Xu Zhennan took a deep breath, and the color in his eyes gradually converged with horror. After his eyes met with the people behind him, he began to look at the Emperor Qing Du Ruhui, a handful of people in Jianghan Zhao Youling.

"Come with me. It’s past time today. I have arranged accommodation in front of me. You have come all the way from all over the country to rest first. Let’s go together early every morning!"
They looked at each other’s faces and looked strange, especially the expressions of Emperor Qing and Du Ruhui became particularly dignified.
Xu Zhennan, the king of Mobei, didn’t tell him the specific foothold and time before coming because he was afraid that he would arrange everything in advance, and they could start directly as soon as they arrived.
Although everyone is a big man, it is absolutely impossible for a tiger like them to finish the letter alone, and everyone knows each other in their hearts!
Xu Zhennan wanted to lead the way in front, but no one moved except those people he brought over. Perhaps it was because he was young that he first questioned Jianghan!
"Wait ~!"
Xu Zhennan looked back at Jianghan in confusion and asked, "Why does this Jiang brother have any advice?"
Although I see Jianghan, my eyes have always been interested in Li Qiubai’s body sight behind Jianghan. Obviously, Li Qiubai, a blade master native in Mobei Wang’s mind, is far more threatening than Sibo’s apprentice. Don’t say that these three words of Mo Jinghong alone are enough to make them feel scared!
"I’m flattered, but I’m still a little confused!" Jianghan Gherardini looked at Xu Zhenna behind the five eyes some strange taste.
"What confusion?"
"Theory is too or Mr Du or uncle Zhao’s nephew. We are both two people, but you, the king of Mobei, brought such a large group of people. As far as I know, you didn’t add these people to the agreement with Tai before, did you? Aren’t you going to explain to us? "
When Jianghan said this, everyone’s face changed. They didn’t think it was this Mobei king who spared his life to bring more people. Now think about this dragon-hunting thing. It is not impossible for more than a few people to have half a host. Xu Zhennan can’t be unaware of this, so his trip is worthy of scrutiny
Even after hearing Jianghan’s words, Taigan Diqing looked at his eyes with extraordinary splendour.
Jianghan stared at several people behind Xu Zhennan. He didn’t mean to shoot at them. Among the five people behind Xu Zhennan, Jianghan had seen a woman and something happened that made Jianghan feel unhappy now!
"It seems interesting that the military has begun to pay attention to this matter!"
Volume 4 or Leap Deep Chapter 22 Against! 歼!
Xu Zhenna eyes malicious folded passed.
"What does this mean, little brother?"
Jianghan smiled lightly. "It doesn’t mean anything. I just want to ask Mobei Wang to explain why it’s so difficult to make it. You can have a better life with these people." If that’s the case, I’m really curious. Mobei Wang, where did you bring these individuals? Are they all leading figures in the Seven Wonders of China in the Jianghu? "
Words are naturally said to Xu Zhenna, but Jianghan’s eyes have never left Xu Zhen’s behind, the woman who is dressed in leather pants and looks not brilliant.
She looked a little dodgy and dared not look straight into Jianghan’s eyes. Obviously, she also recognized Jianghan.
Jianghan’s remarks can be said to be a woman who ordered a powder keg to dodge, but it doesn’t mean that the five of him will come along with Xu Zhen to be accommodating. If people like Yan Diqing or Du Ruhui are still able to hold back and won’t push the bar, it’s different for Jianghan’s tender face!
"Little things can eat indiscriminately, so it’s best not to talk nonsense. Otherwise, this deep mountain and dense forest should not be called the earth every day. God knows if something will happen to you!" A bald and fat man took the lead in attacking Jianghan.
Then another thin man with a shaved ball head came out and said, "What’s the matter? Look down on your grandfather, right? I also told you that although my grandfathers are not the seven wonders of China, even the seven wonders of China here have to kneel down and call me grandpa! "
Then the five men behind Xu Zhenna burst into laughter.
Xu Zhennan looks pale. When he came out from a fat man, he knew that something might be bad, just like he said something, but he couldn’t talk nonsense. Maybe Jianghan was nothing in his eyes, but Li Qiubai around Jianghan just …
Otherwise, Li Qiubai, the second lean man with a small ball head, has disappeared.
"Your mouths stink!"
The cold sound rang in their ears, and then there was a crackling slap. Their faces suddenly lost consciousness, and then the whole head became confused. Look at the companions around them. Except that woman, four people became pigs!
Li Qiubai to clean kill people so face more words!
