Tong baoketu smiled and said, "everyone has two arms. Is it a bit of an eyesore that I have three more pairs?"

Sun Hao said with a smile, "I think you should have three pairs of arms, but your feet are not wrist-footed. After haha, find someone to fight, but your arm can take advantage of it. By the way, try to get your arm back."
Bauxitu nodded and stood still, and then his mouth exploded with a crisp drink of "accept"
Arm was like Corleone said slowly withdrew powder doodle in the body.
However, with his arm back, Bauxitu seems to be getting fatter again.
At this time, Bauxitu became a child, and he couldn’t see the abnormality, just as cute as ordinary young children.
Of course, what is an eyesore is his bald head and colorful open-backed pants.
Sun Hao had no choice but to throw out a small gown. "If you don’t have suitable clothes, you can make do for the time being."
Bauxitu flew up and put on his gown.
The long gown covered his instep, and a pair of sleeves were even longer than it took a long time to put the chubby little hand out of the sleeve.
Putting on his gown, Bauxitu took two steps to look at himself, and it didn’t feel that way.
Another crisp drink in the mouth "comes out"
Poop, poop, poop, my gown was suddenly pierced and my arm suddenly emerged from my armpit.
Look down at your own style and then look at Sun Hao in a good way. Bao Ketun said, "It may be better if I don’t wear clothes after my eldest brother, or it will be inconvenient."
Corleone looked at his arm and nodded. "That’s true."
With that, I waved to Bao Ketu, "I’ll make sure you come here."
Bao Ketu went to Sun Hao’s side and Sun Hao turned around him twice. He conceived a little in his mind, and then his right hand vibrated and a stylus appeared and said, "Don’t move."
Sun Hao drew up with a pen in his hand
Human body drawing is used as clothes!
TongBaoKe figure little face suddenly emerge full of interest.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three The north wind in ten thousand
It was a year at the appointed time, but less than five months later, Sun Hao ended his practice early, put away the chapter with a small fire and released the deep blue outside the array. He found that there was nothing wrong with the deep blue and there was no sign of promotion, so he took a firm look at the direction and rushed straight away.
It’s a big deal. It’s hard to fix it, but nothing can happen.
Don’t forget that there is another variable in the team. It’s hard to say whether Luo Peng will have a second variable since he has Luo Peng.
Sun Hao found Luo Peng running away when he left.
Sun Hao consciously completed the promotion before Luo Peng. As expected, Sun Hao was the first to return to the Godsworn except for his grandson who was stationed in the Godsworn.
He continued to guard for three months, and then he returned one after another.
Sun Hao found that Tianfu was not particularly peaceful during the guarding period.
From time to time, grotesque fierce beasts fought their way to the sky, and Fu then killed them. The strength of the fierce beasts was not weak, but the recovery situation of the ranked then strength was not too great a threat, and everyone killed them one by one.
It was not until the eleventh month that Luo Peng came home. At this time, the ranked elixir had come back, and 70% of them probably thought it was impossible or it was his reason. Luo Peng behaved normally and was different from his brother.
Come in a year.
Count the number. Zhao Zhu’s magic can’t help frowning slightly.
The team actually reduced its staff.
I don’t know if the breakthrough has not been completed or what happened, but there are two qualified then failed to return on time, one on each side of Daomo.
Waiting for ten days and still missing.
It is estimated that he was unlucky, maybe he failed in promotion and suffered from self-hatred, or maybe he encountered unexpected changes during promotion, such as being attacked by a fierce beast or his monk was assassinated in the burial day market
Sun Hao looked at Luo Peng and wondered if it would be him.
According to the statistics of good data, Tianfu is the first node that must be repaired. However, after the repair, the problem comes near Tianfu, and there are fierce beasts from time to time.
And Tianfu lost the yellow mound barrier and exposed the fierce beast’s eyes
After some discussion, according to Sun Hao and other five large array divisions, a four-level large array was set up around Tianfu.
Then, after some discussion, the two sides left five monks stationed on the spot.
