Just two bodhi old zu earnestly said

Opposite them is the third ancestor of Zongmen.
"Yes, what do you want from that map? Are you really going to get it together in your lifetime?"
Another bodhi old zu said, "That’s 500 magic stones! With them, we will be more sure in the troubled times! "
"If you think about it, don’t be stubborn again!"
The two men kept persuading the bodhi old zu who had a star map.
In the end, he couldn’t resist and said, "Well, you are right."
"Take it and don’t be cheated."
In an unknown land, several immortals broke in abruptly.
"Be sure to get the relics this time!"
"After this village, there is probably no chance to get the magic stone again!"
And in another place, someone dug out their own library and bought thousands of new year’s goods.
He looked at the relics in his hand and sighed.
"It’s a good thing I saved you."
"That’s a magic stone. I really don’t understand what that person would want more rare things in exchange for the relics determined by the law."
Similar scenes are constantly happening in every corner of the celestial world.
When Liu Ru-nian took the leaves with him and ordered them to issue a series of regulations on purchasing relics in the virtual world.
The whole fairy world is crazy!
It caused a violent shock in just a few days.
In the current environment, relics are simply worse than the sacred stone by more than one grade!
Almost everyone is very willing to take out their relics of the gods in exchange for the stone that can increase their chances of life.
At first, Ye Feng will spend a lot of effort.
But I didn’t expect that people were almost scrambling to send the relics.
I’m afraid the stone will be gone if I come late.
Some people even swear directly in the virtual world because of the question of who comes first. Ten generations of ancestors have been listed, and finally they have to fight in reality.
See leaves with the wind is one leng one leng.
In this crazy trend, the relics in the hands of the leaves have soared with the wind.
In just half a month, I bought tens of thousands of relics of Shenchao and thousands of different star maps.
And the follow-up quantity is still very large.
Someone has begun to look for relics, entering and leaving all kinds of secret places.
Ye Fengfeng really didn’t expect that a small impulse caused such a crazy trend in the celestial world.
In fact, small impulses are not counted.
After all, the magic number in his wallet is just a slight nod.
Chapter 19 Arriving in the Eastern Wilderness (there will be another chapter later)
The sacred sparrow warship is the name of Xi Lan’s warship.
These days, the history of the three little quasi-emperors has gradually become clear with the wind.
Liu Ru-nian is a self-cultivation and merging force in the vast territory of Taigen.
His talent is excellent and he is lucky. He has stepped up to the level of quasi-emperor step by step in constant adventures, and he is the king in the counterattack.
Put it in the mouth of ordinary monks is a proper destiny.
Xi Lan, the female quasi-emperor, is a saint called Tianque Holy Land in the great distance.
The strength of Tianque Holy Land is very tough, and it is also one of the best in the whole domain, while Xilan is the Tianjiao girl in the Holy Land.
However, her personality is more provocative and stubborn, and she always wants to rely on herself. She has also been wandering alone for years.
Yu, who is not very talkative, turned out to be from the lunar domain.
The lunar sun is the two most powerful areas in the celestial world, and the others may not be enough for them to fight together.
Xuanyuansheng Xuanyuan clan is also famous in the lunar domain.
However, he is not Xuanyuan Di, and he is not very valued in the family, so he will choose to go far away and fight for a bright future of his own.
Different backgrounds and the same goal brought the three of them together and formed a deep friendship.
Ye Fangfeng still likes this kind of story.
Because he was born as an enemy, he lacked this kind of blood experience.
With the boat in the war, the gap between people has gradually decreased.
Ye Fengfeng promised them that if they really found the opportunity to become emperors, they would not stop them.
This made the three people immediately be elated. Their greatest wish is actually to successfully enter the immortal emperor. If it can really become an emperor, don’t mention those resources. Even if you give yourself to Ye Fengfeng, it is not impossible to discuss things.
So for the acquisition of relics this matter a few people more heart.
From Meteor City to Taigen, it is hundreds of millions of miles away.

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