Friar Xue Shan stands shoulder to shoulder. A pair of friars have a word "fairy companion" in their hearts.

The flames of fire reflected the two figures forever branded into the hearts of every monk.
Side by side with Sun Hao, long summer asked, "What should I do with agarwood?"
Corleone smiled and held out her hand.
Xia Qingyu stayed for a while, and his white hand stretched out and gently put Sun Hao’s palm on his face, flying with an amazing ruddy face.
The filar silk is cold, and Sun Hao’s heart has a cool feeling of being immersed in the heart and spleen.
Sure enough, it’s different. Sun Hao sighed slightly in his heart and said, "I’ll bless the light rain. You have the strongest release effect and the widest coverage. If the ice property spell covers a certain range, we will force Mars out."
Xia Qingyu glanced at the vast sea of fire and said softly, "Sun Hao, this fire is deeper than wide, and it will not be built in a day if we want to finish destroying him."
Sun Hao glanced back at the monk’s mouth behind him and said, "It’s a hindrance to the number of resources in Wan Li. We forced out the process of remaining Mars, that is, the process of expanding the territory was a little slow, which just allowed them to stabilize the frontier."
Sun Hao’s voice was not loud, but every monk heard it very clearly and white.
Friar Yaotaifeng, the snow mountain, took the lead and all the sled monks said in a high voice, "Follow the instructions of Lord Aquilaria."
Pull up Xia Qingyu’s small hand, Sun Hao, and gently shake a pair of wings behind him to stretch out.
The wings spread their wings to more than two feet, and the ice blue is full of light starlight, mysterious and elegant.
Xia Qingyu stretched out another small hand and Xinghui dropped his hand as if it were an ice blue butterfly dancing.
Li Bing Butterfly Xia Qingyu felt a burst of kindness and familiarity in her heart, and whispered softly in her mouth, "The agarwood is so rich in ice, I feel the source of thick ice."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "This is my ice butterfly. It should be able to greatly bless your ice attribute spells. Let’s start."
Xia Qingyu nodded his left hand and still put Corleone’s palm, right hand and five fingers open to his head.
Suddenly, an ice vortex of about three feet appeared, and Sun Hao and Xia Qingyu’s head slowly rotated from slow to ice, and the area of the vortex was getting bigger and bigger.
Xia Qingyu said in a low voice, "Aquilaria sinensis is the strongest move in the ice spell. It’s called a thousand miles of frozen snow in Wan Li, but I can’t fix it at home. At most, I can do it even horizontally."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Even with me, you can’t have a better spell effect if you try hard."
Xia Qingyu nodded and gently rotated in his right hand to drive the ice vortex to turn bigger and bigger, and finally turned into a huge ice cloud. From time to time, flames rushed out of the magma
It’s snowing with goose feathers, but the temperature in the fire is high and the heat is strong, and the snow can’t fall yet, and it has been evaporated by the fire for half.
After a while, the ice vortex is still expanding, and there is no end in sight.
Friar Snow Mountain saw a pair of fairy companions floating in the sea of fire in the flying flowers, and the ice whirled around the ice butterfly, suddenly forming a spectacle of people.
Yao Qiong’s eyes showed envy and her mouth gently said, "How beautiful!"
No matter how high the female monk is, it is also a beautiful and moving scene in front of a woman. Every heart is filled with deep envy. It’s a beautiful feeling to make a bottom ice spin and a star glow around the ice butterfly.
The head ice spin is far from the usual level.
Xia Qingyu’s eyes showed a little bit of surprise, and his mouth said softly, "Aquilaria didn’t expect you to be so powerful. My spell effect has increased by four or five times, which is not only good but also powerful."
Sun Hao smiled faintly. "Don’t try to be brave in Xiaoyu. Don’t break the foundation of cultivation and let it out when it reaches its limit."
Xia Qingyu gently, well, rotated a few times in his right hand, once again expanded the scope of spells, and gently scolded "Thousands of miles of frozen Wan Li snow drifts to freeze the fire for me."
