"No," the night wind flatly refused. "It’s finished. Let’s break up. You should go and meet your partner!"

Leng Feng knows the personality of the night wind, and then he nodded his head and said, "Then be careful!" Then the cold seal made a gesture to the dragon knights, and five dragons immediately came down.
Lengfeng and others, the only one who didn’t walk after sitting in different flying dragons, went to the front of the night wind and said humbly, "Anyway, I want to thank you for saving my cousin!"
The night wind looked at the feather and said simply, "That’s all."
Feather didn’t speak again after listening, and turned around and rode the last dragon. The others flew to the team together.
After the cold seal and others left, the night wind again turned its attention to the day when black dragon’s eyes were strangely cold-the real black dragon Festival was just …
Chapter 15 Dragon Slayer War ()
The flesh and blood meet in the air, and the roar of man and beast resounds through the mountains
Black dragon soared in the sky and bombarded Fang. Like ants, human beings turned these mountains into purgatory.
The return team looked at the cold seal around black dragon in the sky. The Yalong monster took out the com and converted the speech channel into a blood alliance channel. He ordered all the brothers in the alliance, "Set up the formation knight swordsmen and assassins in the outermost bow to supervise the hand and the gunman second; The mage in the Ministry of soldiers to recover and ready to Zhang defensive enchantment against black dragon’s direct attack! The Dragon Knight troops are ready to fight and join me to kill black dragon! "
"Yes!" More than 2,000 people were immediately ordered to complete the cold sealing arrangement unambiguously and quickly-I don’t know if people will definitely recognize that these 2,000 people must be a well-trained army!
"Little Blue!" Leng Feng looked at Xiaolan. "You should hurry now and restore your magic. Once the magic effect disappears, you will immediately summon the holy dragon, okay?"
"Yeah, I know." Xiao Lanli nodded, turned and ran into the middle of the army array, and recovered his magical vitality when many companions protected him.
"Let’s go! !” Cold seal jumped to the back of a flying dragon again.
"yeah!" Feather nodded its head and spread its wings to fly to black dragon.
The com turned into a map channel, and the cold seal opened its mouth and said to all the players on the map, "Stop killing each other! No matter what purpose you come here for, stop it! Now is not the time for us to kill each other! Otherwise, all of us here may die! "
Some people stopped killing each other …
"You players should know that if we don’t kill black dragon this time, black dragon will fly outside! After constantly harassing us, do you mean that you want to be killed by the BOSS who pops up inexplicably when you kill the monster? Or do you want to be burned to death by a sudden fireball when you are on your way? Yang or do you want a big guy to spoil the fun when you are in love? "
Another third of the players stopped fighting …
"No matter what grievances you have now! Because our current enemy is black dragon! If you don’t unite, you can defeat the enemy by law! Everyone, stop killing each other! Aim your finger at our common enemy-black dragon! "
At the end of the speech, 99% of the players stopped killing each other, and those players who were still fighting each other were also pinned down by other players around them.
Yes! Now is not the time to kill each other and compete for equipment. If you want to equip, there are still many opportunities! However, once the black dragon dialect is solved by the present method, it will definitely encounter a sudden attack on black dragon! At that time, it will not be a matter of equipment or two!
At that time, all the players in the whole battlefield were calling on them to change their spearheads and stop killing each other. All the leaders of the major blood alliances came to black dragon with the strongest fighters in the alliance. Many powerful organization players are also gathered here.
"Oh, the cold seal leader really has you. You can’t think of it. You stopped the player fight in a few words." The leader of the God Alliance, a cone of hearts, laughed.
"Of course, pulling’ heaven trembling’ is recognized as the strongest! But also known as the embodiment of justice, "said Ichiro, an elder who has just arrived at the Imperial City."
Cold seal smiled and said, "Don’t be ridiculous, you gods alliance and don’t fall into the imperial city as bad as our heaven trembling, right? Well, there’s not much nonsense. Let’s work together this time! "
"good!" Around each big champions and many strong qi should be rushed to black dragon.
Troops from all walks of life tied up around black dragon, and mounts such as flying dragons and griffons soared around black dragon. Thieves with special skills released catching ropes together when the flying height was lowered in black dragon, and when the players Qi Xin joined forces to pull black dragon to the ground, they took the opportunity to attack black dragon constantly-the skill bow and arrow bullets kept bombarding black dragon, and black dragon was tightly tied by many ropes, so they could struggle and summon the Yalong monster to pester the players.