Among them, lu shan, an old acquaintance of Sun Hao, was chosen to stay behind with a weak face of acne Lu Shanxiu, and the master of Fu Zhuan, Zhan Xuan Lang, stayed to prevent accidents.
The advantage of staying behind is that there is not much danger in relying on the large array to help the foundation, so you can wait for the exclusion when the burial day market is closed; However, after staying behind, I lost the opportunity to continue exploring the burial day market.
Think about the huge gains after repairing the talisman, and the chances will be great.
The selected monks are all monks with weak strength and low status, and they feel a sigh of relief and regret at the same time.
Lu shan is the most calm to accept the stay.
Lushan has always paid great attention to his own burial. The Tianxu market is too dangerous. He has already gained great benefits. If he is too good, he will stay behind and agree with him.
Settle down the left-behind monk and wait for a few days, but still not see the return of the left-behind monk. Zhao Zhumo regrets waving his hand and everyone will go again.
The five monks who stayed behind bowed down to Lang and said, "I’d like to bid you farewell. I hope you will come home victorious as soon as possible."
Sun Hao and his monks bowed in unison in return, and then Teng Zeng Xiangwu dispatched teams of troops to form a neat formation and flew in to the vast burial day market.
There will be a node ahead that must be repaired.
Through the long loess plain
Twelve golden characters are far away, and small black dots are left behind.
The light of the burial day market is dim again, and the mountain peaks collapse and the cracked earth reappears.
The flying height of the monks slowed down with the decrease of speed.
Strange and strange ancient heterogeneous fierce beasts attack the team from time to time.
It was the Godsworn of the Sea Temple who opened the way in the forbidden law and the forbidden flight. Now the strength has been restored, and the Godsworn of Tiangong and the Godsworn of Hades have begun to explore the road.
The strength of one palace and one temple is top-notch. Friars have converging attack tactics and their individual strength is quite strong. Any friar’s strength is not ranked first in Minaminoooji and Li Min.
After the real recovery of strength, Sun Hao found that the pattern in the team also changed quietly.
Zeng Xiangwu’s status began to weaken, and so did his status as a monk. Although he is still respected, he has gradually become marginalized.
At this time, Sun Hao’s performance of external repair is only the lowest in the whole team in the later period of then.
Although there are various schools of practice in mainland China, there is no doubt that refining gas is the mainstream. Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang, refining gas for too many times, even if the then war breaks out, it will be a bit of a loss.
Real Sun Hao is also white. If he hadn’t contributed a lot in front of himself and added his array operator attainments, he might have been designated by Zhao Zhumo to stay behind.
Sun Hao doesn’t want to show off.
If it is not necessary, Sun Hao is willing to walk silently through the burial day market.
Of course, if there is a chance, Sun Hao will fight for it.
As always, local dogs like to stay with Sun Hao and abandon their master Zhu Ling to bully the kitten Deep Blue.
Sun Hao is surrounded by freaks. Bian Mu feels bullied. The only thing that can be bullied is the kitten Deep Blue.
Moreover, when it finds itself bullying Deep Blue, Sun Hao usually stays out of it, so bullying is even more cheerful. I have no idea that Sun Hao has prayed silently in his heart.
If it weren’t for some special purpose, Sun Hao really wouldn’t sit back and watch the border grazing bully Deep Blue.
But after thinking about it, Sun Hao went with him.
The team flew forward for more than three months in the dark blue meowing bullied by the border shepherd, and then slowly stopped a valley taniguchi.
The valley is a cobweb, which seems to be too unstable to make room.
The howling wind in the valley blocked everyone’s way.
Taniguchi decided to look ahead, Shang Shenghao took out his own data and began to analyze it. After half a ring, he stood up and said, "Big Brother, this valley can’t get around the front. It should be the place where the second repair point is located. If the calculation is good, it is probably the place where the snow and ice peaks are located."
Xia Qingyu’s white clothes are fluttering in the mouth of the valley, and he said softly, "It’s not bad to freeze the south cloud, the cold wind, the new moon and the six flying flowers. The wind blowing in this valley is a sign of the birth of my snow and ice mountain, but …"

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