With a wave of his hand, he flicked his hand forward.
The sky ice spins out and spreads out into the fire.
Goose feather and heavy snow are falling in succession.
The monks in the snow-capped mountains instantly felt that the sky turned into a vast expanse of white, and the fire in front of them quickly froze, and the fiery red magma instantly turned into a deep blue rock and spread forward quickly.
Less than a wick of incense, the original flame filled the front, the heat wave rolled, and the sea of fire had turned into a vast snowfield, and the goose feather and heavy snow had covered the snowfield with a thin layer
There’s a distant front, and it’s still vaguely light and burning.
And the fire in front of the snow mountain has been completely frozen.
What a magical freezing spell
Friars are so powerful when they reach a certain height. This is a feat of truly transforming nature in a new world.
Brother Yao Taifeng is well-informed and well-informed, but it’s nothing that Du Jie is in the majority.
Once again, the sleigh riders opened their mouths and lamented the miracle before them.
Well, with Sun Hao’s fierce performance in the battle against the abyss behemoth in front, the sleigh riders have much stronger endurance in their hearts at this time, otherwise they will definitely cry out to the goddess.
It’s sunny and rainy in summer and low, saying, "The effect of agarwood is not weak. With you, the ordinary terrain will be blessed by starlight ice butterflies, but there will be thousands of miles of ice. But this is a sea of fire and it is particularly deep. I don’t know the effect of this recruit …"
Xia Qingyu was just about to say that he didn’t know if he could force Mars. Sun Hao flapped his wings gently and pulled her little hand to hover and sprinkle a splendor, which flew forward.
An unremarkable red line in front is extending to the sea of fire outside the ice sheet. A butterfly of ice flies over, and a Mars bounces off the ground and flies to escape from the sea of fire.
A burst of stars
When Mars is still a long way from the fire, Sun Hao has reached out and grabbed the palm of Mars instantly.
Starting with Mars, it has become a bright fire ruby, which has lost its spirituality and has been quietly grasped by Sun Hao.
Sun Hao said to Xia Qingyu with a faint smile on his face, "Let’s go on sunny and rainy. It’s really bad. This trick will be frozen for more than 400 miles in Wan Li, and it won’t be long before we can finish it."
Xia Qingyu chuckled, "It’s not that I’m good or that you’re good. Under normal circumstances, I have to rest for a long time to recover from a thousand miles of frozen snow in Wan Li, but after I got your help, I did this trick. Let’s go and continue."
Sun Hao in the vast snowfield took Xia Qingyu to flap the wings of the ice butterfly and flew away.
Fluttering and scattering thousands of miles of snow, wandering and shining, flying ice butterflies
As clear as ice, crystal clear and thin wings, wisps of light ice blue whirl and light blue wings scatter and shine when flying, and blue stars are shining, and the snow field is shining with blue stars.
Two floating figures, one green and one white, are like an elegant painting surrounded by starlight shining in the snow field and flying snow.
Yao Qiong Dian Dai
He stayed in the sleigh for a while, and the knights of Yaotaifeng were filled with admiration and longing.
This is the real Brother Mighty.
After half a ring, Hemu Tuwa’s sleigh rider collar suddenly reacted and said loudly, "Dear Xiu Chenxiang, we are going to stabilize and expand our territory."
Yao Taifeng’s female practitioner couldn’t help but look at each other with surprise and excitement.
Yao Ying simply drank "Let’s go, let’s explore whether there are any special cultivation resources in the ice sheet …" Announcement Biqu Pavilion APP line supports Android Apple, please note WeChat WeChat official account to enter and install appsyd and press for three seconds to copy.
Chapter DiYiLiuWu Refining harvest
Chapter DiYiLiuWu Refining harvest
The ice blue stars are picturesque.
In the painting, the immortals and Taoist couples join hands to float in the sky.
Wan Li sea of fire really snowed, and pieces of sea of fire were cooled by frozen magma and turned into volcanic rocks.
At first glance, it has become a big snowfield, vast and beautiful.

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