Countless chickens appeared in Zuo Tangtang’s field of vision, and it was a sin to see Zuo Tangtang in a trance and realize for the first time that she was poor in knowledge and didn’t know so many chicken names in the chicken industry for so many years.

Just a group of chickens, who are serious and cold together, told Xiaocui Duck to stay where it is cool! Zuo Tangtang is drunk, too. Don’t don’t.
There are many rivers and lakes that have never been seen before!
By this time, Zuo Tangtang can be so emotional.
[Team] Colorful Phoenix Hair … Well, this situation is a bit grim.
It seems that the chicken gang leader didn’t see that a racial war had just been played in his team, but came after a long time.
Ya figured it out after a long time?
Now that everyone doesn’t know the situation, wait for this answer. Zuo Tangtang is completely depressed. This is like the boss’s salary. It’s hard for the friends to protest together. This salary is a bit small! And the boss at this time also with a thoughtful expression, we all have a result … Ya boss is thoughtful? ! He’s not responsible for going on afterwards? ! Is high salary really a dream? !
[Team] Colorful Phoenix Hair!
Zuo Tangtang’s grief is about to explode. Colorful Phoenix Mao continued, but these three short words made Zuo Tangtang regain his confidence in this Wang. After all, this sentence looks like an idea!
Colorful phoenix hair really has an idea and continues to command with a wave of his hand.
[Team] Colorful Phoenix Mao Meng/Team Leader, what do you suggest we do?
Group … Head? !
Zuo Tangtang stared at colorful phoenix hair, little expression, big eyes, and saliva almost choked himself to death.
He’s a Wang, but he’s not the head of the team? !
Is this a joke?
What the hell is this? It’s a wonderful story. Thanks to her, she’s going to enlarge it. Why did she do this?
I don’t know why I’m upset. Zuo Tangtang has become even more upset.
[Team] Colorful Phoenix Mao Tou?
Phoenix Mao saw nothing and shouted again
This time, the team channel is moving.
[Team] Everyone in the box listens to my command!
[Team] Boxes in Boxes Now everyone is rushing into the security area of Yizhuang, Suzhou, and then listen to me. When the time comes, everyone will decisively climb from the main wall to the roof! Then jump to the rear fence while the enemy is unprepared, and quickly encircle them one by one after the enemy comes and doesn’t see our position clearly!
A few words of strategy immediately won the hearts of the people, and the "yes" response in the team showed everyone’s attitude
Well, this colonel seems to be quite good!
Zuo Tangtang was about to nod when suddenly he had a meal. What seems to be wrong? I suddenly remembered what the team list was. Looking at the name Zuo Tangtang behind the head of delegation, I was completely stunned.
Ya, this is a box! to be continued
[356] Chapter three hundred and fifty-seven Doubtful position]
Is this world illusory?
She came to this team to prevent Pikachu from making mistakes, but what did she see?
The box is there, too? !
And it’s actually the head of the team?
What the hell is going on here? Zuo Tangtang looked at all this for a long time and could not speak.
If Pikachu had a fight and forgot everything in the gang, she could still understand, but Zuo Tangtang’s mind became somewhat cautious about the old man in Heifengzhai, who also appeared in this team now.
I can’t directly ask Zuo Tangtang in the team. After thinking about it, I will be private again. Pikachu will reply soon, but the focus is completely off …
[Private chat] Pippi Pikaqiu’s little hoof! Why haven’t you come to Suzhou?
[Private chat] Pippi Pikachu hurry!
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters …
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters. Did you see what I was asking …
After some explanation period and Pikachu’s tired mouth water, Zuo Tangtang still learned the general situation
Suzhou and Chengdu are generally in melee, and each gang shows its attitude of new hatred and old hatred, and finds it hard to get used to it. This colorful Phoenix Mao gang is a medium-sized gang, which usually plays with friends and relatives, but it is much better than some small gangs in the Jianghu. For example, some new deputy gangs can also organize a team to fight for the world on weekdays, and boss can also pull several alliances to form a team that does not ignore to rob and rob monsters.
However, although they have certain strength, it is not up to them to decide if something really happens in the Jianghu. Generally speaking, they listen to the opinions of the big gangs that have been behind them, so everyone has lived together peacefully for a long time, but now the balance is broken.
Peace will always be based on non-aggression, but now it is decided that although many gangs agree, it is completely infeasible for them because it completely violates their interests
Just when they felt difficult, the first gang took the lead, and many gangs with the same position followed, so they would fight!
Simple four words aroused the fire in everyone’s heart.
Even they couldn’t tell exactly how the battle broke out. By the time they reacted, the whole Jianghu was in a mess. They didn’t think too much about picking up the sword in their hands and carrying the knife behind them. They also took part in the battle.
Huh? Isn’t this group of people just the one they have always hated? !

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