Wait for those guys to come to the front in a daze, where is Li Qiubai Shadow? People have long been quiet behind Jianghan, and it’s not good to see them at all!
"Small you die …!"
In hindsight, I felt that they were stung and the aftertaste was full of brain nerves. When they spoke with scarlet eyes, they rushed to Jianghan Li Qiubai!
"That’s enough!"
Emperor Qing’s growl is like a roaring tiger. Everyone in the mountain forest looks like a meal!
"Too much is still too much!"
"Didn’t you say that you have a rest place ready in front? Don’t you lead the way?" Emperor Qu’s voice is calm but dignified, but there is no doubt that Du Ruhui and Xu Zhenna, the kings of the same place, sigh from themselves on the spot. Even Zhao Youling, who has always been rebellious, is staring straight at Emperor Qu’s green eyes and has a stunning look in his eyes!
Those little boys immediately stopped and turned their heads. They were unwilling to ask Xu Zhenna for instructions.
Xu Zhennan’s face was not good-looking, but he ignored the boys and said coldly, "Come with me!"
When the moon and stars are sparse, the dim light forest flashes.
In July, it’s mostly snakes, insects, rats and ants, and what’s more, it’s in this lush national protection forest in Mobei Tianshan Mountain.
Xu Zhennan said that everything had been arranged, but how could a lout like Mobei Wang consider getting these things? Although there is a tent, except Jianghan, they are more or less troubled by mosquitoes. Surprisingly, even Xu Zhennan himself is troubled, but the few people he brought are obviously not affected at all!
At midnight, a man came out of Jianghan’s tent, fluttering in white and carrying a sword. It was Li Qiubai!
At this point, the lights in each tent have gone out, no matter whether these people with different minds are still awake or not, they are all asleep!
More than 300 meters away from the camp, a man from Gu Song turned and looked at Li Qiubai, the king of Mobei, Xu Zhennan!
"Mobei Wang led me out in the middle of the night, shouldn’t he let me chat with you?" Li Qiu white face expression way
"The surname Jiang Xiao didn’t follow?" Looked at Li Qiubai Xu Zhenna behind some not trust way
Li Qiubai frown cold way "you say one more nonsense, I think I stay here for a second is redundant! Say something quickly and fart quickly! "
In other people’s eyes, Xu Zhennan is the king of the whole desert North Road. In the dark world, he calls the shots, but watching Li Qiubai kill people like chickens is nothing in the eyes of Jianghu assassins!
Xu Zhenna is not annoyed, but dispels the doubts in his heart. After all, during the day, he taught himself to bring those people scenes, which is still vivid. It is too simple to avoid the surname Jiang Xiao!
"I want to make a deal with you ~!" Li Qiubai zheng immediately turned to walk with a sneer.
"Aren’t you curious at all?" Xu Zhennan looked at Li Qiubai’s departure, and his back seemed to be in no hurry or annoyed.
Li Qiubai’s footsteps slowed down and he said coldly, "I don’t think you can come up with chips that make me feel excited. For me, your transaction is just a joke. If it weren’t for the fact that they might still have you, you would have been a corpse by drawing me out in the middle of the night!"
What can make him tempted by jokes is that there is no other thing in this world except the Jing Hong Jian Jian Shu, but can Xu Zhennan get another remnant of Jing Hong Jian?
"Are you? What if I say that I have a magnificent sword score in my hand? " Li Qiubai body suddenly turned with a shock!
His eyes were sharp and burning like a cheetah out of the cage, staring at Xu Zhen intensely
"Oh, no, it should be said that it is the remnant spectrum of Jinghong Sword. If I tell you that I have half the remnant spectrum of Jinghong Sword in my hand, you are still not going to consider making this deal with me?"
Moonlight Xu Zhennan Gherardini took out a yellowed ancient book from his pocket and exposed it to Li Qiubai’s eyes.
Eyes flashing extraordinary splendour Li Qiubai intensely staring at Xu Zhenna clutching the ancient books, his eyes suddenly don’t know what’s on his mind.
Xu Zhenna is not in a hurry or afraid of Jian Yin’s calm eyes and his eyes, knowing that he is balanced.
For a long time
Jianyin finally sighed, "What do you want me to do?"
"Hehe, I like dealing with Congren!"
Xu Zhennan’s complacency seems to have long expected this result. He looked at the pleats fluttering in Ye Qiu and said, "Simple! I need you to help me get rid of people in places other than you and me during the day, so that they will never leave this Mobei Tianshan Mountain! "

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