But as soon as she reached the blue sky, Anne gritted her teeth and said, "That damn king calf wants even what I found on the island. What an asshole."

"Oh?" Mad dog dragon is interested. "What have you found?"
"A gear" Annie took out a small metal disc "This is it!"
Mad dog dragon took a look and found that it was a golden disk. When the edge was twisted, two rows of sharp gears popped out.
Wheel limit blaster!
What the hell is this? Mad dog dragon also said that it is not white.
After reading the sword and flying snow, I gave it back to Annie. "Now I understand something. Some guilds like to organize people to make a big fuss."
Mad dog dragon said, "What?"
Flying on the snowy road with a sword "Because of this process, you can increase your knowledge!"
"You wouldn’t say that if you hung up a few times!" Mad dog dragon drooped his eyelids. "The S-class vice is not as simple as you think. Why doesn’t Mr. Du personally lead people because he knows that once he dies in this vice, the loss is not something that ordinary adults can’t afford?"
"You can’t hang up like me. The cost of death is too high!" Sword flying snow said
Mad dog dragon nodded seriously. "It is the greatest victory to live to the end."
The three of them rested for a while and felt almost recovered. They got up and went on their way.
Gradually, the huge gray shadow in the snow finally became clear, and all three of them could not help but be surprised.
What do you mean by this huge black building on the cliff? Because it occupies too much land on each floor, although there is one floor, a passage is built on the top floor and embedded in the mountain wall.
"what we are look for must be buried in that mountain!" Sword flying snow silently looking at the building.
Mad dog dragon also agreed, "Let’s go!"
In fact, they have arrived late. This building is indeed a Nazi secret research base. Various production lines and laboratories can be seen everywhere on each floor, and their advanced level is almost comparable to that of the Eastern Dynasty Science and Technology Base.
Every floor was covered with chaos, and all kinds of cabinets were beaten, and the bodies of Nazi soldiers were everywhere.
"It seems that Qingyixuan has already gone to the front!" Mad dog dragon to speed up the pace.
The first floor is a command center full of modern science and technology, and various consoles are actually working automatically.
When Mad Dog Dragon came in, he found that there were quite a few people in the command center. He saw Zhuo Yidao at a glance.
There are not many people left in Qingyixuan now, except Zhuo Yidao and Lao Ye, there are only three players left.
Zhuo Yidao walked uneasily back and forth in the middle of the hall, and there were three families in several other corners besides the friendship Xuan people.
Among them, there are several smoking men sitting in the main console, all in uniform camouflage, and the first big man’s sleeve is printed with a golden bow logo.
The passage leading to the mountain was closed by a black gate. Among the people sitting at the door, there was a mad dog dragon who knew him. I didn’t expect to meet Qian Fan in this place. The gang must be a Longmen family.
There are seven beautiful women by the window, which is obviously another force, but Mad Dog Dragon doesn’t know them.
The four people didn’t fight, and there were still no confused players, but the four families were sad as if the road was blocked by the black door when they got here.
Seeing the mad dog dragon old night, I smiled and came over. "Young man, are you here?"
He always gives people a kind and kind look, which really makes life not disgusted, but when it comes to the style of Qingyixuan, Mad Dog Dragon must be alert. "Hehe, don’t come ill at night, I can’t die!"
"It’s good to be alive!" Old night smiles and Mimi nods.
At this time, Qian Fan came with a smile and was polite as always. "It’s great to see the cucumber brothers here!"
Mad dog dragon glanced at him and smiled. "Thank you, Brother Qian. I’m still alive. I didn’t expect Brother Qian to be alive."
"Mr. Mundu, he has a large number of adults and a broad mind!" This Qian Fan is thick-skinned enough. Mad Dog Dragon thought that Mr. Du had not killed him before, but expelled him from Taoyuan Island.
"Cucumber? Which cucumber? " The first big fellow in the Golden Bow family showed a strange look and walked towards this side.
Qian Fan laughed. "Nature is a hard cucumber. Brother melon, this is the boss of the golden bow farmer."
"Farmers?" Mad dog dragon thought that your name is really straightforward. The Golden Bow is not only powerful but also quite mysterious. Mad dog dragon never expected to meet the boss of the Golden Bow family here.
The farmer glared at Qian Fan and took the initiative to flash the id "Long Ming!"
"Are you the hard cucumber of that Eastern Dynasty?" Long Ming stared at Mad Dog Dragon. He belonged to the kind of person who was born to be fierce, and his voice buzzed and roared, which attracted everyone’s attention.

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