Sitting on the dragon’s back and looking at the ground, black dragon kept breaking the rope and turned to Yu and said, "You are quick to prepare for the’ Tianyu chop’ when we go to fight for it!" As soon as the words fell, the cold seal rushed to the ground with the orders of the surrounding dragon knights, black dragon.
Feather didn’t hesitate, holding a sword in her right hand and holding it to the sky, her eyes closed, muttering some kind of ancient mantra-blue armor, blue light, more and more shining, sword in her hand glowing with silver hair, wind blowing, and a lot of light elements in her wings …
"Wow ~ ~ ~" Kilometers away, a man with red hair was about 1 year old, wearing a white cloak. He was very gentle and handsome, but he looked at the young man in the battlefield with a cynical face and a telescope in his right hand.
"How is the battlefield?" A cold woman rang behind him.
The teenager turned his head and looked at the nine tall and thin people with masks behind him to see what they looked like. Finally, he set his sights on one of them, the cloaked woman, who was about 1.7 meters tall, and shrugged his shoulders. "Now the battlefield situation has changed. Players are no longer fighting to attack black dragon."
"oh? Is it? The appeal of’ Heaven Trembles’ champions is not so easy to solve the fight. "This is a’ cloak man’ sitting on a rock."
"Have you found a suitable target?" The cold girl rang again.
"Not yet …" The boy turned around and used his right hand as a telescope again. "But I see that’ Valkyria’ seems to be preparing some super killer skill. Do you need to hand it to her?"
"She? I don’t think so! " The man sitting in the rock cloak said, "Although she is strong, she is only powerful, and her mind is not suitable, even if we want to hand, it is difficult."
"Ah, that’s right …" The young man smiled. "Then I will continue to search! I wish I could find the immortal king this time, but his character will probably fight with us! Ha ha ~ ~ "
Behind them, everyone was silent and didn’t speak. They closed their eyes and seemed to be meditating …
"Roar ~ ~" black dragon finally broke all the ropes and quickly flew to high anger and stared at the square worm. "Damn humans, disappear for me!" In the angry songs, black dragon opened his mouth, and the powerful blue energy hit his mouth again.
When the ground players saw this, they rushed to use their strongest defense skills and magic to prepare for the impact, but even so, they all had little hope for their own chances of life …
Cold seal look a heavy turned to Gao Yu shouted "~ ~ ~"
Cold seal words feather opened her eyes again, so at the same time, her body has turned into white light-from the tip of the sword to the armor to the feather, the whole person is glowing with strong white light!
The wings at the back quickly become longer and bigger, and the white light of the feather body gradually becomes thicker and deformed; Finally, the feather turned into a huge white light immortal bird!
The white immortal bird spread its wings at a speed of nearly 100 meters per second and flew to the place where black dragon passed, leaving several white feathers; Finally, the tip of the bird’s beak hit black dragon’s forehead-at the moment when the bird and dragon collided, white light bloomed and a light beam with a diameter of about 1 meter appeared to connect heaven and earth and swallow black dragon into the light beam …
Chapter 16 Dragon Slayer War ()
The light beam gradually dissipated, and black dragon and Yu appeared in the sky again-at this time, the light of the feather body armor and wings has become very dim, and black dragon is braving white smoke and has many scars.
The faucet rolled up a lot of dust and broken soil to the ground where black dragon fell.
Black dragon fell to the ground at the same time, her feathered wings disappeared and her body armor became dim-she had 5 health points left and her magic power returned to her physical strength!
[You have entered a state of’ collapse’!
Feather head tilted and fell to the ground.
The dragon fluttered its wings and flew-riding on the dragon’s back and catching the feather!
"Brother …" Weak feather revealed a smile.
Leng Feng nodded and said softly, "You can take a rest first and leave it to us!"
"Well …" Feather gently all eyes closed to restore physical strength …
Everyone’s eyes are on the ground. black dragon is carefully close to it. God warns-no one will recognize that black dragon will die like this after a lesson.
Breathing footsteps, metal friction resounded in the mountains, and people tightened their weapons and prepared to fight to the death at any time; At the same time black dragon claws moved …
"Ang ~ ~" black dragon suddenly got up with a roar loud, and the ruby on his forehead gave off a strange red light, followed by several red blades constantly flying out of the jewel on his forehead and bombarding the players on the ground, bombarding the players on the day and bombarding all the players in Fiona Fang for 2 meters!
Screams and cries kept ringing-players kept running and dodging, which caused many players to be trampled to death in this period because of their slips and falls.

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