"eh?" Mad dog dragon curious pick up.

First of all, the crown was identified and immediately glowed with five colors.
This crown is simple in structure, just like a headband, it can be pressed directly on the hair.
Although the structure is simple, the attribute is not simple at all.
The virgin crown (eternal level) is limited to women;
+2 health +1 spell resistance +1 physical defense +1 poison resistance;
Auxiliary special effects 1 Guarding can summon a holy shield to resist external attacks. The defensive ability of the holy shield depends on your physique.
Accessory special effect 2 will increase the automatic recovery speed of your health for every 1% loss of health;
Accessory Special Effect 3: Firmly increase all your defensive attributes by 2% when suffering from negative control effects such as bleeding, serious injury, dizziness, silence, fear, etc. for 3 seconds and cool down for 12 seconds;
Auxiliary Special Effect 4 Sacred bathes himself in holy light, taking all attack damage minus% for 1 second and cooling for 54 seconds;
If the famous wrist guard is an explosive attack weapon, then this virgin crown is the best defensive one.
No wonder it suddenly got stuck. It’s a pity that because this thing is limited to women, mad dog dragons will be enemies if they can make words.
Then came the straight and delicate dagger.
Bee sting (eternal level) +3 attack power +5% crit chance +35% crit damage;
Attack special effect 1: This object will cause serious injury to the target, and the bleeding effect will be reduced by 65% during this period when it lasts for 7 seconds at 3 o’clock per second;
Attack special effect 2: The object automatically ignores 15% physical defense of the target;
Attack Special Effect 3 Active Effect Illusions are created after being thrown. Each illusion causes (Power *3) group physical damage. This effect can be superimposed with Special Effects 1 and 2.
Attack special effect 4 Active effect is violent. When the object blocks the target weapon, it will rebound some of the target’s attack damage. The damage ratio is %15%. The success rate of violent effect is different. The rebound rate depends on the difference between you and the target.
The last special effect, to put it bluntly, is that if the power gap between the enemy and the enemy is too wide, the damage will not rebound, because the opponent is likely to shake your dagger with one knife.
How do you say this sword? Like an assassin’s weapon, but like a warrior’s weapon, the special effects are many and practical, but if you really cut people, Qinglong Dao is much more powerful.
This eternal weapon looks better than the epic Qinglong Dao in terms of data, but the actual combat effect is actually the same. Forget that Qinglong Dao can also send a long-range knife light, and a large piece will be thrown away when it is swept away.
Mad dog dragon can’t help but be slightly disappointed. As a result, he got a less excellent eternal equipment. If it were Xi ‘an dagger, it wouldn’t be like this.
Finally, there is the black stone.
Emperor’s spirit
Cooling for 6 minutes;
"What does that mean?" Mad dog dragon was dumbfounded.
Suddenly, I got stuck and explained, "This is a rare treasure."
"What is a magic stone?" Mad dog dragon doesn’t understand.
Suddenly the card said, "I simply give you a shape. Your future warrior is supported by new energy, right?" Mana stone is something similar to the celestial sphere of energy, but it is limited to the mage, which is equivalent to the blue medicine warehouse that the mage carries with him. "
This mad dog dragon is white. The biggest shortcoming of the mage profession is that the mana is a lot, and the consumption of arcane skills is often extremely amazing. But with the mana stone, it is different. It can instantly restore a lot of mana to you, so the consumption will become very slow.
Think about the golden dance "Blizzard" skill and give you a minute in a row. Even if you have a tank, you will be smashed into Transformers. To be continued.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-two Expensive gifts
The actual way of the Mana Stone is far more than this. It is not only needed by the Arcane Master, but also by the Rune Master. It is very simple, and the Mana Stone can also mutate or strengthen the mutated or strengthened skills again.
The real big move is conan the destroyer.
Suddenly, I got stuck and laughed. "Brother, you are an emperor. I can say that a level 7 mage is more than enough."
Mad dog dragon couldn’t help saying, "But what do I have with this thing?"
He is an assassin by profession. To be exact, Mad Dog Dragon doesn’t even have a blue stripe now. Most assassins don’t have the blue amount. It’s just a waste of time to put this thing in their bodies.
"Boss Tu has any good ideas?" Mad dog dragon suggested, "or recommend a few buyers?"
Suddenly I got stuck this time, but I didn’t dare to recommend the second battle. I wanted to buy a famous wristband, which led to a guild war. Try to keep a low profile when there are treasures around.
"You can sell this thing to Lao Yun!" Suddenly I got stuck and came up with the idea, "He has more money!"
It’s true that the weather is unpredictable and rich, but everyone is from the Eastern Dynasty, that is, at most, it is impossible to sell for a friendship price.
"By the way, is there an auction house in Loulan City now?" Mad dog dragon doesn’t want to take this thing to the Chinese Garden for shipment. With his great strength now, his vision has also increased accordingly.
In the final analysis, China Garden is still playing in exile, and its style and grade can’t be compared with Loulan Empire.
"There are several, but I have no way. I’m sorry I can’t help you!" Suddenly, Nai said, "Besides, it seems that these hypermarkets are still going on the colorful music garden road. You know that our Eastern Dynasty can’t slow down with them for a day or two, and the two bosses haven’t settled accounts with the wineries yet."
Speaking of settling accounts after the autumn, the most important thing is to have a good fight. Although he is not the root cause of the outbreak of the Battle of Dynasty Port, that is a small trigger. He is in trouble, not to mention Mad Dog Dragon. It is estimated that many people will look for it.
Are you all right after the battle? It’s a big mistake for you to think so. How many guild forces have suffered huge losses in human, financial and material resources because of you? Who else can you fuck? Oh, and your 2b fiancee.
After coming out of the appraisal center, Mad Dog Dragon returned to the science and technology base. Fortunately, both the waters and the whole city of Yan Yuhua are in Emma and waiting for him early.
"Oh, you are back!" Emma is enjoying those precious snacks on the river.
Mad dog dragon road "by the way, I remember. What skill did you suddenly disappear and go online in the cave of Dabaoshan before?" This can be taught to me! "
That scene was so weird that there was no delivery, no trap, no machine … almost nothing, so Emma disappeared, which was really weird.
Emma laughed. "Are you sure you want to learn?"

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