The divine blessing and the unique restart of the Warrior God were just when a level-1 urban management attack hit Zhang Ye’s body. Ye Zhang found that he had not lost blood, and then he immediately sent a shock wave from his body, causing 60,000 points of damage to the urban management.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-two To regain the magic skill
Ye Zhang was delighted at first one leng, but it was unexpected that the flashy rule 1% effect could be exerted here, and the former counterattack was the effect of fighting against the world, and the flashy skills were all probabilistic in the weeping, but it was obvious that the flashy skills would not enjoy the intelligence bonus in the weeping attribute, so the probability of flashy skills was very small before the Yuan soul was obtained.
At this time, Ye Zhang was overjoyed. What makes him cry? What makes him nine swords? In his eyes, it is because of the suppression of rules and forced by Nai’s choice, and the sacred blessing and the unique war god are the replaceable magic skills in his mind!
When the flashy rule is no longer suppressed, it can play a 1% effect. At the same time, it can also launch a 1-level urban management to suppress him at 6 levels, but it can’t cause him even a little damage, and the damage caused by the God of War is very considerable
In the process of fighting, Ye Zhang seems to have regained the feeling that Anubis, who was stuck with death three years ago, needed to move his body and bounce against Rapier a little bit to kill death, while the first-level urban management could not stand the strong consumption of Ye Zhang and surrounded by Zhang Ye. The blood volume of these seven urban management has been somewhat dangerous.
With the battle going on, the long-lost passion in Ye Zhang’s heart was ignited and then gradually suppressed, and gradually he found some problems.
He used the magic power of sword crime to make no damage and the effect of sword crime didn’t produce. Since there are flashy rules here, shouldn’t it be the rule of weeping and suppressing flashy rules?
Ye Zhang immediately thought of two possibilities, and the first possibility is that the other party has the rules of future science and technology at the same time, which is actually not very likely, because in the correct historical track, at this time, the major races have not yet issued future science and technology, and even human beings have not yet enslaved demons.
But when Ye Zhang remembered his second thought, he suddenly had a creepy feeling.
Ye Zhang hesitated at this time. He once again tried to attack the urban management in front of him with the sword crime. However, the attack actually lost its rules, and the suppression did not start. This is also the first time that Ye Zhang made the day cry and cooperated with the dragon effect through the ages and lost the attack.
Ye Zhang suddenly realized that what he saw was not that the conflict of rules failed, but that there were no rules at all.
The feeling that the former one made Ye Zhang feel creepy was that this is no longer the Tianqi information piece. If Ye Zhang returned to the floating South China continent or was out because of fighting and dying in Tianqi, then his flashy skills will naturally work.
But how is that possible?
Ye Zhang tossed and turned in his mind, and he couldn’t come up with a reason. If he really left the Tianqi expansion, then the magic didn’t disappear. The magic was not a stone method in different rules, just like the combat equipment in the Zhongzhou expansion, it would become a thousand miles away from the Zhongzhou battlefield.
Ye Zhang’s eyes are cold. It’s still a crying piece here. He didn’t go out, but what caused the rules to disappear? At this time, Ye Zhang focused on the level 1 level of the urban management avatar, which once again gave Ye Zhang a strong impact.
Will the urban management be graded?
Ye Zhang remembered all kinds of associated data when he conceived Gai Huang Fu Shi. At this time, Ye Zhang seemed to understand a little bit, that is, all the data in glitz was not lost with the opening of the Tianqi information piece. It is very likely that after having glitz rules, all the existing rules will be flashy.
Obviously, hierarchical repression is also one of the flashy rules.
At this time, Ye Zhang suddenly became white. If this sunny city is regarded as a conscious almighty to construct a different dimension, it will seal the weeping and the future rules of science and technology, and leave the flashy rules alone, then the hierarchy will naturally have an effect in this independence.
Sure enough, there are many things that I didn’t take into account at the beginning, or Lenovo is a confirmation of some of his doubts at this time.
In addition to rules, there are other things that are parallel to building a world.
Ye Zhang figured it out, and the tension in his heart gradually calmed down. At this time, many chengguan have fallen in front of Ye Zhang. The God of the World is definitely worthy of being the flashy five gods. Although he ranks last, he is not an opponent who can ignore the fate.
