Nine hags city has gone to the building at the moment, and there is a hag left there

"What’s the matter? Where is the king? " The hag fairy exclaimed.
"The king and princess asked me to wait for me here. Jiuhagu City has already migrated. Come with me!" The hag said
"ah? So soon? " Hag fairy surprised way
After a few days, I finally arrived at Gu Cheng and Shuang Chu.
A hall full of hag immortals respectfully described everything in the human world.
"Oh?" The lonely city gave me a hint of surprise
I saw a terrible hole in the lonely city that day, but now I’m listening to the hag fairy quietly spying on the news, but I’m surprised
"Jiang Tai? He actually did it? " Gu cheng’s eyebrows are locked
Although it was some kind of seal and the giant tripod punched a hole, not only did it still shock the isolated city, but how old was this Jiang Taicai? The adventure is so huge?
"By the way, Jiang Tai named the baby Jiang Tian and asked me to bring a small toy to Jiang Tian!" The hag fairy strange way
"toys?" There was a flicker of disbelief in my eyes.
"It’s really this little toy baby playing with a small sword. I’ve checked all the way. Without any mana fluctuation, it should be an ordinary small sword!" The hag fairy handed me a small box.
The double-handed department is holding the giant que sword.
"toys? You are wrong this time! Jiang Tai is willing to give up this sword? " Double is shook his head and laughed
"eh? Isn’t it? " The hag fairy surprised way
"Your fairy sword with ten handles can’t compare with this one. Besides, this sword has not been sealed yet, and once it is sealed, it will be poor in power!" Double a slight sigh
"How is that possible?" The immortal did not believe in the truth.
"Don’t believe your fairy sword!" Double smile
The immortal refused to take out a fairy sword of his own.
At the same time, two swords are urged to infuse the same immortal power.
"yi yin!" Juque sword suddenly blaster a firm but gentle.
Juque firm but gentle collided with Xianjian with a loud noise, and Xianjian suddenly broke in two.
"Why? This is just a firm but gentle! " The fairy surprised way
"The Great Que of Sword Name was cast by Ou Ye, the first sword-casting master in the human world. Naturally, it is not comparable to your tattered fairy sword!" Double shook his head and said-
Jiang Chu Jiu, the great emperor of the Qi Dynasty, regained a momentum of thousands of rivers and condensed the morale of the army
Jiang Chu Jiu’s forces, Qi Huangong’s assistance in the past, have already placed Daqi’s major positions, and just a little stir will make Daqi Emperor unite as one.
After Qi Huangong’s death, the Jin army was aggressive and took a large piece of Qi territory, but it was not long before it was taken back by Daqi.
At the moment, Daqi soldiers are more fierce than before.
Everyone’s backbone is back, fighting harder
Tian Rangcha, the great army and soldier of Zhongyi Road.
The fierce enemy of Tian Rangcha army tore the defense of Dajin again and again like a sharp knife.
Tian Rangcha is like a god of war, invincible all the way.
Even some troops in the state of Jin immediately ran away when they heard that Tian Rangcha was taboo.
Tian Rangcha, an army of many roads in Daqi, is the most dazzling and fierce.
This day
Tian Rangcha once again broke a big Jincheng Pool, resting in the main hall of the city.
At the moment, a Tian’s brother came running in panic.
"What’s the matter?" Tian Rangcha sink a way
"Just now, the owner of the letter from the people’s life card has died. Tian’s brother died and most of the holes were defeated. Sun Bin was interrupted by Jiang Tai!" That Tian’s brother said
"What?" Tian Rangcha face a change.
"Adult, we have a way to go now? Qi Jinghou is good for you. Your ability to lead troops to fight is just good. Shall we run away? Or turn against each other? Qi Jinghou knew for a long time that the master had rebelled, but he never looked for you. He was benefiting you! " That Tian’s brother said
"Well, you go!" Tian Rangcha sink a way
"Yes!" That Tian’s brother looks pale and his legs go back.
Tian Rangcha is sitting in the hall at that time looks pale.
"My Lord, Prime Minister Yan Ying asks for an audience!" A sound came from outside the hall.
Yan Ying?’ Tian Rangcha face a change.
Tian Rangcha horse went out to the quiet door of Yan Ying.

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