiaojia calling him.
Walking to the lobby on the first floor, I found that Xiaojia was really there. With the end of the Battle of Shadow Island, Xiaojia also returned to the mad dog dragon of the Eastern Dynasty, and even knew that Xiaojia had also gained the friendship of chasing the wind in the Great Tibet.
Xiaojia is really popular everywhere. Everyone likes her very much. Mad Dog Dragon is really angry.
This time, he was really angry again, because Michelle was not the only one in the hall who was as cold as ice, steamed dumplings in a big cage, Kiki in, Sandy in, sunny in, gladiolus in, Yiran in, and even Lin Yin Hu Weiwei in Yingying Yanyan’s eyes. A large group of people spent piles and piles of beautiful women …
"What are you doing?" The mad dog dragon is floating and fluttering to pretend to be serious. "No illegal meetings in public places!"
"We’re going shopping. I’ll let you know." Michelle said smilingly.
Mad dog dragon wondered, "What am I doing shopping?"
Xiao Jia laughed. "I just want to inform you!"
The mad dog dragon glared. "It’s that simple?"
Xiaojia said, "Yes! It’s that simple! "
Mad dog dragon cried the language "…" To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Visit Yuanfei
Speaking of it, Xiaojia’s emotional intelligence is far higher than that of Mad Dog Dragon. The experience of the Justice League in the new century has made their relationship more solid. It is reasonable to say that this return can announce their love, but the first thing Xiaojia did when she came back was to call this big group of friends to help her woman go out to play.
In reality, Miss Qu is aloof because Miss Qu doesn’t want to show her true colors, but in the game, Emma is very proficient in the world and knows how to run her own circle of contacts, and her circle is relatively simple and has no interest disputes.
Seeing that these women are laughing and laughing, before Mad Dog Dragon decides, "I have a big plan this time. I can’t do it without you."
He thinks it’s that Xiaojia always complained that she didn’t take her out with her before, so I’ll give you this chance this time.
Xiao Jia hasn’t come to answer, but it’s sunny. "I haven’t seen you for a long time. Do you want to go out with us?"
"Well ….." Mad dog scratches his head. Everyone knows that the last thing someone likes is shopping.
"It would be better if he followed!" After a sunny day, Hu Weiwei said coldly, "This will buy more things."
Lin Yin laughed. "It is true that he has high strength and good physique. There should be more baggage units. I think it should be no problem to wear thousands of clothes."
A group of women echoed with their arms raised.
"That is, Guage is a top ten!"
"Science and technology center is not a technology suit? It is said that the amount is amazing. "
"So what?"
"You can pour the bomb out and put it in makeup."
"Pay attention to Sandy, you are awesome!"
"The elder brother of the melon? Brother gua? Brother gua? Yi people … "
Second, Buron has already played the missing Nima. I’m a big hero and I’m going to be a coolie for you girls. Don’t even think about it
Since you can’t be alone with Xiaojia for the time being, let’s go and see the distant flight. I wonder if you have improved in the past six months? Made up his mind, Mad Dog Dragon went straight out of town.
The appearance of Xixing Square has not changed, but the change of Yuanfei Workshop is too great.
The facilities here are very obvious, and they have been completely updated. Many equipment can’t even be named mad dog dragon. The workshop looks more like a future automatic production car with a scientific and technological atmosphere.
Fei Fei came out of his private office slowly, and he always had that cold and indifferent attitude, but his expression seemed a little absent-minded
But when he saw the arrival of the mad dog dragon, he still pulled himself together. "What would you like to drink?"
Mad dog dragon waved his hand. "Forget it, I just came to see you!" "
While chatting, the two of them inspected Yuanfei Road in the car. "I heard that you retired for half a year and went to work for the Justice League."
He is also sure to guess that the mad dog dragon can do "things" absolutely.
Mad dog dragon smiled. "Just go for a stroll!"
Fly far and leisurely. "The Justice League has clouded the strongest player here, and you have no vision in the past?"
"This … still see a few!" Mad dog dragon is not so good for people like Zhuifeng, Hongwu and Dazang.
On the contrary, Fei Fei took the initiative to say, "I saw a master some time ago."

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