Moreover, the God of War is very similar to the two avenues of Hou Jiangchen in white, and both have the characteristics of fighting back against opponents according to the realm and level suppression. If this kind of alternative can be kept at the peak, it will make a battle in Ye Zhang in the future simple.
Urban management has been pouring in suicide attacks, which blocked Ye Zhang’s way and stopped Ye Zhang from turning back. Later, even Ye Zhang himself was a little tired. He came to look for the Nine Swords, not to kill people. What’s worse, he couldn’t die in this place.
At this time, Ye Zhang’s anti-stabbing and sealing wounds did not enter the fighting state. He was a white name and moved with Ye Zhang’s movement. At this time, Ye Zhang went in the opposite direction and went to the road of urban management. The number of urban management has gradually increased, but there are still many positions that can be used as Ye Zhang’s anti-stabbing.
The speed of the passage of two people is not fast. Ye Zhang stopped. He remembered that Sal, the duke of Sunny City, should be in the middle, and he would certainly get some clues with nine swords from him.
Ye Zhang entered the palace and the urban management still blocked him from time to time. Even if they faced Zhang Yegen, they couldn’t hurt him. When Ye Zhang saw Sal in front of him, he hesitated to say
"Don’t let your hand stop attacking?"
Ye Zhang’s words came to Sal’s ears. At this time, the urban management stopped during the attack, and then Ye Zhang saw where his lookout was and turned to a 24-hour truce with the hostile state of the hot city.
At this time, Sal looked at Ye Zhang’s eyes and was very angry, but he could also resist the fact that a player, even a level 1 player, could not afford so much urban management consumption, and a level 13 whirlwind could do this. I’m afraid Sal’s memory has no way to deal with this situation.
"Young man, are you here for this thing?"
Sal took something out of his arms, and when this thing appeared in front of Ye Zhang, Ye Zhang’s eyebrows picked it up and it turned out that the nine swords were really here, but Ye Zhang was a little surprised that Sal took out the nine swords so simply.
This peerless feat is often achieved through a relatively complicated or tearful expansion in which several NPCs interact with each other. However, it is obvious that Sal didn’t try his best to produce the Nine Swords, which seemed to be given away for no reason.
Ye Zhang didn’t immediately show his mind, but his eyes looked at Sal and said with a smile
"Come on, what do you want me to do for you?"
Chapter one hundred and thirty-three Out of the game
From the scorching city, away from Ye Zhang, I went back to the original entrance and returned to the virtual abyss, and then re-entered the fourth road. Although it was a little detour, it was the safest way to return.
Sal gave Ye Zhang this deal to connect the city of Yan Tian to Enzan Ijuin, that is to say, let them return to the world of tears from the virtual turbulence.
To tell the truth about this transaction, Ye Zhang feels rather mysterious. The most important point is to connect two different realms, such as connecting Ye Zhang, which knows nothing about it.
However, Ye Zhang accepted this because he vaguely felt that it had something in common with the revised and distorted historical rules in his main line, or that it was exactly what he needed to do in the future to let the hot city return to the hot extreme instead of drifting in the turbulent times.
Ye Zhang remembered that the master of the realm of imperial hegemony opened two doors in vain and then connected the world behind them. This is the connection method, but there are also several problems, and the most important problem is not that the two doors should be like this, nor that the imperial hegemony should arrive like this, but that the rules conflict.
Enzan Ijuin has the rule of weeping in heaven and the rule of glitz in sunny city. These two rules cannot be balanced with each other. Once merged, it will not cause other problems. These are all things he needs to consider.
At this time, Ye Zhang came to the future world of science and technology from the fourth road. Just when he wanted to follow the original road to the world of weeping, he found that this future world of science and technology in front of him made some of his previous ideas give birth to more and more complicated details.
Two different sunny cities arrived through the virtual abyss, but obviously at different times, but the difference is that these two sunny cities are actually connected to the same world at the same time, as if you and reincarnation are in the same world at the same time, and they are still separated by a strip of water.
Ye Zhang was frightened by the thought of this question at this time. Which of the two sunny cities is true or both are true? However, it is a long time span, but it is suspected that there will eventually be a sunny city that can be connected to the sunny celestial pole.

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